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Easy Sudoku for 4/August/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
04/Aug/14 12:00 AM
04/Aug/14 12:00 AM
04/Aug/14 1:05 AM
Better add my too....1.10am Monday here just north of Sydney Australia.
04/Aug/14 1:11 AM
04/Aug/14 1:27 AM
not too many everyones here this morning.....
04/Aug/14 2:17 AM
04/Aug/14 2:18 AM
Beautiful weather this morning but will be the start of the hot weather again. back to summer Oklahoma.
04/Aug/14 2:22 AM
Since I have a few minutes might as well play here for awhile.
04/Aug/14 2:23 AM
The poozle was easy today.
04/Aug/14 2:23 AM
Guess it is time to go and cut the okra I bought yesterday.
04/Aug/14 2:24 AM
Lizzy, click on John's blue maen, because you and Hal both picked the morning Maen, while I think you should have picked the night maeN.
04/Aug/14 2:30 AM

Ok Keith, yes it is dark outside so that makes it night but for me at least anything after midnight is morning......so its early hours of Monday morning hence my choice of Maen. Others I am sure will care to differ.
04/Aug/14 2:50 AM
Who are these two fellows? They look like they're enjoying Christmas.
04/Aug/14 2:51 AM
All right....
04/Aug/14 2:52 AM
04/Aug/14 3:35 AM
I posted this yesterday in case you missed it.

Assassin is a popular game on college campuses. The game consists of several players trying to eliminate the others by means of squirting them with water pistols in order to be the last survivor. Once hit, the player is out of the game. Game More...
04/Aug/14 3:38 AM
It was nice to see Kate back yesterday. Too bad about the camera issues.
04/Aug/14 3:39 AM
Bowls yesterday was not a success. A lot more recovery needed before I try another game. The bowls wobbled all over the place. It was a nice sunny day and good to with some nice friendly people.
04/Aug/14 4:05 AM
Enjoying the Christmas season, but it's still a while away.
04/Aug/14 4:45 AM
Good afternoon to all! A summertime Christmas here in Canada.
04/Aug/14 5:17 AM
For Keith.....
04/Aug/14 5:17 AM
Kate, I read all about your adventures and misadventures on your holiday. Hopefully the good things out-weighed the bad. Welcome home.
04/Aug/14 5:21 AM
Morning everyone,not an Aussie Xmas with those jumpers on.
Trying to get back to my normal routine of early sudoku while watching the golf on TV.
04/Aug/14 6:42 AM
I have removed the photos that were too big , will resize them before I put them back. Thanks Dottie for letting me know.
04/Aug/14 6:45 AM
Happy birthday to Visa,have a great day.
04/Aug/14 6:48 AM
1:33. Good morning everyone.
04/Aug/14 6:53 AM
04/Aug/14 9:46 AM
I have replaced the photos that were too big and added some more.
04/Aug/14 10:31 AM
Good morning - still, not for long.
04/Aug/14 11:14 AM
Another beautiful day here.
04/Aug/14 11:14 AM
8*C up from -6*C at 0600.
04/Aug/14 11:16 AM
Looking out from inside you could believe the temperature to be much higher.
04/Aug/14 11:17 AM
No bike ride today - I'm not going riding solo for a while, and my minder is at work.
04/Aug/14 11:18 AM
Everybody. I need to go check Amelia's photos for size since I just saw them earlier today on FB.
04/Aug/14 11:20 AM
Amelia - Your photos all look wonderful here. I hope it wasn't too much work to resize them.
04/Aug/14 11:22 AM
CP - I'm glad it's warming up some for you, but I'm sorry you don't trust yourself to ride your bicycle by yourself yet. Hopefully soon!
04/Aug/14 11:23 AM
I like the fossil pictures, Amelia.
04/Aug/14 12:00 PM
It's time...
04/Aug/14 12:00 PM
For a page change.
04/Aug/14 12:01 PM
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