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Easy Sudoku for 5/April/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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So it's 9am here in Dallas now.
05/Apr/16 12:00 AM
I thought it would move from 8 to 7.
05/Apr/16 12:01 AM
Happy Monday (waves 'Hi' to Wolf)
05/Apr/16 12:15 AM
1:58 Hello Bud!

Good night one and all!
05/Apr/16 12:15 AM
Looks like our plans for replacing a few deckboards this weekend will be postponed since ... we now have seven inches of snow covering it. Plan B: build a snow fort. (Naturally, the skis have been put away and the slopes near us are closed for the season. What is this? Irony?)
05/Apr/16 12:47 AM
05/Apr/16 12:58 AM
Good morning Halt,Cathy,Anne,Aileen,Wolf and good morning Bud...lovely dog!
It's cold but sunny in Ottawa and 11h45...time to put a move om!
05/Apr/16 1:40 AM
Good afternoon (now) Orianne!

(Just after I finished bragging the other day about not having water in the basement, guess what happened? I shoulda shaddup.)
05/Apr/16 2:19 AM
05/Apr/16 2:46 AM

I'll take this for Julie Andrews.
05/Apr/16 3:16 AM
Hi Bud! you do look like a good buddy.
05/Apr/16 4:52 AM
Good afternoon to all! As the ad says, 'This Bud is for you.'
05/Apr/16 5:18 AM
Yep, Cathy - all of us talking about crapola surely got it. This morning we were greeted & continued to watch the arrival of nearly 6 inches with ice mixed in as well! It was the heaviest 5 inches of snow I can remember shoveling!
05/Apr/16 5:54 AM
...and a hearty hello to all
05/Apr/16 5:56 AM
Morning all, just as well it isn't snowing where Bud is, he would blend in.
05/Apr/16 6:23 AM
05/Apr/16 8:18 AM
Good morning all.
05/Apr/16 8:33 AM
Crapola - a very evocative word - not very foodie.
05/Apr/16 8:35 AM
Enjoy your day folks.
05/Apr/16 8:35 AM
Wolf, if we turn our clock back an hour (and yours stays the same) then you have to wait an extra hour before we reach the same time as when we moved back an hour. So you see the new puzzle later not earlier.
05/Apr/16 8:41 AM
We can't stop here,
05/Apr/16 9:33 AM
Can We?
05/Apr/16 9:33 AM
To quote what others have said - 'My work here is done'...
05/Apr/16 9:34 AM
Good evening all. Where is everyone? Two and a half hours since the last post.
05/Apr/16 12:07 PM
I suppose I could do multiple CP's and get us to page two, or three, or four, or even more. But I'm not a sadist. Plus, I'm not a masochist.
So I think I'll call it a day and get some sleep.
Night all.
05/Apr/16 12:17 PM
My goodness, still on the 1st pages! No CP??
mAen to those that are around!!
05/Apr/16 12:35 PM
Never saw it so quiet!
Good night all...time for zzzzz
05/Apr/16 12:55 PM
Hello folks! Haven't been here for a while - hope you're all well!
05/Apr/16 12:55 PM
Wow! 10:17pm PDT and only 28 posts?
(Wonder where Karen is?
See y'all tomorrow!
05/Apr/16 3:18 PM
Not even close enough to go for Bottom of Page. Perhaps I can sneak in a Last Post of the Day.
05/Apr/16 5:56 PM
Here I am sitting on the 20th. floor of our hotel in Hiroshima looking out over all the lights.
05/Apr/16 10:10 PM
Very sobering to think this has all been rebuilt since 1945.
05/Apr/16 10:13 PM
Hello everyone I'm new to this group and just completed my first sudoku on this site. Yahoo! I'm a bit rusty I can only improve. :)
05/Apr/16 10:22 PM
Welcome, Smiley. Good to see you jump right in and post.
06/Apr/16 3:26 AM
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