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Medium Sudoku for 5/August/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Nice picture Kate, and I'm glad to hear that you have a clothesline. Some North American cities are just now lifting bans on them because the sight of another person's laundry was deemed offensive by many people. Finally energy conservation is taking priority over the finer feelings of people who don't remember when there was no choice for drying clothes.
05/Aug/14 1:18 AM
Critter appears to be looking right into the camera!
05/Aug/14 2:15 AM
maen all! good size fly...about as big as our horsefly i gather!
05/Aug/14 2:19 AM
I echo Bev's comment. I am the only one in my neighbourhood to have a clothesline. The clothes smell heavenly when they are brought in, and big savings on electricity too Bring back clotheslines!
05/Aug/14 2:31 AM
05/Aug/14 5:12 AM
Closelines are great except for when it rains. Especially those quickly passing storms which come on a summer's afternoon. Put basket of wet clothes on the floor for a slim waistline.
05/Aug/14 5:16 AM
By using closelines you are not only saving on your own electric bill but saving the planet from global warming.
05/Aug/14 5:30 AM
4:35. Hi everyone.
05/Aug/14 6:59 AM
Hi Bev, Silvergal, deltz, jacalmi, Darwen Jim, DotCom & Chris!
Thanks everyone!! Glad you approve of clotheslines! LOL!!!
05/Aug/14 8:20 AM
4.55 Hi All.
05/Aug/14 9:55 AM
Wet clothes on a line act like evaporative (swamp) coolers, thereby reducing global warming.
05/Aug/14 3:33 PM
I couldn't imagine not having a clothesline!!! I had to have an old original Hills Hoist , we bought it when friends pulled their old one out of the ground..... I thought all my Christmasses had come at once.
05/Aug/14 10:32 PM
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