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Easy Sudoku for 6/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning people of the world.
06/Jan/15 12:03 AM
Back to the annoying alarm. Though, this morning did not need it, woke up an hour before it went off. I am sure tomorrow or Wednesday will be a different story.
06/Jan/15 12:04 AM
Chris, sorry I missed it, but I hope you had a wonderful birthday and a terrific year.
06/Jan/15 12:06 AM
I was informed, that the 5th was the last day of the Christmas celebration, which is a good thing, I getting really overwhelmed with all the decorations around. I can handle the decorations for only so long, before I start feeling closed in.
06/Jan/15 12:09 AM
This Summer, Man brought in tons of wood, saying we would have enough for three years. Think he messed up somewhere in his estimation. Last night, he said, he hopes we have enough to last till February. His underestimation was either from not having a fireplace for so many years, or it is really cold this year.
06/Jan/15 12:11 AM
The full moon is coming in and the yowling that is taking place is ear busting. For two weeks, one of the kitties has been going around, making whiny meowing sounds. At first, I thought it was because Man moved the litter box, but it continued when I put it back where it belongs. Then More...
06/Jan/15 12:30 AM
I will not make a run for it.
I could, but I won't.
But it does not seem like there is anyone else in the world to stop me.
Lucky for you, my cup is empty.
06/Jan/15 12:31 AM
06/Jan/15 12:56 AM
beautiful day in OK
06/Jan/15 1:31 AM
Didn't sleep well last night, no reason I can think of except the heat ran most of the night. Yes, it that cold!
06/Jan/15 1:33 AM
I have to go to the tire place, I saw the check tire light yesterday afternoon. I looked and nothing looked wrong to me, they were not flat. I know one is low easier to go where we bought the tires and have them take care of the problem.
06/Jan/15 1:37 AM
Guess I should go get dressed to go, have to find my heavy coat. Compared to some places 12F is not cold but it is here.
06/Jan/15 1:41 AM
After this I will get going.
06/Jan/15 1:42 AM
I'll have to wait for the educated guesses to come in to know where the picture was taken.
06/Jan/15 2:54 AM
Sue, it is normal for tires to lose pressure in cold weather. Before you go spending a lot of money for an overpaid mechanic to check and add some air to your tire, go to a service station that has an air pump with a built-in pressure gauge. For 25 cents you can do this yourself. The pressure (PSI) for your car is printed on the door frame. (I'm guessing 30-32 PSI.)
06/Jan/15 2:59 AM

It was vacation time, and so I decided to visit my cousin's home. What a grand time we had! In the mornings, we both would go for a jog. The evenings were spent on the tennis court. Tiring as these activities were, we could manage only one More...
06/Jan/15 3:04 AM
It is even a bit cool here in beautiful Oaxaca de Juarez in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. I'm going to walk up to the American library in a few minutes to become a volunteer. I want to shelve books or something like that, NOT work the checkout desk.
06/Jan/15 3:05 AM
06/Jan/15 3:25 AM
Feeling much better! Went for a run, well somewhat close to what I had been doing before the onset of this cold! But hey I did go out for my 3 mile walk run!!!
06/Jan/15 3:26 AM
Right time.
06/Jan/15 3:35 AM
Shosho, you still here?
06/Jan/15 3:36 AM
06/Jan/15 3:36 AM
Happy New Year all. First time I have been here in a long time.
06/Jan/15 3:52 AM
Welcome back, Nancy.

Karen had the place to herself for a half hour. Hal finally chimed in at almost an hour into the day.

Has anybody spotted the cat yet. We need Gail to help.
06/Jan/15 3:55 AM
Karen's sharing her day-to-days.
Sue has a beautiful day in OK minus tire pressure.
HalT is sharing his expert advice.
Serena is giving her one of her puzzles.
Absent Nancy checked in.
Sandra is thinking of a new adventure for 2015.
Shosho is feeling better.
Keith got his #22.
Yep! All's right in Sudokuland!
06/Jan/15 6:28 AM
Except... I broke a tooth on Saturday night and can't get in to the dentist until Thursday! Good thing it doesn't hurt! (I'd be camped out on their steps if it did!) Luckily, the filling remained intact! How good is that!? I just have to remember not to chew on that side!
06/Jan/15 6:31 AM
I'm awake early again.
06/Jan/15 6:52 AM
Well, for a retired person.
06/Jan/15 6:52 AM
I have been sleeping so much better since I finished shiftwork and odd hours.
06/Jan/15 6:53 AM
Just about sleep like a normal person.
06/Jan/15 6:54 AM
I' sure Peter wilo have something to say about the definition of normal.
06/Jan/15 6:55 AM
06/Jan/15 7:07 AM
Good morning all. Going to be a hot day for us today. 28C or about 86F.
06/Jan/15 7:19 AM
I found an easy approx conversion formula when travelling with Jane.
06/Jan/15 7:20 AM
For C to F just double the C and add on 30 = F.
06/Jan/15 7:21 AM
Off to walk the dog and then boring old groceries as well as a fun coffee catch up.
06/Jan/15 7:27 AM
1:50. Good morning everyone.
06/Jan/15 7:27 AM
Stay warm topsider's and cool those of us down under.
06/Jan/15 7:28 AM
Whoever wants it can have the last spot.
06/Jan/15 7:28 AM
Good afternoon to all! Frozen solid outside here in Ottawa. I don't know where this photo was taken, but I'd rather be there then here today.
06/Jan/15 7:34 AM
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