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Easy Sudoku for 6/November/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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06/Nov/16 12:02 AM
Hi Hal and all to come later...
06/Nov/16 12:26 AM
fellow puzzlers hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
06/Nov/16 12:42 AM

The weather here was a mixed bag today (technically yesterday). Was beautiful and sunny but the wind would of blown a dog off his chain. Not good for all the bushfires in and around Sydney
06/Nov/16 12:45 AM
Sunny & brisk!
Loved your wind description, Lizzy!
06/Nov/16 12:56 AM

I believe Disneyland celebrated it's 60th birthday last year. Great place for children and adults to visit.
06/Nov/16 1:20 AM
I am off to the 25th anniversary luncheon in awhile. I ended up getting the happy couple a restaurant gift card. It's funny. I had several private messages suggesting a restaurant card...great minds think alike, and all that.
06/Nov/16 1:24 AM
I have done Wombat's puzzle and sent my answers. I guess I should at least get the bed made before I leave.
See ya later
06/Nov/16 1:26 AM
I liked the ''wind blowing a dog off it's chain'' analogy, too, Lizzy!
06/Nov/16 1:28 AM
Oh, what the heck....
06/Nov/16 1:29 AM
Good morning to all! Disney has provided family entertainment for almost my entire life!n
06/Nov/16 1:33 AM
As Bob Dylan wrote and sang about, 'the times they are a changing.' For all those affected, don't forget to change your clocks back one hour tonight to keep up with the changing times.
06/Nov/16 1:36 AM
Times may be a-changing, but nottathing has happened here -Zzzzzz
06/Nov/16 2:46 AM
..in over an hour!! Have a wonderful day elsewhere- some place where things are hoppin'!
06/Nov/16 2:48 AM

My neighbor just took care of the leaves that have fallen. Big, big piles out at the curb for the city's leaf vacuum to pick up next week. Too bad we don't have children in our neighborhood anymore that would enjoy jumping in the piles.
06/Nov/16 3:23 AM
06/Nov/16 4:57 AM
1:22. Good morning everyone.
06/Nov/16 6:29 AM
Mickey sure doesn't look 50! He still looks the same now, at 60.
06/Nov/16 6:35 AM
Does anyone submit photos for the puzzles anymore (I know Sacky has put some up in the last couple of years). I have not done any for ages and we could do with some recent photos.
06/Nov/16 8:05 AM
Another warm sunny day and we are going to my daughter's farm. Looking forward to seeing her latest addition, a filly born about 5 weeks ago. We are taking Laura and a friend.
06/Nov/16 8:07 AM
I agree with your description of the wind yesterday Lizzy. Thankfully we no longer have a dog to be blown off it's chain.
06/Nov/16 8:09 AM
I do like dogs and we have had a few but we like to travel and they do cause a problem to being minded. (I will be minding one of my daughter's dog in a few weeks time)
06/Nov/16 8:10 AM
Good morning.
06/Nov/16 9:53 AM
Another gorgeous day here.
06/Nov/16 9:53 AM
And no wind - no dog either.
06/Nov/16 9:54 AM
We are heading out to lunch with a friend.
06/Nov/16 9:55 AM
Meanwhile, there are chores to be done before we go!
06/Nov/16 9:55 AM
Good day today - after having to take my husband's belt to him at his work - seems he went out of the house and forgot it 🤔 I went to a fall craft faire - I really need to start some sewing ! I already have the pattern for 'cozies' pad that can go under a bowl in the microwave- I use them for when I heat up soup. Actually brought a small one today and thought - mare ! Make it yourself!!!!!'
06/Nov/16 10:00 AM
Saw Dr Strange this morning with my son - pretty good - always enjoy when I find errors in a movie - someone didn't do a good job of keeping track of facial wounds - when gloves needed to be on during an operation
And when braces should be off - new seats in the Theater where recliner's very comfortable
06/Nov/16 10:05 AM
CP I didn't do any of my plan chores today. My husband told me to have fun so I did
06/Nov/16 10:06 AM
Funny thing that happened today though, my nail polish that I have been searching for and finally ordered through Amazon came today in the mail. It came from Portland Oregon, I was just there , and here I am in the Midwest
06/Nov/16 10:10 AM
I wonder if other Firefox users are getting a malware site that comes up with this one, a fake Firefox update. I've read about the fake update and people are getting it elsewhere, but this is the only place I get it. If I close that page and reopen this site, it does not come back until the next time I open sudoku.com.au
06/Nov/16 10:35 AM
1:37 Good Morning one and all! After a busy day yesterday I didn't go for an early morning bike ride this morning because I could hear the wind outside and I don't like riding in the wind. Getting lazy in my old age.
06/Nov/16 10:52 AM
Mymare, I've had the belt taken to me a few times too.
06/Nov/16 11:25 AM
Sarah, I had that problem on other sites a while back. I reported it to Firefox
06/Nov/16 11:31 AM
Sarah, I'm getting information from my Computer Security Program that it has blocked sites containing malware. The sites seem to be from the Sudoku site.
06/Nov/16 11:32 AM
I am not sure that we get repeat photos because there are none others. Two that I submitted have never been seen.
06/Nov/16 11:36 AM
Hmmm I bet if I did something about anti-malware that would help! Might be time to look at paying for something that does more than just free anti-virus.
06/Nov/16 11:40 AM
I just realized I don't have Malwarebytes on this new computer. Duh. Thanks.
06/Nov/16 11:43 AM
Sarah, I have Bitdefender on my computer. Seems to work OK and is easy to use.
06/Nov/16 11:50 AM
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