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Easy Sudoku for 6/June/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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06/Jun/16 12:00 AM
(waves to Hal)
06/Jun/16 12:02 AM
The sun has come out at last!
06/Jun/16 12:02 AM
G'day all.
06/Jun/16 12:09 AM
1:47 I stayed in a hotel just next to that on my first trip back to England 15 years ago.

Good night one and all!
06/Jun/16 12:21 AM
Hope it's not raining on hubby's golf weekend 'Up North'.
06/Jun/16 12:29 AM
Anne - Did you go to Shakespeare's Pub?
06/Jun/16 12:31 AM
(For Shosho's )
06/Jun/16 12:32 AM
Shiela - not that I know of. Is it close by?
06/Jun/16 12:35 AM
Wolf - So glad to hear that you are seeing sunlight. It must be horrid for those living in the flood areas.
06/Jun/16 12:39 AM
Yes. Just south of the bridge ... I think... Could be north. For some reason, I always get turned around between Victoria Station and that area!
That's helpful, isn't it!!!
06/Jun/16 12:42 AM
No, I'm sure I didn't go there. It doesn't sound familiar. I walked around the area a lot and had lunch nearby, but didn't visit any pubs.
Now, off to bed with me. Good night, Shiela and all!
06/Jun/16 12:46 AM
Just had to grab my lucky number before retiring for the night.
06/Jun/16 12:46 AM
06/Jun/16 1:23 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!!!
06/Jun/16 1:24 AM
Good morning.
06/Jun/16 2:12 AM
Just light rain falling at the moment.
06/Jun/16 2:14 AM
Morning CP.
06/Jun/16 2:15 AM
Had a great Asian meal with the family last night.
06/Jun/16 2:16 AM
Seems we're both here at the right time.
06/Jun/16 2:16 AM
Who gets it?
06/Jun/16 2:16 AM
Hey, Keith!
06/Jun/16 2:16 AM
06/Jun/16 2:16 AM
You did.
06/Jun/16 2:16 AM
06/Jun/16 2:17 AM
Thanks for the help.
06/Jun/16 2:17 AM
Wasn't even thinking of racing, thought there was a few to go.
06/Jun/16 2:18 AM
I don't even think I'm fully awake.
06/Jun/16 2:19 AM
Those fingers of yours sure can type fast!
06/Jun/16 2:20 AM
Both my parents were typing teachers.
06/Jun/16 2:25 AM
It's in the jeans ... er ... genes ...
06/Jun/16 3:21 AM
An historical bridge promoted in song!
06/Jun/16 3:53 AM
Is this not ''Tower Bridge''? The ''New London Bridge,'' built in 1835, was transported and reconstructed in 1971 in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, on the Colorado River. I have kayaked beneath it several times! I had an amazing sense of deja vu, as I had seen the bridge in its prior location on the Thames just a few years before!
06/Jun/16 4:12 AM
Judy. That is the Tower Bridge. I also have been to both.
06/Jun/16 5:25 AM
Shosho, your root canal excuse is acceptable. You're excused.
06/Jun/16 5:29 AM
Ooooh, hello, HalT! Race you to the bottom of the page???
06/Jun/16 5:58 AM
I'm waiting . . .
06/Jun/16 5:58 AM
Come on, HalT . . .
06/Jun/16 5:58 AM
HUrry . . .
06/Jun/16 5:59 AM
06/Jun/16 5:59 AM
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