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Easy Sudoku for 6/November/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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1:58 That's a pretty butterfly.
06/Nov/17 12:05 AM
Good Maen, good people.
06/Nov/17 12:29 AM
all. Wow! Isn't he/she gorgeous?!!
06/Nov/17 12:44 AM
and goodnight
06/Nov/17 1:55 AM
Happy Sunday!
06/Nov/17 2:02 AM
06/Nov/17 2:27 AM
Good morning to all. An easy sudoku and a fun puzzle to do.
06/Nov/17 2:43 AM
June, hope you see this. I'm sorry to hear you're in the hospital. Take care and feel better soon.
06/Nov/17 2:45 AM
06/Nov/17 3:36 AM
06/Nov/17 3:37 AM
Good afternoon everyone!
06/Nov/17 4:15 AM
June, surely hope your hospital stay is helpful for finding something which agrees with your digestion; happily you can keep in touch with us all!
06/Nov/17 4:21 AM
That is a fascinating butterfly - when viewing from above it is gray, black, white; those gorgeous vibrant colors are only evident on the underside of the wings.
06/Nov/17 4:23 AM
Another day of lakeshore flooding and warnings as our wet, wet, wetness continues from spring, summer and now into our autumn!
06/Nov/17 4:25 AM
Don't forget to submit Wombat's completed poozle - it's a fun one; CP & tootles...
06/Nov/17 4:28 AM
Beautiful butterfly! Wonder if she lives up to her name?
06/Nov/17 5:45 AM

Sending positive thoughts June's way.
06/Nov/17 6:20 AM
1:34. Good morning everyone.
06/Nov/17 6:26 AM
Thinking of you June.
06/Nov/17 6:28 AM
Morning all, beautiful butterfly!
I'm sorry to say I haven't had time to even look at Wombat's poozle, trying to pack a caravan in the rain over the last two days hasn't been fun.
06/Nov/17 6:48 AM
June, you are in my thoughts daily .❤️
06/Nov/17 6:50 AM
Don't be shy to take this number.
06/Nov/17 6:57 AM
It is very quiet here since the wise man from Canada snaffled 22. Now I don't think the world ends with 22, so I will move things on a bit.
06/Nov/17 10:17 AM
Is there anyone braver than June? Racked, once again by side effects and still communicating with us She deserves to have a quick recovery, and we certainly hope it happens.
06/Nov/17 10:21 AM
Back on the hospital computer. Actually ate and enjoyed my scrambled eggs this morning. I will have a blood transfusion this afternoon and should be home tomorow in time for the Melbourne cup. Thanks for the good wishes.
06/Nov/17 11:21 AM
June is my hero.
06/Nov/17 11:42 AM
I would not be as chipper as she is under similar circumstances, that is for sure. I don't do half the things she does, now!
06/Nov/17 11:44 AM
Australia has the most amazing butterflies. I normally would not go to a bug exhibit, but I spent a good deal of time looking at butterflies, dead and alive, in Australia.
06/Nov/17 11:47 AM
Stitches in my neck are out.....I can now show folk where my second Tassie head was.

I did keep the best looking and intelligent one though!
06/Nov/17 1:00 PM
June, good news.
06/Nov/17 1:37 PM
I'm so pleased to hear your good news June., and yours too Peter, but I thought you had one suspicious set of cells removed on each side. Does this constitute some sort of record?
Any way, I hope you can pick a winner, in 'The Race That Stops a Nation'.
06/Nov/17 2:16 PM
Well here I am, somewhat belatedly with results of Saturday's poozle. There were 7 people who completed it withe utmost ease. The super sleuthing seven were Judy, Sarah, Joyce, Arachnid, Rage, Peter and Plum. Or in other words the two Js, the two Ps, one of the two A's (Amelia is off More...
06/Nov/17 4:56 PM
Neither Hal or peter are here at beer o'clock, so I will claim it again. It is the Melbourne Cup tomorrow, so you can have any drink you want. Champagne is popular.
06/Nov/17 5:00 PM
Teach me to miss a day visiting :( Had Peters puzzle all printed out and when I came back to see if there was any more news of June, there were the answers :( This retirement caper sure much up the days.
06/Nov/17 11:10 PM
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