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Easy Sudoku for 19/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Dialogue: Changing the colour of a piece of wood.
Here's today's factoid:
A prison in Brazil allows inmates to pedal stationary bicycles - providing electricity for a nearby city - in exchange for reduced sentences.
19/Oct/14 12:05 AM
Good morning to all! It must be gator season as we've had them two days running.
19/Oct/14 12:19 AM
A little something to occupy some of your time if your interested. The two day weekend puzzle:

1. This is a feeling of grief or heartache over the loss of someone –> this bird with all white plumage has various species 0n four different continents
2. An insect that is related to More...
19/Oct/14 12:21 AM
I'll read all of your accolades tomorrow. But for now...
19/Oct/14 12:32 AM
19/Oct/14 12:38 AM
Hmmm. How did that 12:32 comment get on this page?
19/Oct/14 12:39 AM
Greg - DAN Weaver????
19/Oct/14 1:25 AM
THE PUZZLE: Number 6 should read DENNIS Weaver, not Dan. A mind slip. Sorry!

Thanks Hal!
19/Oct/14 1:33 AM
By this time in the morning, I figured I'd have missed my chance for sure.
19/Oct/14 2:24 AM
, y'all! Not chatty this morning, so I bid y'all a fair day
19/Oct/14 2:27 AM
I was out setting up a yard sale for a club I belong to at 7 this morning. Stopped at the store, came home for an early lunch, and will be heading back in a few minutes to collect my folding tables to bring home. Sales were brisk More...
19/Oct/14 2:39 AM
All this while harboring the worst cold known to mankind.
This is why I won't be meeting up with Jane and Marg tonight in DC. I would feel terrible if I passed my germs on and ruined the rest of their trip. Jane tells me that it is quite the family affair. I believe a niece has made More...
19/Oct/14 2:50 AM
Well, it's official: the site has dueling Avatars for the World Series, the San Francisco Giants vs. the Kansas City Royals. Both wild cards in post season games, it should be a wild series. May the best team win. Still friends, Sarah?
19/Oct/14 2:53 AM
Not sure I'd want to get that close! I still have a scar on my thumb where a caiman, a small relative of this guy, slashed it open with amazing speed.
19/Oct/14 2:57 AM
What a shame you won't get to see them, but so very nice of you to not go out while contagious. They had to miss meeting Appy because of bad weather. They are still having a great time, though, eating their way up and down the East Coast.
19/Oct/14 2:59 AM
19/Oct/14 3:32 AM
Back from St Louis, Keith they were not happy about not making the World Series.
19/Oct/14 3:35 AM
Time for Harry's semi annual neuromuscular checkup at Washington University.
19/Oct/14 3:39 AM
That's the hard part about sports ... somebody's got to lose. It's never fun. The only thing you can say is, ''There's always next year.'' The Giants have done well the last few years, but before that, we went through a l__o__n__g dry spell.
19/Oct/14 3:40 AM
Getting close.
19/Oct/14 3:40 AM
Any help?
19/Oct/14 3:40 AM
19/Oct/14 3:41 AM
The laundry is almost done.
19/Oct/14 3:43 AM
May the neuromuscular checkup go well.
19/Oct/14 3:43 AM
Think I will finish the book I started in St Louis.
19/Oct/14 3:46 AM
Keith, he is still holding his own. Not going to improve but no change from 6 months ago, which is good.
19/Oct/14 3:48 AM
I hear the book calling my name.
19/Oct/14 3:49 AM
Happy Saturday from Maui! We arrived yesterday, and it's gonna take a day or so to get acclimated to the local time (went to bed before 9pm last night)
19/Oct/14 4:05 AM
Keith: my Mom is a diehard LA Dodgers fan, but we have Bay Area cousins rooting for the Giants. May the CA team take home the prize!
19/Oct/14 4:07 AM
Go Gators!
19/Oct/14 4:34 AM

1. democrat (COME - d_EMOC_rat)
2. fascists (SICS - fa_SCIS_ts)
3. deciding (DICE - d_ECID_ing)
4. moderate (TARE - mod_ERAT_e)

In the today we have Kathy, Judy, shosho, More...
19/Oct/14 4:49 AM
My avatar really isn't accurate but I'm too lazy to change it. Maybe tomorrow.
19/Oct/14 4:49 AM
I got 20/26 on Silvergal's quiz. I will admit that most of my knowledge of Bohemian Rhapsody comes from Wayne's World. And there I go dating myself.
19/Oct/14 4:52 AM
A cp and then I'm off.
19/Oct/14 4:53 AM
I've been googling again. I think this is a terrific idea, Kayo!

An innovative program that allows inmates at a prison in Brazil's southeastern Minas Gerais state to reduce their sentences in exchange for generating power to help illuminate the town at night.

By pedaling the More...
19/Oct/14 4:57 AM
19/Oct/14 5:11 AM
YIKES! He looks pretty big to me. Wouldn't want to get too close.
19/Oct/14 6:10 AM
Good morning.
19/Oct/14 6:36 AM
Was getting very frustrated here by my continued problem of the pooter not accepting my keystrokes when I first log in here.
19/Oct/14 6:38 AM
It's my elder daughter's birthday today. Can't tell you her age as she might kill me.
19/Oct/14 6:39 AM
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