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Easy Sudoku for 6/April/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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06/Apr/16 12:00 AM
Nobody here but us, Hal.
06/Apr/16 12:07 AM
2:05 Hello Hal and Wolf. Good night one and all!

I saw that view almost 20 years ago when I travelled the Great Ocean Road.
06/Apr/16 12:17 AM
Hal and Wolf! 'Nite, Anne.

That formation looks like The Rock Family....Dad, Mom, Teen, and Toddler.
06/Apr/16 12:22 AM
Poozle time!

How can you go from DINER to MENUS, changing one letter at a time and forming another English word in each step?

Answers to my ''The diner read the menus'' inbox, please.
06/Apr/16 12:27 AM
Love the Great Ocean Road drive; so beautiful. Sadly, we took a helicopter ride and it was raining so hard our photos were terrible. Good memories, though.
06/Apr/16 12:38 AM
I have family coming tomorrow. As I have mentioned before, the little ones sleep in (and play, and generally destroy) my computer room, so, I am somewhat limited as to the time I can spend on my computer. I tend to turn it off and hide the mouse and keyboard, for obvious reasons. They More...
06/Apr/16 12:38 AM
Happy Tuesday!
06/Apr/16 1:49 AM
Hey, Kathy! Who put the inmates in charge of that asylum??
06/Apr/16 1:51 AM
I've driven the entire west coast of the United States. There aren't rock formations that are similar to these anywhere along our coast.
06/Apr/16 2:14 AM
Welcome, Smiley. Good to see you jump right in and post.
06/Apr/16 3:27 AM
Good afternoon to all! Those don't appear to be part of the twelve apostles. Where are they located?
06/Apr/16 3:34 AM
Slow day here to day.
06/Apr/16 3:34 AM
Hey Kathy, Rock Family with Fido in the foreground
06/Apr/16 4:15 AM
all....yes, slow day here.
06/Apr/16 4:16 AM
Good morning.
06/Apr/16 4:18 AM
I thought they were part of the Twelve Apostles, Greg.
06/Apr/16 4:20 AM
Haven't seen ''our'' 12 Apostles yet, but have seen similar formations in South Africa many years ago.
06/Apr/16 4:23 AM
Greaat Ocean Road was on our agenda for this year but after the fires swept through there last Christmas, we are putting it off for a while.
06/Apr/16 4:25 AM
Back at the right time for a change.
06/Apr/16 4:27 AM
06/Apr/16 4:27 AM
06/Apr/16 4:27 AM
That should've got Keith close enough to his favourite spot, but we'll see. 5 minute time allowance.
06/Apr/16 4:29 AM
Oh. he got there while I was typing (and correcting).
06/Apr/16 4:30 AM
Snuck in, so to speak.
06/Apr/16 4:32 AM
Beautiful photo, of a gorgeous place. Wonderful rock formations, here too.
06/Apr/16 4:36 AM
Morning all, we saw the Apostles last year,it was awesome.
Didn't do the helicopter ride didn't feel like waiting three hours in the lineup.
06/Apr/16 6:42 AM
Good morning all.
06/Apr/16 7:54 AM
Our power supply problems continue. Although they have found the fault in the power cable under Bass Strait, it won't be fixed before June.
06/Apr/16 7:55 AM
I heard them called the twelve apostrophes on a radio show last week!

A nice easy puzzle this morning - 1:17.
06/Apr/16 7:55 AM
The main lakes that supply hydro power are down to 11% and they are now talking about black and brown outs to conserve the remaining power we have.
06/Apr/16 7:57 AM
Good thing we have a couple of generators.. Someone in the government has some questions to answer!
06/Apr/16 7:58 AM
Enjoy your day folks - i'm off - a butcherbird is calling me to take its pic.
06/Apr/16 7:59 AM
06/Apr/16 8:09 AM
Mt allergies are killing me. My normal meds haven't worked, so not I have a sinus infection.
06/Apr/16 8:11 AM
Proof read Sue, proof read. not = now
06/Apr/16 8:14 AM
Have been sleeping, a lot. When I am awake I just want to sleep. But 12 hours is enough for one day.
06/Apr/16 8:15 AM
Started on meds today for sinus so I should be feeling better by the weekend. I really hope so, we are going to nieces for the weekend, a 4 year old needs his uncle fix.
06/Apr/16 8:20 AM
Since I am so close
06/Apr/16 8:20 AM
one more
06/Apr/16 8:21 AM
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