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Easy Sudoku for 4/July/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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04/Jul/16 12:00 AM
04/Jul/16 12:00 AM
04/Jul/16 12:00 AM
Good morning to all!
04/Jul/16 12:09 AM
Happy July 4th to all Americans living of serving their country in the other time zone!
04/Jul/16 12:11 AM
My absolute favourite bird of all time. We have one in Australia... one last flamingo and he's gorgeous. I visited Adelaide Zoo a few weeks ago and he and I spent about an hour chatting. He's a bird of few words but we connected. I thought he was beautiful and he thought I was demented... :D
04/Jul/16 12:27 AM
Very funny, Chayote! I talk to my dogs all the time ...
04/Jul/16 1:15 AM
04/Jul/16 2:01 AM
Wombat -- I have to vote AGAINST 'Yankees'...
04/Jul/16 2:06 AM
Happy Sunday!
04/Jul/16 2:09 AM

It seems our 4th of July fireworks may be rained out in this area. They have a huge display in DC (Washington) every year, so, that would disappoint a lot of people.
I am running a charity raffle at the baseball stadium tomorrow. They More...
04/Jul/16 2:53 AM
That is a great photo of the flamingo. I love the reflection in the water.
04/Jul/16 2:57 AM
Thx for the reminder, Kathy. Time to bring out the red, white, and blue.
04/Jul/16 3:07 AM
Good morning.
04/Jul/16 3:09 AM
Happy 4th of July to our US friends.
04/Jul/16 3:10 AM
lonewolf, I agree, not yankees.
04/Jul/16 3:11 AM
Lynne and I are doing chores in preparation for our 4th of July Parade Watching Party tomorrow. The parade goes right down our street past our front yard, which is in the shade at that time of day. Most people along the route have to endure full sun ... not fun when it's hot.
04/Jul/16 3:12 AM
All are invited, but you might bring your own lawn chair.
04/Jul/16 3:13 AM
We're having very cold (frosty) mornings this last week but beautiful days.
04/Jul/16 3:13 AM
Since I'm this close ...
04/Jul/16 3:13 AM
I'll go for it.
04/Jul/16 3:14 AM
04/Jul/16 3:14 AM
Would love to come, Keith.
04/Jul/16 3:14 AM
Whew ... thought CP might jump in.
04/Jul/16 3:15 AM
Doesn't pay to stop and think!!!
04/Jul/16 3:15 AM
& she almost did!
04/Jul/16 3:15 AM
04/Jul/16 3:15 AM
-5*C yesterday morning (23*F)
04/Jul/16 3:16 AM
Shouldn't complain after seeing northern hemisphere winters temperatures, but that's cold for here.
04/Jul/16 3:17 AM
I want the same lovely days for next weekend.
04/Jul/16 3:20 AM
But there is some rain forecast during the week.
04/Jul/16 3:21 AM
Can only hope.
04/Jul/16 3:22 AM
Love that beautiful flamingo today. Nice reflection too.
04/Jul/16 4:29 AM
Good morning everyone. 1:18 this morning.
04/Jul/16 6:00 AM
Wombat, the term 'Yankee' means very different things here in the states. It depends on where you live. For those born and/or bred in the South, the term is always preceded by 'DAMN.'
But I think the majority of us think of 'Yankee' in a positive way.
Anyone else agree?
04/Jul/16 6:15 AM
Yes, as Hal says, Yankee means American to northeners, but it means northeners to southerners.
04/Jul/16 6:40 AM
Or disagree?
04/Jul/16 6:40 AM
Morning all, beautiful flamingo.
Busy day ahead ,minding Bridei and Torryn.
04/Jul/16 6:49 AM
Time for a page change.
04/Jul/16 6:55 AM
04/Jul/16 6:56 AM
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