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Tough Sudoku for 19/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Y-19 (unsolved)

1. MR'(23)a2*/a56.(923'')b46 = (4)a2-f2=(4-1)f1=(1-8)f6=(8-9)e6=(9-2)b6=b1
# -(16)b6, -1b1, -2a1

2. (475')acf9=g9-(5=6)g4-bc4=a6-(6=14)af1-SF(4)cgh.138=(4)c9 # -6a9, +(47)c9

// xy: (7)i4=h46-h1=(7-6)e1=ab1-c3=c4 # -7c4
// SS(7)eh1.h6hi4; -7e4
// More...
19/Oct/14 2:20 AM
There has to be a (probably) grisly story behind the name of that promontory!
19/Oct/14 3:45 AM
Basics, including Kite(3agi5,3h47)-3a7; UP36
[HP(36)gi5=3a5-3a9=(3-7)e9=(7-4)d9=(4-8)d4=8d5]-8gi5; UP81
19/Oct/14 4:33 AM
1. Note a12c1=568;a46=17.Unique possibilities to 32.
2. Whether b8=5,ac5=25;OR b8=3,e8=4,d9=7,d26=25;d5=8.UP44.
3. f5=9 to avoid 39 unresolvable rectangle @ gh35.UP81.
19/Oct/14 5:04 AM
Hi Alfred, nice solution; but UP81 instead of UP44 because of 9gi3-(9=4)h1 !
Best Regards, JC.
19/Oct/14 5:36 AM
Your comment, Bev, led me to find out the story - nothing grisly: 'Govetts Leap was named after William Romaine Govett, an assistant surveyor in the Surveyor-General's Department of New South Wales. The name 'leap' is an old Scottish word meaning waterfall or cascade....'
19/Oct/14 6:12 AM
I thought the same thing as Bev. Glad that there is a much better story behind the name. Joyce.
19/Oct/14 6:17 AM
One of my favourite lookouts in the mountains. I was last there with Kathy and Jane.
19/Oct/14 7:19 AM
19/Oct/14 7:20 AM
(29) 47@ac3=>dc3<>7
(33) 9@gi3=>h1<>9
(36) 2@de2=>h2<>2
(37) 4?@i1=>[h7=4=>h4=3&f1=7=>f4=3]=>i1<>4
(39) 6@b46=>ca5<>6
(4 More...
19/Oct/14 7:44 AM
Thanks JC.I saw the UR first (at UP32), and thought it was still necessary at UP44.
Best Regards, Alfred.
19/Oct/14 8:18 AM
I missed h6=9, so should be 1. UP36, and no UR at all.
19/Oct/14 8:26 AM
Kobold, as a pattern-illiterate solver, my breakfast must have been much more stimulating than I realised!!
19/Oct/14 9:41 AM
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