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Easy Sudoku for 5/May/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
05/May/18 12:00 AM
Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more in Texas than in Mexico.
05/May/18 12:00 AM
Still working on the Final Examinations.
05/May/18 12:01 AM
Good morning Wolf
05/May/18 12:19 AM
05/May/18 12:30 AM
05/May/18 12:32 AM
Jake, Stella, and Silvergal.
05/May/18 12:33 AM
for Shosho.
05/May/18 12:35 AM
TftD: The people you care most about in life are taken from you too soon and the less important ones just never go away.
05/May/18 12:35 AM
Sunny, but maybe a bit too windy.
Hope your day is a blast - but not from the wind!
05/May/18 12:37 AM
05/May/18 12:46 AM
Took longer on this Easy than I took on Medium! Some days!!
05/May/18 1:00 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
05/May/18 1:53 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!!!
05/May/18 1:54 AM
DevilOrAngel is out of the hospital and doing well. He doesn't have much Internet or email yet, but he is able to access this site. Heal quickly and well, our friend!
05/May/18 1:54 AM
Good Maen, good people. Dandelions popped out yesterday afternoon. We drove south about an hour this morning and there were lots of redbuds in bloom. Ours aren't blooming yet. Lots of woodland song from birds and frogs.
05/May/18 2:34 AM
Now that we are home again we have lots of groceries to put away. I have 'chicken fingers' and pumpkin muffins in the oven for lunch.
05/May/18 2:35 AM
Snow? Not 'til November I hope.
05/May/18 2:39 AM
Glad to hear you're doing well, DOA.
05/May/18 2:44 AM
Happy Birthday to Aimee, another gal who is missed.
I hope your surgery went well, DevilOrAngel and that your recovery goes as quickly as possible.
05/May/18 2:45 AM
The pine tree is a very 'Vermont-y' motif. The photo brings the movie 'White Christmas' to mind. Speaking of Vermont, I wonder what's up with Serena and anne.
05/May/18 2:57 AM
Well, if no one else will take it ... 22.
05/May/18 2:57 AM
But ... but ... wait a minute ...
05/May/18 3:00 AM

Sending DOA. Drop in and let us know how you are doing when you can.
05/May/18 3:44 AM
Judy 4 posting update.
Good day - so far.
05/May/18 3:52 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice photo, but I've seen more then enough snow in the last 5 or 6 months thank you!
05/May/18 3:52 AM
2.16. Best wishes for a speedy recovery DOA.
05/May/18 4:16 AM
Morning all,those rails do look pretty in white.
DoA, wishing you a speedy recovery.
05/May/18 5:13 AM
No snow until November? Dream on, jacalmi!
05/May/18 5:23 AM
2:03. I always do the easy 1->9, not a very good tactic today! Good morning everyone.
05/May/18 6:22 AM
Ha! Keith ...
Well, I am praising God today because, a year after I injured my knee (and nearly 5 months after I injured my knee the second time along with my back) I was able to go for a long hike in the woods today. I didn't know if I would ever be able to do that again. More...
05/May/18 8:46 AM
So, I was wrong about the list of plants I thought I would see in the woods. The mayapple are just up and not even in bloom yet. Same with lily off the valley. No violets in the woods, no morels. I saw something that looked like a wild strawberry but the leaf wasn't quite right. I'll have to identify it, of course.
05/May/18 8:50 AM
Rue anemone. Maybe I should post photos on my page as the wildflower season unfurls?
05/May/18 9:02 AM

5 MAY 1&4

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&4 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and fourth letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also give you the rest of the word in random order, and the second and third letters of the word, in More...
05/May/18 9:20 AM
I have to make at least one mistake. The first one should have read BELGIAN CITY. THANKS JUDY.
05/May/18 10:56 AM
Good to hear everything went well DoA. Look forward to your posts again
05/May/18 12:03 PM
Night all.
05/May/18 12:54 PM
Get well soon DorA
05/May/18 7:07 PM
🙋🏼Ms Robin has taken up a nesting site in our front brush - prefect view from inside the house - up to 3 eggs and ishe is fine with us using the door ! At least at this time
05/May/18 9:26 PM
Taking a day trip to Lafayette, IN. We have now traveled far enough south that most of the trees have a thin bright green veil of new leaves. A gladsome sight for winter-weary eyes!
05/May/18 10:47 PM
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