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Easy Sudoku for 8/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Morning
08/Mar/15 12:05 AM
, y'all! I'll need to leave the house in a few minutes, so giving my greetings early.
08/Mar/15 12:08 AM
Weekend Rebus Time! Figure out the common phrases or words these 10 puzzles represent. You've got two days... answers to my 'Sunny & Clear Rebus' inbox. Good luck!





08/Mar/15 12:13 AM
1:27. Hi and good night everyone.
08/Mar/15 12:15 AM
Aww, cute pic today - even Baby is smiling for Daddy! (2:08)
08/Mar/15 12:16 AM
Don't forget to spring forward and advance your clocks tonight - America
08/Mar/15 12:29 AM
08/Mar/15 1:04 AM
Nice sun-shiny day here! Streets are plowed, driveway and cars are clear....life is good!
08/Mar/15 1:45 AM
Good morning people of the world.
08/Mar/15 1:48 AM
To our friend.
08/Mar/15 1:50 AM
It is a slow, blah morning here.
Though I am making progress in the biggest catch all area. Next is the floors, which the plan is to do all the floors, not just a room. But at the pace I am moving, Man will be up before I get to them, which will stop what little progress I am making. There is More...
08/Mar/15 1:57 AM
There's a happy trio.
08/Mar/15 1:59 AM

Here are the given answers. It seems that 3 was paraphrased and 2 probably had an alternative source.

1) Speak softly and carry a big stick.
Bonus: Theodore Roosevelt.

2) I gave him the whole nine yards!
Bonus: More...
08/Mar/15 2:05 AM
Karen, on wet days we kept a pan of water at the door. When our dog came in, the paws went in the pan, mud was washed off, paws were dried on a towel.....no mess. We also had a washable rug at the door for her to stand on during the wash up. She was a digger and nothing was more fun that mud!
She learned it was the price she had to pay for her excavations.
08/Mar/15 2:28 AM
that? than!
08/Mar/15 2:29 AM
I almost sent my rebus answers to Serena.
08/Mar/15 2:31 AM
Jerry, are you around? If so, thanks for C-130 link.
08/Mar/15 3:08 AM
Thanks Kathy.
With our big dogs, I did do that with washing paws before entering. But Shelby Lou is a ball of hair. The happy muddy dog, who I have only seen dig in the mug, comes in covered, so a pot of water is not enough. During the summer, I have been know to take the water hose after her, More...
08/Mar/15 3:17 AM
Kitties are upset, because I have picked up all their treasures out of the dining room. They have worked hard taking little items, like pom pom balls, beads, small Christmas ornaments,...many more toys. They do like that the dining room chairs are lined up in the living room, which seems to be a More...
08/Mar/15 3:36 AM
Unfortunately, the bar catch all, is filling back up, mainly with papers I need to know if they are keepers or not. I am hoping it is the not part. Downside, Man got up and went out the door. Think he is preparing for next Winter and heading down to the dump ground with his manly tool, to cut wood.
08/Mar/15 3:40 AM
I am really not moving very fast, but our gallumper, better pop in quick. Just saying.
08/Mar/15 3:42 AM
I am not a good waiter.
Good morning darling.
08/Mar/15 3:43 AM
08/Mar/15 3:44 AM
Off to run the sucky machine around the room. Maybe.
08/Mar/15 3:44 AM
Thank you, Karen! Here's flying your way!!!
08/Mar/15 3:44 AM
did I interrupt something, Karen? Feel like I accidentally landed in the middle of a lecture!
08/Mar/15 3:46 AM
I don't lecture. I procrastinate.
Oops, I am supposed to be pretending I am doing something.
08/Mar/15 3:53 AM
My favorite food preparation show is on, so only moving during commercials, but I did not move during the last two and now the show has 5 more minutes to go, so still not moving.
08/Mar/15 3:54 AM
Must be a very happy Daddy having these three adorable kids.
08/Mar/15 4:10 AM
Morning all,cute happy family.😍
08/Mar/15 4:47 AM
I just finished a major project, so of course I play here a little. Now time to listen to 'Carmen' live on the Metropolitan opera broadcast.
08/Mar/15 5:02 AM

Mother Nature is just playing with us here in Cleveland. It's a bright sunny day and icicles are melting off the eaves of the house, but it's only 33 F out there! One of these days, it will finally start to warm up for Spring.
08/Mar/15 5:21 AM
08/Mar/15 5:49 AM
You know I'm lurking, Hal. You are welcome...
08/Mar/15 5:50 AM
Hello Jerry,long time no see, hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
08/Mar/15 6:08 AM
Hi, back atcha, Amelia. Everything, here, is 'fine like frogs hair'.
08/Mar/15 6:26 AM
While I'm here - coffee for all, wait person. I hate to drink & run, but I'm gone...
08/Mar/15 6:28 AM
Well again, I'm back in time!
08/Mar/15 7:14 AM
Getting ready . . .
08/Mar/15 7:14 AM
08/Mar/15 7:15 AM
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