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Easy Sudoku for 7/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for stuffing everyone up with all the server resets - but I've just uploaded some new goodies .

Photo Galleries

You can now upload photos (as many as you want) onto the site, and they will be displayed when people visit your personal page. Check More...
06/Jul/07 4:56 PM
Hey I'm first!
07/Jul/07 12:02 AM
everybody. Here its very cool and sunny. I hope you guys and ladies have a great day and weekend.
07/Jul/07 12:03 AM
Love the picture.
07/Jul/07 12:04 AM
Getting ready to give that baby shower for the premie baby. Little Kaiya has gained 11 oz since his unexpected birth 3 weeks ago, two months before his predicted birthday. Mother and baby doing fine!
07/Jul/07 12:04 AM
Near the top! Now I have to get some work done.
07/Jul/07 12:07 AM
Yeah, Sharon!!
07/Jul/07 12:08 AM
2.33, taking time to catch a miscreant 6.
07/Jul/07 12:15 AM
Peaceful picture.
There were comments on July 4 wishing for peace in the world. I came across the website www.jamop.com - their mission statement is 'To unite citizens around the world and inaugurate a globally recognized minute of peace at 11:11'. Dan Ackroyd's message is on my You Tube.
07/Jul/07 12:17 AM
Gath, thanks for the changes. your page is cool. i look forward to seeing what pix we all put on our pages.
07/Jul/07 12:17 AM
I love this photo! I would have framed it a bit to the left, but it really catches the eye. Who claims this one?
07/Jul/07 12:21 AM
I'm up early this morning, have lots to do today.
07/Jul/07 12:26 AM
Wow! Gath! I love the addition of the Gallery!

This allows me to show exactly what I meant in the comment above. I posted a cropped version of today's photo.

One of the things that first attracted me to this site was the photography element. Frankly, that interests me more than More...
07/Jul/07 12:29 AM
07/Jul/07 12:42 AM
If you guys and ladies liked my soccer video than you will like what I put on this site. Just go to clips and go down to movie trailers and theres ratatouille.
07/Jul/07 12:44 AM
Good Photo - nice clean - slightly old fashion, reminding one of a bygone era that doesn't have to be bygone.
07/Jul/07 12:47 AM
nice photo
good morning
good nite everyone, everywhere
07/Jul/07 12:53 AM
everyone. Interesting picture!

It is cooler here this morning after the storm that passed through last night. We had hail about an inch and a lot of it! We also had a lot of wind. About 20,000 people without power this morning, but we are one of the lucky ones with power! We have a very hot week-end ahead of us.
07/Jul/07 12:53 AM
2:37 Good evening everyone.

I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you.
07/Jul/07 12:54 AM
something to do with everything & nothing....
If you risk nothing,then you risk everything..
You cannot care abt everything and stay sane..
but then if you cannot care abt nothing,you cant be a human!
07/Jul/07 1:18 AM
hi appy!
07/Jul/07 1:32 AM
07/Jul/07 1:45 AM
Hi Anne! How are you doing? Miss you in chat.
07/Jul/07 1:47 AM
1:54 Good Maen! Great matches on Wimbledon today. The Baghdatis-Djokovic match went 5 hours (Djokovic won in the 5th set).
07/Jul/07 1:47 AM
Hello every one
Have a nice week end
07/Jul/07 2:04 AM
Hi Jano, great to hear from you. Keep safe, my friend.
Ap, I guess that's what makes us human, trying to juggle in the middle. The perfect point is somewhere there but we swing wild of the mark! Makes life interesting.
07/Jul/07 2:19 AM
did you all hear that lucky 7 day's upon us,people around the world are getting married ,hoping the date will be lucky for them!7-7-07 think of all the sevens
7th heaven ,7 wonders of the world....
07/Jul/07 2:47 AM
I didn't even think about all those 7's Nancy. I just thought it was a plain ole lucky day; I'm off for 4 whole days, the sun is actually shining, and I can post pics without fighting with flickr. Now to try for an avitar. Have a wonderful and lucky day y'all.
07/Jul/07 2:57 AM
Great picture.

Since I was traveling, I've missed the last couple weeks of posts. Hope this isn't a repeat, but I hadn't seen it before and thought it was worth your time:

17 Points to Ponder
1. The nicest thing about the future is that it always starts tomorrow.

2. More...
07/Jul/07 3:05 AM
Keith, another point to ponder and some advice I received after landing one night at an intermediate air field with a rough engine: If your engine fails at night, establish a normal glide. When you think you are pretty close to the ground, turn on you landing lights. If you don't like what you More...
07/Jul/07 3:16 AM
KEITH - Recovered from the Parade and Party?

NANCY - I wonder what Eva Gabor & Liz Taylor have to say about 7th Marriage?
07/Jul/07 3:18 AM
Good Maen to all.Nice picture but not soo clear ,
07/Jul/07 3:58 AM
Hello everyone. I love today's photo...very tranquille. Glenn, I saw how you wished to frame the photo, but it would have been easier to see the difference if the two versions were side by side, instead of moving back and forth.
Keith, I enjoyed the points to ponder,and Jeb..I liked Tiger's take on first runner up too. LOL
07/Jul/07 4:35 AM
Eve/So Oregon, You are a great ambassadress for Oregon. Thank you for the great information. I will use the provided links to learn more.
07/Jul/07 4:41 AM
4:30 bit slow. nice pic very tranquil but would have been nicer if you could see it from a different angle.
07/Jul/07 4:51 AM
Enter the weight and date competition! Go to my page, check out the picture of my daughter-in-law taken in May. Guess when Bergen Michael will be born and how much he will weigh. His due date is July 14th. Despite that being Bastille Day, he comes from good German stock. Click on the More...
07/Jul/07 5:01 AM
Shell/Perth, My deepest condolences on your loss. Death is a stressful time for those left behind.Your idea of letting others know your wishes while still living is most valuable.Prayers for your entire family.
07/Jul/07 5:02 AM
MAMACITA: The Moody Blues still rock - last night they said that they find Jacksonville a special place, very friendly that this was their 3rd time here in about 6 six years and this time had spent the day exploring the Historic downtown. Commented that the homes were so small that you would More...
07/Jul/07 5:10 AM
good day
07/Jul/07 5:53 AM
jeb, fits right in.

Eve, great party, fun parade, and the Sudoku crowd was the best behaved of all.
07/Jul/07 6:03 AM
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