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Easy Sudoku for 7/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Good morning people of the world.
07/Mar/15 12:01 AM
Have no idea what the forecast is like today. Cannot remember what it was like when we rushed out the door this morning.
Hopefully, my brain cell will catch up sometime today and will be functioning right.
07/Mar/15 12:03 AM
Remember yesterday, when I said I think I like the delay school time?
Well, seems there is a downside to the delay time.
I reset my phone alarms to the delay time and thought I reset them again for the normal times. Not sure if I did that or not, I do not recall my alarm going off, but the girl's time had me flying out of bed and rushing, non-rushable girls.
07/Mar/15 12:06 AM
Now, if I do not have to wake up, I am an early riser, but if I have to get up, I am a snooze button hitter and stumble out of bed type. Just give me a minute or two to get the fuzzies out and I am ready for the day. Man and the girls are not that way, they need more than a few minutes. Though with More...
07/Mar/15 12:09 AM
I rolled over this morning and picked up my phone, thinking, 'Gosh it seems like I have been in bed a long time.' My phone told me as I peeked through one eye it was 5:36. I told me, I will take that 4 more minutes. Next time I rolled over and peeked, through one eye, at the phone, it 6:00. Holy More...
07/Mar/15 12:14 AM
Girls did get their warm morning beverage and I hope they brushed their teeth and hair, before we shoved them out the door, to a dear new bus driver who was waiting for us. Apparently, everyone at our bus stop did the same thing as I did, because another mother zoomed up and shoved her child out of the car and into the still waiting bus.
07/Mar/15 12:16 AM
There are only four darlings that are picked up at this stop and if we miss this pick up, there are two other pick up we can go to. Though, we only have one. The other two darlings since they drive to the stop can go in one direction or the other for pick up. We can drive our darlings one way. If I More...
07/Mar/15 12:19 AM
Not from personal experience.
07/Mar/15 12:19 AM
To our friend.
07/Mar/15 12:20 AM
A double CP.
Guess I better go take a shower, maybe someone will come out then. I took one late yesterday, I should not be that bad now. And even though the morning was rushed, I did brush my teeth.
07/Mar/15 12:21 AM
Karen - you had to stop to take a breath!?
07/Mar/15 12:35 AM
Real slow start to the morning around here. I must go get ready for class.
07/Mar/15 12:36 AM
Off to the KY Beef Expo. Today is the show, and tomorrow is the sale. I need to buy another Red Angus bull, so I'm scouting out the possibilities today.
07/Mar/15 12:40 AM
No, Jamie, I need coffee. Late start means, I am behind on my caffeine intake. Have a million things to do before the darlings return and I think there is talk about a trip to Grandma's this weekend.
07/Mar/15 12:44 AM
Would much rather a Grandma visit be next weekend, since we have the time change this weekend. A weekend with Grandma and a change in time, are not a good combination on Monday. Plus, the following week is Spring Break, no need for time then.
07/Mar/15 12:47 AM
Heidi your post brought up a now funny memory. One of my first job interviews was at an auction house. I thought the interview was going great, but then the man asked me if I knew the difference between a cow and a bull. DUH. STUMPER. I also did not own a pair of boots.
Needless to say, I did not get that job.
07/Mar/15 12:52 AM
Should I or not?
My cup is empty so I will give him a chance. Since, a trip to just refill, is never just a refill but 10 other tasks on the way and on the way back.
07/Mar/15 12:57 AM
Looks peaceful but not somewhere I care to visit.
07/Mar/15 1:05 AM

1) X
2) ax
3) lax
4) axle
5) axile
6) lexica
7) exclaim
8) climaxed

In the today we have Kathy, lonewoof, HalT, Judy, Joyce, Silvergal (7/8), and Sarah (7/8). More...
07/Mar/15 1:08 AM
I ran out of my typical Friday puzzle when I wasn't looking. I need to get snack for the two little ones, then I will see what we will have for a puzzle today.
07/Mar/15 1:11 AM
I am desperately hoping that Heidi will not detail for us what is involved in ''scouting out a bull'' ...
07/Mar/15 1:11 AM
In played Might and Magic (a computer game I’ve never heard of), the Vowel-less Knights would always say something without vowels. It was up to you, the player, to figure out what they were saying. In their tradition, what are these famous quotes?

1) Spk sftl nd crr bg stck. – Bonus: Who More...
07/Mar/15 1:33 AM
delete ''played''
07/Mar/15 1:33 AM
Here is the insanity that I have set myself up for for today. We are going to start 6 weeks of swimming lessons. Little boy will swim from 12:00 - 12:50 then have tennis from 1:00 to 2:00. Elijah will swim from 1:10 - 2:00. The big one is protesting but it was put on his curriculum so he is More...
07/Mar/15 1:43 AM
So, Serena, in your state, I hope all these activities are in one location and includes a nap.
07/Mar/15 2:02 AM
I have had it with our 'catch all' places, which is 4 places. The back of the couch seems to catch all the coats and jackets, even though the coat closet is three steps away. (I am guilty, too). So coats and jackets are hung up. Dining room table, for...well, since I learned it is March, the last 3 More...
07/Mar/15 2:09 AM
I spent three hours in the garden yesterday and forgot to come back and do Serena's pyramid.
On Monday I have someone coming to dig out some very overgrown flower beds. It will be nice to have the back yard a bit tidy before Sue (the gardener) and other guests come to meet and greet her.
07/Mar/15 3:09 AM

I am exhausted just reading Serena's itinerary. I would have to be hospitalized after 6 weeks of that.
07/Mar/15 3:13 AM
, y'all! We're back to just above freezing here... though that's not nearly as cold as today's Easy pic. Great photo, not something many of us see! (2:04)
07/Mar/15 3:15 AM
Hubby and I spent the morning digging out from the last snowfall. Believe me, June, I would rather be digging in the garden. Actually, I would rather be able to SEE the garden!
07/Mar/15 3:15 AM
I think I should go visit Karen in TX so she can baby me.

Kathy, It's just Friday's that are like that so it should be doable. Right?
07/Mar/15 3:17 AM
A few days ago my station wagons deck latch stopped catching, and the hatchback would neither close completely or lock.
07/Mar/15 3:17 AM
While the tailgate was still held closed and there was no danger of Girl Scout cookies flying out at speed (that would've been a tragedy), my 'car door open' alarm would ♪DING♪ every time I went over a bump, start from a traffic light or go up a hill - and we live in a hilly area.
07/Mar/15 3:19 AM
Drove me nuts with all the ♪DINGing♪. This morning, the part came in and I had it replaced. Not cheap, either, because of the hour-long labor since all the interior trim had to be removed. Gretta Jetta is happy again, and I sold 3 boxes of cookies to service folks there!
07/Mar/15 3:21 AM
Beautiful cool photo today! Love the different, blue colours
07/Mar/15 3:35 AM
07/Mar/15 3:35 AM
Thank you, Karen!!! Here's flying your way!!!
07/Mar/15 3:36 AM
Well look at that! My timing is impeccable!
07/Mar/15 3:36 AM
Getting ready and set . . .
07/Mar/15 3:37 AM
07/Mar/15 3:37 AM
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