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Easy Sudoku for 9/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Phew! I just read all the comments from this afternoon and tonight. Let's have a nice, light day tomorrow, huh? I don't know if I'm glad or sad that I have no-one to put in the bus - glad to have no painful exes hanging about, but sad to miss out on the fun!! Could I put a few of my students in instead? They'd really make your exes regret ever doing the wrong thing by you?
I'm getting better only 3.40
I agree with susan, yesterday's comments were pretty heavy/irritable/nasty/sad. It's so much more fun to escape to sudokuland and have an innocent honest laugh with other sudokuists and forget about life's problems for a short while - Pete, get that boat started up again, we need another trip on the ocean wave - that wedding seems a long time ago unfortunately!
2:58. Hope everyone has a nice day, or night!
2:51. Didn't care for the picture.
love this site. Wow, I am second to sign in
and andré, come back more often, I miss the jokes and banter.
3:28 - a little late for a halloween pic, isn't it?
So Fiona, since you have no-one to talk to except me, are you going to tell me why you left Scotland for France? Is it a permanent move?
20 years here now, a hubby and 2 kids - think I'll be staying! came out originally for a year after uni and stayed!
3:44 was hoping to get under 3
Hi ya all - I don't care for the picture my self - (American - Midwest values I guss). I am doning better in my time - but not like you folks! Have a nice day.
well how about everyone writes a line to make a story, one line then nexted adds to it!
LIKE: One day one the Sudoku website a halloween pic came up

your turn next
3.57 Hello everyone. I've found this great diet, the gin & tonic diet. So far I've lost two days.
Great site, like the little jokes, i read comments everyday, but dont post often, Hope everyone has a great day
Ya'll ought not be writin' 'bout yer personal stuff in here , the radio stations, and the tabloids could get-a-hold-a-it, and then Lord knows what could happen. lookit poor princess Di. I just ain't been the same since that french-iraqee disaster. Ya'll better heed my advice: Keep yer personal More...
I have just finished clearing up after my son's birthday party, which was on Sunday, it's his birthday today (tues8/11)
Connor Happy 7th Birthday
Love and kisses
Fiona I'm with you and Susan. Didn't even a post comment. Meanwhile the motors are running, the fridge is full of goodies and I have a new supply of massage oil, 20 litres don't go as far as it used to. André if you don't hurry up it'l be just the three of us although I think I sense that Teddy is near because the gloves are missing again.
k lol ha ha ha.:)))
Until later Night all.
Mary from southern ont - what part? (I'm a milton girl, originally)
Thanks fiona. I've never lived anywhere but the country town I was born in (apart from time at uni 1 hour south of here, and 1 year working 1 hour north of here). Sometimes I wish I'd spent a couple of years overseas before settling down. Anyway, I'm off to bed - still trying to get all that alcohol and hocolate out of my system!! 'night
so where are we heading this time and what sort of aussie goodies have you got in the fridge for us on this trip? K from brissie, get a load of that g&t on the boat, this diet could be loads of fun and you'll have loads of company to make sure you don't slip up - slip over and under maybe, but not up!
Pete you are a greedy boy aren't you. Count me in - who needs sleep - I'm on my way (in my dreams anyway).
you can't go to bed now susan, there's a boat to catch - don't know where ingham is but if you can drive an hour south and an hour north, then there's a chance you're not on the coast, so get your skates on girl and get up to port douglas.
jsherp (obviously, a Great Fan)

Thank you, I guess you 'get it'.By the way, I hear your looking for a bus. I have a practically new, fully loaded, raring to go Tour bus you can borrow. It has a rather large, scantily clad picture of me in my Daisy Dukes, that I don't believe can be painted More...
3:47 today, and I'm not sure about that picture!!
The picture is offensive to some. I hope you can remove it from your database of pictures.
Fiona, I would love to join you on the boat, I'll probably only sleep though and that's no fun(0115hrs here). Maybe tomorrow. Whoever said virtual reality is it's own reward never spoke a truer word.
who is going to be brave enough to admit it's their photo up there?
4:00, the wheels slowly start moving
sleep doesn't exist in the virtual world, it's unnecessary, K, you're not far from Pete's neck of the woods, so jump on a roo and get up there pronto before one of those wild savage bears falls on you - no, not Teddy, but those imaginary bears which drop from trees but which are mutants and don't really exist but do if you've been on the bundy stuff.
I'm for the boat - don't leave me behind, Pete! It'll be a silent trip for me, though - away working for a couple of days...
your silence will be taken as a sign that you are a contented HH, happy with us and warm and dry and fed and watered and easy and cool and uncomplaining and enjoying the sudoku virtual cruise for what it is - fun!
3:27...how is that picture offensive?
4:17 The pic makes a pleasant change from the usual dogs and cats They look like Goths or maybe a rock band !
yay!! something not puppies!! don't find it offensive, variety is the spice of life! happy thoughts to whoever posted!!!
uh, too much coffee. thus the over enthusiastic post. gonna ease up on exclaiming.
I love this sudoku site. I can stop the time and continue solving it! Is fabulous. Its easy to get less than 3 minutes!
She looks like she could scare a Koala
or Eat One
a good one, under 3 minutes today! 2:50 Only logic, no aids - I'm feeling lucky, maybe I'll play the lottery today!
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