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Easy Sudoku for 5/June/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Thanks again to all who have commented on our 55th anniversary. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
05/Jun/16 12:00 AM
Oh, yeah: all.
05/Jun/16 12:01 AM
Hal.....hope the weather is treating you kindly......
05/Jun/16 12:13 AM
RIP Muhammad Ali, 74
05/Jun/16 12:39 AM
Lots of sunshine here, Lizzy. But that means hot temps.
05/Jun/16 12:45 AM

Thank goodness for air con hey Hal
05/Jun/16 12:47 AM
05/Jun/16 12:55 AM
Not too hot here, but the humidity is quite high.
05/Jun/16 1:26 AM
There are severe thunderstorms forecast in this area for tomorrow. Certainly nothing like other parts of the country and the world are experiencing, so, I'm not complaining!
05/Jun/16 1:30 AM
I am not a boxing fan, but, I always enjoyed watching Muhammad Ali's interviews. I remember thinking, in the early 60's, he wouldn't have that handsome face for long, considering his line of work. He proved me wrong.
05/Jun/16 1:37 AM
05/Jun/16 2:11 AM
I agree, Kathy.
'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.' RIP Ali.
05/Jun/16 2:13 AM
Pleasant temps, with chance of rain later. Maybe I won't have to water the newly planted grass & flowers!
05/Jun/16 2:17 AM
Ooooh, I'm so sorry to be late in wishing you a Happy Anniversary, HalT and Mrs. T! My only poor excuse is that I had a root canal done yesterday. When the dentist numbed half my mouth, he must have numbed my brain as well. Didn't have to take any pain killers afterwards!
05/Jun/16 2:22 AM
Good mAen everyone; a sunny Saturday here.
05/Jun/16 2:27 AM
You paint quite a picture, Shosho! Hope you continue feeling well - minus the numb brain!
05/Jun/16 2:27 AM
Almost forgot...
Here's some for your recovery. Not from #8, but from a friend!
05/Jun/16 2:36 AM
Good morning.
05/Jun/16 3:56 AM
Mr P. and I am both awake and having a tea party - at 0400! That's not strange is It?
05/Jun/16 3:59 AM
It's raining outside, normally a welcome sound but I wish it would go away until Tuesday.
05/Jun/16 4:02 AM
Breakfast with the whole family later it is nice having them all in town.
05/Jun/16 4:04 AM
05/Jun/16 4:04 AM
Love that photo today. What adorable bros!
05/Jun/16 4:14 AM
6 minutes of some of Steve Martin's best magic, the great flydini:

05/Jun/16 4:24 AM
Good morning all. Gale force wind and rain here at the moment. Forecast for the rest of the day and tomorrow. I reckon we'll have trees to clean up when its all over.
05/Jun/16 7:54 AM
heard a scratching noise from our deck - went to check and a turtle is out there ! About a nine inch shell back. 'She' is now hiding behind my chair - wondering if it is a female looking for a place to lay her eggs ? Nice final day experience for my son who is visiting from Portland.
05/Jun/16 8:04 AM
Morning all, cute photo today.
For all those having wild weather, please stay safe.
I'm getting the hurry up sign from hubby he wants to get on the road.
05/Jun/16 9:35 AM
Thanks, Keith. But I was expecting to see some banjo music.
05/Jun/16 9:57 AM
Good morning all, and a belated Happy Anniversary to Hal and Mrs. T!
05/Jun/16 10:49 AM
1:40 this morning. I'm on a lot later than normal - I didn't get out of bed until after 7am (late for me), went to the gym and finally made it to the computer after a nice hot shower and some breakfast (poached eggs on toast, with strong black coffee.)
05/Jun/16 10:51 AM
Remember this, the oldies will...

RIP Muhammad Ali.

05/Jun/16 11:30 AM
And next is........
05/Jun/16 11:30 AM
Ba Moui Ba or should that be Cerviza now?
05/Jun/16 11:32 AM
Cervesa, bier, biere, birra, beer, whatever.
Red solo cup, I fill you up. Let's have a party.
05/Jun/16 12:34 PM
Unfortunately, it's my bedtime. Night all.
05/Jun/16 1:06 PM
La Cerveza Mas Fina - I'll drink to that...
05/Jun/16 2:36 PM
Watching the Melbourne show of the Edinburgh Tattoo on TV.
05/Jun/16 4:47 PM
CP we watched it for the second time. I just wished the Channel 7 commentators had 'shut up' and let us watch the show. We did not even see the ending.
05/Jun/16 7:45 PM
We will think of you and Mr.P tomorrow. Hope the rain keeps away for you. We also have a funeral tomorrow. A friend from the bowling club.
05/Jun/16 7:46 PM
Cannot leave us on Page one soooo.....
05/Jun/16 7:47 PM
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