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Easy Sudoku for 5/August/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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05/Aug/14 12:00 AM
Good Maen
05/Aug/14 12:00 AM
Ice storms suck.
05/Aug/14 12:19 AM
Is the picture from Chicago? It certainly could be.
05/Aug/14 12:20 AM

Liam, Blue, Night Stalker, Ambush, Sociology
Anabel, Green, Captain Dawn, Car, Art History
Bella, Black, Dark Elf, Winner, Psychology
Oliver, Purple, Billy, Class, Biology
Ethan, Red, McStealth, Study Group, Economics

A More...
05/Aug/14 12:24 AM

In a five-day workweek, Bobby manufactures 1,000 pogo sticks at the factory. Each day he builds 30 more sticks than the day before. How many pogo sticks did Bobby build on Monday?

Answers to my ’’pogo stick’’ inbox please.
05/Aug/14 12:30 AM
Where on earth this? I wonder how long the power was out!
05/Aug/14 12:54 AM
I agree, Serena. Ice storms suck! That does look like it's on one of the Great Lakes.
05/Aug/14 1:31 AM
Don't know how cold it is, but it sure is icy. Ice storms are the worst!
05/Aug/14 1:41 AM
, y'all! I was indisposed yesterday, having spent the day at an amusement park enjoying roller coasters and the water features. GORGEOUS day for it, too - clouds and rain cleared, warm but not blistering temps (86ºF), low humidity. Loads of fun with Silverguy, Silverteen and More...
05/Aug/14 1:57 AM
Oh yuck! Is that the ice storm from this past year in Michigan?
05/Aug/14 2:04 AM
''Vegetarian'' is an old Indian word for bad hunter.
05/Aug/14 2:11 AM
I'm guessing it's not a recent ice storm based on how long it typically takes for pictures to cycle through on easy.
05/Aug/14 2:31 AM
I've never experienced an ice storm, and from that picture, I'd be happy to skip it.
05/Aug/14 2:52 AM
Good afternoon people of the world.
05/Aug/14 3:21 AM
Another morning, I sat down, in the 9 AM time, to see what was going on in the world, and it is now going on 12:30. There was a demand for food, when I sat down, but I asked for at least 5 minutes. I do not think I will get it, because another child is now demanding. Just want to slap Man, he wants More...
05/Aug/14 3:25 AM
I hope you never experience one, Keith. There is massive damage that occurs through the weight of the ice on everything. Trees and power poles snap off. Roofs of buildings collapse. Travel can be very difficult and dangerous. Not pleasant.
05/Aug/14 3:26 AM
Now, my girl's starvation can wait, this exciting, major news, cannot.
05/Aug/14 3:26 AM
Recap, way back when Kayo was doing her factoids, she had one, that went, sort of, like, not to worry about asking a man to do something, it will be done in about 6 months. That was not what she wrote, but the gist of it.
At the time she posted, Man had one more month to go, on something I had asked him to do in November.
05/Aug/14 3:29 AM
I am happy to announce, that Saturday, Man finally did it. It only took 9 months, but we now have a TP holder, in the girl's relief room.

I nearly cried, the first time, I could roll the TP, instead of hunt for it.
It was truly a glorious day.
05/Aug/14 3:32 AM
Now, I have some suncatchers that need hanging in two windows. I have not asked, yet, because, I am sure he is mentally exhausted, so I may wait till tomorrow.
05/Aug/14 3:34 AM
Hello 22.
05/Aug/14 3:34 AM
Better go feed the girls. One has been known to try to eat the sister, waiting for me to feed her.
05/Aug/14 3:35 AM
05/Aug/14 3:45 AM
Brrrr! Never experienced an ice storm and hope I never will!!! Although this muggy weather is unusual as well! I remember when I dreaded going back to school, not because of the the teaching but of the couple of weeks of muggy weather we would suffer!
05/Aug/14 3:47 AM
This weekend of dancing traditional and some new Obon festival dances was fun but, whew!, hot and muggy! Two hours a night gave me good exercise! Lost one pound this weekend just doing that!
05/Aug/14 3:48 AM
I bought some Okinawan dangos (small ball like donuts) and passed them around to my sons, nieces and nephew, and we toasted them in memory of my dad. We fondly remembered how he loved them and every year would pester me to make sure I got them for him!
05/Aug/14 3:51 AM
05/Aug/14 3:52 AM
How long does it take for photos to cycle when they're submitted?
05/Aug/14 5:04 AM
05/Aug/14 5:18 AM
I submitted one a few years back and was about a year before it appeared. That was on Easy.
05/Aug/14 5:20 AM
I submitted, when I first started on here, 8 years ago, I have never seen one of mine. But who knows if they went through.
05/Aug/14 5:30 AM
We had a whirlwind fun weekend. It was supposed to be a one day shopping spree, at an outlet mall, about an hour away from here. Turned into a big, weekend get away, 2 hours away from here.
05/Aug/14 5:32 AM
After the library program Saturday, Man got a wild hair, and said, let's go today and stay the night. I heard, I do not have to prepare dinner or clean up, for two days.
05/Aug/14 5:33 AM
For safety reasons, and the time we left, right after we got started, I fell asleep. It was only supposed to be an hour drive and the girls were occupied with iPad. Man has a tendency to drive his little Mazda, like his big truck. So, I started snoozing.
Two hours later, I wake up and we were in More...
05/Aug/14 5:39 AM
After barely getting a motel room, without reservation, on a weekend, in a tourist town, we head to the big shopping center. Have I ever mentioned, I do not care to clothes shop? Then, we go to a huge shopping center, where there are millions of people, shopping on a Saturday evening.
Well, we More...
05/Aug/14 5:53 AM
I thought, when we got up the next morning, we were going back to the shopping center. I thought wrong. We went to Aqua Marina Springs. This place, both Man and I have fond childhood memories of, plus, we went there when we first got married. The place has changed, just a tad, but still a nice More...
05/Aug/14 5:59 AM
After that, I thought, we were going back to the shopping center. I thought wrong. We went to Wonder World, which I have heard about, but did not know what to expect. I asked man, he said, train ride. I like train rides.
But first, one is taken, to below ground caverns. Very narrow, tight space More...
05/Aug/14 6:12 AM
After that, because of the time, I thought we would get lunch. Thought wrong again. Now, we went back to the shopping center, where the girls hit wardrobe heaven and made out like bandits. I did know, the plan to start heading back home, around 3-ish, which of course did not happen. Around 7-ish, More...
05/Aug/14 6:19 AM
Hold on, for just a moment.
05/Aug/14 6:19 AM
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