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Easy Sudoku for 7/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Good morning people of the world.
07/Jan/15 12:00 AM
Good thing I am in no rush to pack up holiday decorations.
As I was shoving my darlings out the door this morning we ran into a big box. I forgot, I hit the Internet Christmas items. Now, the kitties are having a gay old time, with my big box. I don't have the heart to tell them I need that box for packing purposes.
07/Jan/15 12:03 AM
Guess, I do not understand mail order shipping. On the first, I ordered from three places. One place, I ordered more Christmas decorations. Another place, I ordered shoes and from the third place, I ordered medication.
07/Jan/15 12:06 AM
On the 4th, the decorations came in, today, the shoes, yesterday, I got a confirmation call, stating they have received my request for my medication.
Guess it is a priority thing. I really did need more decorations.
07/Jan/15 12:09 AM
I have a plan to work until Man comes home. From last phone call, he had just parked his truck and will stop by post office on his way home. Since then, I have accomplished a cup of coffee, and catching up with what happened in the world, while I pretended to be asleep.
07/Jan/15 12:11 AM
Well, good morning, Karen! Are you cold? I am now off to get ready for class.
07/Jan/15 12:34 AM
Good morning Karen. I will save you from having to keep talking to yourself.
07/Jan/15 12:35 AM
Hi Jamie, guess you dropped in while I was doing the puzzle.
07/Jan/15 12:35 AM
Thank you two wonderful people.
Guess you know me, very well, and know I will do it. That is, just keep on talking.
07/Jan/15 12:40 AM
Jamie, not as cold as I was yesterday.
That child, you need to keep, played a funny on me yesterday.
07/Jan/15 12:42 AM
Before I went to bed last night, I checked the weather and nearly flipped, when I opened the screen and it said it was 3 degrees outside and would be -1 in the morning.
I refreshed, because that could not possibly be right. Three degrees in Texas! Took a few minutes to realize she switched to Celsius.
07/Jan/15 12:45 AM
Well Karen it is about 25*c (77*F)and humid in the house at 1 am in the morning. I am sure I would be curled up sleeping soundly if it was 3*c.
07/Jan/15 1:03 AM
07/Jan/15 1:04 AM
Started the day sunny, but overcast now.
But it has warmed up to 10F from 5F.
Think I'd rather have sun than 5 more degrees F!
07/Jan/15 2:08 AM
Good morning to all! A big smile on this young lady!
07/Jan/15 2:22 AM
GOLD for Canada!
07/Jan/15 2:23 AM
Congrats on the gold, Greg!
07/Jan/15 2:30 AM
It is done.
The part I dread the most has been completed.
The tree is stripped and outside, waiting for Man to do whatever he does. I drug that mammoth thing out the front door, which I will probably get in trouble for, but it was way too heavy to drag to the garage. It is a new tree, and I could not figure out how to take it apart.
07/Jan/15 3:51 AM
The kitties who watched me with despair in their eyes, because I was taking away all those shiny toys, are now going wild with so much room to play.
07/Jan/15 3:52 AM
The rest of the packing should be easy peasy. I can do it by type.
07/Jan/15 3:53 AM
It is going on 11 AM, here. I think he should be awake.
07/Jan/15 3:54 AM
Good morning, darling.
07/Jan/15 3:54 AM
Good morning, that woman.
07/Jan/15 4:23 AM
07/Jan/15 4:24 AM
Oh Keith, you sleepyhead it's already past nine! And Karen got your number at 8:54 our time!!!
07/Jan/15 4:25 AM
I got the all done! And the is clean!
07/Jan/15 4:26 AM
Now I am enjoying my and bowlful of oatmeal and strawberries!!! Anyone for more ?
07/Jan/15 4:28 AM
A CP!!! And now I must go to farmers market to buy more strawberries and apples. Maybe a few veggies and possibly tamales for lunch or spam musubi!
07/Jan/15 4:29 AM
I did not realize, there was that big of a time gap between us. So, Keith dear, is really not a old lazy coot.
I am sure one day, I will figure out who is ahead in time and who is behind in time, but not today.
07/Jan/15 4:32 AM
In the Winter, changeover happens here at 5 AM ... 7 AM Karentime. I'm hardly ever up in time to go for #1. It doesn't even start to get light until 6:30 or so, but, yes, as slow as the site has typically become, I can often sleep in (it's a retirement thing) and still have a chance to get my #, that is, unless Karen's around.
07/Jan/15 6:24 AM
Good morning.
07/Jan/15 6:32 AM
Morning all, the blue lady.
07/Jan/15 7:08 AM
You're a sleepy-head Keith. I'm retired, but I'm normally up around 5:30, 6;00 at the latest. The best time of the day when few folk are stirring!
07/Jan/15 7:08 AM
Morning CP.
07/Jan/15 7:08 AM
Greg ,I'm the same but Bill will sleep till 8am or later when not going to golf.
07/Jan/15 7:11 AM
I don't recall ever seeing a comment from Redcat but if you are still on site I hope you have a very Happy birthday.
07/Jan/15 7:15 AM
1:30. Good morning everyone.
07/Jan/15 7:20 AM
07/Jan/15 7:26 AM
Good morning everyone.
07/Jan/15 7:26 AM
If you haven't had a chance, check out Anne's great Christmas pics from Antarctica.
07/Jan/15 7:27 AM
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