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Easy Sudoku for 4/June/2016


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Submitted by: Gath

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It’s so bad that at least five soldiers have been killed and four still missing from the Fort Hood Army camp in Kileen (340 square miles = 217337 acres in South Texas between Austin and Waco) while on a training mission! While thunderstorms still rage here in Dallas, and some flooding is bad in nearby areas, I’m happy to be still safe and dry (when I stay indoors). This is serious!!
04/Jun/16 12:00 AM
Hi all!!
04/Jun/16 12:00 AM
04/Jun/16 12:00 AM
Good morning, Wolf, Denny, and the anniversary guy HAL & his wonderful bride, Barbara, of 55 years! Happy Anniversary!
04/Jun/16 1:00 AM

Sad news about people loosing their lives Wolf, but glad to hear you are safe and dry indoors. Will be like that for us in Sydney this weekend Torrential rain & storms predicted here
04/Jun/16 1:01 AM
+ 50 more for Hal & Barbara celebrating 55 years of wedded bliss.....
04/Jun/16 1:02 AM
to Hal and Barbara!
04/Jun/16 1:30 AM

Happy Anniversary, Hal and Barbara
04/Jun/16 1:30 AM
I was so sorry to read about the deaths at Ft. Hood, Wolf. What a terrible tragedy. Like you, my family in Ft. Worth are wet, but safe. Take care.
04/Jun/16 1:37 AM
So sorry to hear of the continued storms and flooding, Wolf.
04/Jun/16 2:39 AM
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Hal & Barbara! Wow! 55 years!
04/Jun/16 2:40 AM
Good mAen,good people. Congrats to Hal & Barbara.
04/Jun/16 2:51 AM
The news out of Texas is jaw dropping. If only people had time ahead to evacuate. With a hurricane at least you have time ahead to prepare for the worst.
04/Jun/16 2:54 AM
So Burl has just spent his first day in Bali. Got to meet the owner and director and the person assigned as Burl' assistant plus a few other people. He's spending time setting up and getting to know the equipment.
04/Jun/16 2:57 AM
Burl is probably going to lose 20 pounds on the trip. He's walking several miles a day and eating rice, veggies, fruit and eggs (and not eating m&ms and potato chips and ...). I may have to send him there every year and accompany him from now on!
04/Jun/16 3:00 AM
Good morning.

Congrats Hal & Barbara.

Sadness for the Texas tragedy.
04/Jun/16 3:00 AM
Warmest wishes to Hal and Barbara, the anniversary couple!
04/Jun/16 3:03 AM
It would have cost an extra rider on the travel insurance to be able to drive motor scooters (besides the cost of renting one), so we decided ahead of time that Burl would just have to walk or get rides. Everything is really close together, they said.

Now we know why motor scooters are More...
04/Jun/16 3:07 AM
Burl's resort is 1/2 mile from the Monkey Forest, a sacred botanical preserve inhabited by troops of monkeys, visited by thousands every year.
04/Jun/16 3:10 AM
They say he should get a taxi there, walk the preserve then a taxi back. He's doing that Sunday morning. His workshop starts Sunday evening.
04/Jun/16 3:12 AM
Looks as if there is some monkey business to conduct ...
04/Jun/16 3:12 AM
Keith or me?
04/Jun/16 3:12 AM
04/Jun/16 3:13 AM
My exercise here is done. I have a wall to scrub and spackle.
04/Jun/16 3:14 AM
people of the world!
04/Jun/16 4:41 AM
Congratulations Hal & Barbara! Happy Anniversary!
04/Jun/16 4:42 AM
1:58 Good morning one and all!
04/Jun/16 5:05 AM
So sorry to hear about the soldiers in Texas! All those brave young men and women who sign up to defend our country! They do so, even knowing the risks. Most of us think those risks only apply to those fighting overseas, but sadly, I have heard too many stories of incidents here in the states. May God bless them all!
04/Jun/16 5:42 AM
Well ... Plum comes back and takes care of business.
04/Jun/16 6:49 AM
Good morning.
04/Jun/16 6:59 AM
Happy Anniversary, Hal and Barbara.
04/Jun/16 7:00 AM
Sad to hear the storms are so terrible.
04/Jun/16 7:01 AM
We have rain here which is meant to become torrential later today and tomorrow, and continue on Monday.
04/Jun/16 7:04 AM
It means it could be very wet for the re burial of Mr P's dad on Monday. May have to get out gumboots.
04/Jun/16 7:07 AM
Morning all from Norseman WA.
We start our trip back across the Nullabor Plain tomorrow, today is catch up on washing and rest day.
04/Jun/16 8:00 AM
Sad news about the soldiers,Wolf.
04/Jun/16 8:04 AM
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Hal and Barbara !
04/Jun/16 8:09 AM
CP,hopefully the weather will ease for a while on Monday.
Tell Mr P we will be thinking of him and all the family.
04/Jun/16 8:20 AM
Time for a cervesa and siesta...
04/Jun/16 9:08 AM
It's my opinion that too much cervesa leads to extended siestas.
04/Jun/16 10:22 AM
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