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Easy Sudoku for 7/December/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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, y'all!
07/Dec/14 12:03 AM
Woke up earlier than I wanted. Prepping for two Girl Scout meetings - one with my own troop later today (earning First Aid), and as a guest of a Brownie troop tomorrow sharing with them what Scouting was like in my earlier years. Looking forward to both!
07/Dec/14 12:04 AM
And will start decorating. I'm usually out of town the last two weekends in November, so it has to be December.
07/Dec/14 12:08 AM
Funny caption for a photo.
Coughing wo0ke me up. Wish it would go away!
07/Dec/14 12:49 AM
Lots I can do - if I just start something ! My fine on my book will be up to 50 cents - don't think I will get it back to the library until after opening hours - I'm 'resting' before I tackle a Christmas box of decorations - knowing before I put up the Santa on the shelves I will need to dust -
07/Dec/14 12:51 AM
Maybe a Christmas Faire - have 2 options and the weather is nice - love to look - I can resist buying !
07/Dec/14 12:54 AM
Mymare, couldn't you renew the book and avoid the fine?
07/Dec/14 1:07 AM
No - it's on hold for someone
'Leaving Time' Jodi Picoult
interesting and with some twists - thus the late fees - didn't want to wait to find out

Okay - off to dust and put up !
07/Dec/14 1:59 AM
07/Dec/14 2:03 AM
Silvergal, June, mymare, Pam, Hal, and those to come. Thought I'd drop by early today to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Rob & I are leaving tomorrow for a week at our Fripp Island beach house followed by a week with our daughter & family in Cary, NC. Won't be back until Dec. 21, then will have LOTS to do in the 3 days left before Christmas!!
07/Dec/14 2:18 AM
Keith - I'm glad your cataract surgery went well. I'm assuming a thick-skinned guy like youdidn't end up with a black eye like I did! Do you have to put eye drops in multiple times every day like I do? Will you have the other eye done, too. I will have my left eye done on Jan. 8.
07/Dec/14 2:22 AM
Picture posted by a vindictive ex-boyfriend?
07/Dec/14 2:26 AM
Kathy, I had minimal soreness the first day. By the next morning, I felt normal again. No bruising. Vision continues to clear, and the colors are so bright and vibrant. I really had forgotten how beautiful colors are. Looking out my left eye now seems so drab. So far, I feel sure I'll have the left More...
07/Dec/14 2:35 AM
Happy Saturday!
07/Dec/14 3:05 AM
Had a pair of Baltimore Orioles sipping at our bird bath this morning. Somewhat of a rarity.
07/Dec/14 3:34 AM
Maybe leaving Maryland for a warmer climate, Hal?

07/Dec/14 3:44 AM
I've been having problems posting this morning after my first few!
07/Dec/14 4:12 AM
07/Dec/14 4:14 AM
Thx for getting me close enough.
07/Dec/14 4:17 AM
The race is on.
07/Dec/14 4:17 AM
Who's with me?
07/Dec/14 4:18 AM
07/Dec/14 4:18 AM
07/Dec/14 4:18 AM
What a strange caption. And they misspelled 'poison'.
07/Dec/14 4:48 AM
Very strange comment , as everyone has said.Don't get it
07/Dec/14 5:47 AM
I don't get it either. Hope everyone's Christmas preparations are going according to plan. I am going to the Santa Parade in town with my family, mums, dads and littlies. The weather does not look too promising however
07/Dec/14 7:06 AM
I have just spent several hours wrapping gifts to be sent out of town. Now I know why I saved some of the packing boxes from the kitchen reno! Some of my family need to move closer.
07/Dec/14 7:14 AM

Must be years since I last posted. So good to see my old friends online and new ones as well. I have acquired a Samsung tablet and found I can use it here with puffin browser (paid version). Thought this might be useful information.
All well at Sandy Point. Who's going to be my next visitor?
07/Dec/14 7:35 AM
1:37. Good morning everyone, and welcome back dino!
07/Dec/14 7:59 AM
Good morning all.
07/Dec/14 8:16 AM
Forecast is for more rain and storms.
07/Dec/14 8:16 AM
But at the moment it is sunny with clear skies.
07/Dec/14 8:17 AM
Off to my music group this afternoon.
07/Dec/14 8:18 AM
Morning all,very weird caption.
Welcome back dino,these iPads are great for sitting outside to do the puzzles.
07/Dec/14 8:19 AM
Had a lovely time at my nephew's birthday yesterday. It was fun playing with my grand nephew and grand niece.
07/Dec/14 8:19 AM
Meant to say Hi Dino.
07/Dec/14 8:20 AM
Nice to see you here Dino. I remember your notebook that you had when you were here. Laura was fascinated with it. Now she likes to spend time on Ken's ipad.
07/Dec/14 8:24 AM
No sun for us this morning,CP.
07/Dec/14 8:25 AM
Am I back in time to get...
07/Dec/14 8:48 AM
BOPP and...
07/Dec/14 8:48 AM
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