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Easy Sudoku for 7/November/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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07/Nov/16 12:04 AM

I should not fall asleep in front of the telly. Wasnt at all tired when I went to bed at 10.45pm, hence posting at this time of morning.
07/Nov/16 12:13 AM
Time for bed.
Hope you get some sleep Lizzy.. that is why I like a TV in my bedroom... when I fall asleep all I need do is wriggle down & go deeper into the land of nod..
07/Nov/16 12:34 AM
1:50 Good night one and all!
07/Nov/16 12:38 AM
Good morning an hour earlier than we've been getting here ...but only in our heads; our clocks say the same time!
07/Nov/16 1:17 AM
Morning. Um ... yea, something's different.
07/Nov/16 1:48 AM
Has everyone successfully ''fallen back?'' We never change our clocks before going to bed. Too lazy, I guess. Hubby had them all changed by the time I got up this morning. Well, except for the one over the kitchen window. You More...
07/Nov/16 2:07 AM
I have never submitted a photo here. I see that others have and have never seen them. It's the same with personal smilies and avatars. It can be months before they are approved, if ever. I miss the good old days when approval took a day or two. I have mentioned this to Gath, but, never heard back. Maybe if he heard from others?
07/Nov/16 2:15 AM
We have an absolutely gorgeous day out there. I need to take advantage of it and go clean off the porch and get some leaves off the driveway. If it gets a little warmer, I may even wash my car. Maybe.
07/Nov/16 2:19 AM
I fell back this morning. To sleep!
07/Nov/16 2:51 AM
07/Nov/16 2:58 AM
It has been pointed out, a few times, that the site 'creator' has moved on in his life. Perhaps the site is being left to wither on the vine. What happened to the days when the 'hall monitor' made an appearance. How 'bout the time before the 'hall monitor' made their presence known.
07/Nov/16 3:03 AM
I guess I better change my avatar. Thought I'd pick Woodstock. I feel like him today. You remember that he's there but you forget that he has any significance. He just flutters in and out. I've been feeling that way.
07/Nov/16 3:04 AM
The ''orange side'' wants to issue this gentle, but not too subtle, reminder...

Countdown to Christmas

Can't Wait?
How long 'til Christmas?

48 Days
13 Hours
53 Minutes

...But who's counting?

Of course, the time may need to be adjusted for your part of the world...........
07/Nov/16 3:07 AM
Tenerife, wow, that's a name I only heard of in Douglas Adams' book 'The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul' The cab driver told the heroine not to go to Scandinavia, chasing after an absent boyfriend but go to Tenerife instead. She does get to Scandinavia eventually but not by plane but in the arms of a flying god, Thor. Loved that book.
07/Nov/16 3:08 AM
Hi DoA!
07/Nov/16 3:08 AM
Maen, Miss Sharon
07/Nov/16 3:08 AM
Not to slight the rest of those present - G'day, all Y'all.
07/Nov/16 3:11 AM
Happy Sunday!
I submitted a photo once, and it took 2 years before it showed up on Easy. Not sure what the current backlog is...
07/Nov/16 3:19 AM

Sunny fall day out there - but I'll let my lawn guy take care of the leaves tomorrow. I'll watch American football instead.
07/Nov/16 3:38 AM
Good afternoon to all! Sun in the early morning again, but with the time change, dark comes to soon in the late afternoon.
07/Nov/16 4:51 AM
The short days are here until winter's end.
07/Nov/16 4:52 AM
I have several photos that I submitted that have never shown up. This dates back over six years.
07/Nov/16 4:53 AM
Tenerife, a beautiful place, on a cloudy day.
07/Nov/16 5:04 AM
A beautifully sunny, crisp day at my house.
I had a friend who went to Tenerife many times to play in Bridge tournaments. Guess the cloudy weather would not matter!
07/Nov/16 5:25 AM
1:18. Good morning everyone.
07/Nov/16 6:23 AM
Sorry folks my computer has really decided to go on strike, so I have had to borrow Mrs. Wombat's Air machine.
Today's puzzle is an A to A up and down puzzle. You start with the letter A and make a eight letter word, and then go down to A. You have to do this by adding (or subtracting) one More...
07/Nov/16 9:55 AM
You would not believe it. As soon as I'd retyped the quiz on the Air. my main machine came back on again.
07/Nov/16 10:27 AM
I believe you Wombat.
07/Nov/16 10:31 AM
Another lovely warm day, luckily without the high winds. Quite a few bush fires around so we could do with some nice rain.
07/Nov/16 10:37 AM
I submitted quite a few photos but never on Easy as they always took at least two years to appear. I think I have seem them all, especially the Parents page as they recirculate about every nine months.
07/Nov/16 10:40 AM
Good morning all
Getting very hot here in Queensland. I have refrained from using the aircon - so far.
07/Nov/16 10:44 AM
Over the years I have submitted photos and have only ever seen one.
I agree with Kathy that we do need to try to contact Gath, but what is the best way? Here? Or on TOS where he is a member but never seems to post anything either. I just checked and the last time he posted there was August 2015.
07/Nov/16 10:49 AM
Photos generally appear on the Jigsaw Puzzle site before they are the Sudoku puzzles.
07/Nov/16 11:03 AM
Hubby is watching U 23 final of the World Cup baseball tournament being held in Mexico. Final between Japan and Australia. Ken has coached a couple of the boys in the team when they were U14.
07/Nov/16 11:06 AM
When I look at simple coloring examples the player may first go horizontally following for example the candidate 8, making the first one red and the second green. Then from the red one the player may go vertically making the next one below green. He may than go horizontally off the last green one More...
07/Nov/16 12:17 PM
07/Nov/16 12:21 PM
Hello, now at my brothers and using his internet. Will try to get your puzzle finished Wombat when there are no interruptions .
07/Nov/16 12:22 PM
Welcome to Sudoku, Seekawhat. I'm seeking an answer: what are you talking about???
07/Nov/16 12:25 PM
07/Nov/16 12:26 PM
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