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Easy Sudoku for 5/November/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
05/Nov/17 12:01 AM
Plum and all who follow
05/Nov/17 12:02 AM
05/Nov/17 12:07 AM
1:55 Good night one and all!
05/Nov/17 12:35 AM
Good morning.
05/Nov/17 1:58 AM
My eyes are open but I'm not sure my brain's awake.
05/Nov/17 1:59 AM
Or, in Aussie vernacular - the lights are on, but no-one's home.
05/Nov/17 2:00 AM
Have got a couple more email tasks to do so I'll toddle along.
05/Nov/17 2:02 AM
Have a good day everyone.
05/Nov/17 2:02 AM
05/Nov/17 2:59 AM
Oh, CP, not just in Australia! We use that phrase quite a bit! Especially with the present administration.
05/Nov/17 3:01 AM
05/Nov/17 3:07 AM
Wombat, Somewhere, 'pot' = cannabis, among other things...

(just another us vs them misunderstanding.)
05/Nov/17 3:38 AM
Aloha and Maen
05/Nov/17 4:38 AM
Aloha to you Wow_Axel & all who've stopped by earlier; mAen to the rest of us arriving later - ahhh to walk that Waikiki Beach!
05/Nov/17 5:00 AM
Beautiful Waikiki Beach!
05/Nov/17 5:32 AM
Oh, look at new member list - we have a mosquito to go with the arachnid. Are there other bugs?
05/Nov/17 5:42 AM
Good afternoon to all! There are other bugs here Sarah, but not with bug names!
05/Nov/17 6:13 AM
Shosho said it first. We use that phrase all the time, but not about being sleepy!
05/Nov/17 6:20 AM
05/Nov/17 6:24 AM
1:49. Good morning everyone.
05/Nov/17 6:37 AM
In my case it's the opposite, Someone is home but no lights are on. Can't afford to pay for power
05/Nov/17 6:38 AM
We have Grasshopper and Junebug....
05/Nov/17 6:48 AM
sorry Keith when I'm angry I get inconsiderate
05/Nov/17 6:49 AM
Beehive is a multitude of insects?
05/Nov/17 6:50 AM
Morning all, waiting for the sun to come out from behind the clouds.
We still have rain and I have to get the caravan ready to leave tomorrow! Mainly food and clothing.
05/Nov/17 7:01 AM
Man-tis all I can think of on the fly. I could search the web or ask my moth-er. I wonder if this means we are having an up-tick in insect names? Maybe the Ph-ant-om knows?
05/Nov/17 7:36 AM
What's the difference between Hawai'i and Michigan in the winter? One is Waikiki and the other is 'Why? Cocoa.'
05/Nov/17 7:41 AM
Today is my son-in-law's birthday. ''Quill'' is 30 today and next month my oldest daughter celebrates her own 30 year milestone. Tomorrow is their 6th wedding anniversary.
05/Nov/17 8:00 AM
It has been such a dark, chilly day that I think I shall hang a wreath of bright and warm seasonal tones!
05/Nov/17 8:12 AM
And now I must put down the tablet, regretfully cast off the warm couch blankets and tend to the laundry and woodstoves.
05/Nov/17 8:15 AM
Now I understand DoA, when they were singing about Somewhere over the rainbow, they were all high on pot, or grass, or maybe even a psychedelic.
05/Nov/17 10:35 AM
In my day they were only high on alcohol. And seeing this is number 33 and therefore beer o'clock make mine a XXXX with a whiskey chaser.
05/Nov/17 10:39 AM
Found that Ican use the hospital computer at my bedside. Not sure how long I will be here. I have to get my apertite back and be able to start eating and keeping the food and drink down. Side effects of the latest treatment.
05/Nov/17 7:18 PM
Good luck, June. Thinking of you!

05/Nov/17 9:22 PM
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