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Easy Sudoku for 10/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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wow there's nobody here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now to the puzzle
....And on to medium....

4'19'' and naughty Fraz for being 1st
very slow!
Hi all
hi jess
there was no pic today that would make me mad
anyway under 4 mins getting good at it
love marie
3:13 hi to all! Andre where are you?
3:06...I don't know how people get under 3 minutes!

Getting better with the time, practice practice practice, I must be addicted to this site too as i am here every morning, great site, wonderful people. have a great day all
slow for you, fast for me.
Good Morning....very slow too
It is still Wednesday here !
Yes, a cat! - 12:24 - I can do better. Started with 9 and worked my way down. Has any one ever tried playing the numberw in order of their showing? Like if the first row is 8, 4, 1 and 7, fill thoes first. How is your time with this method? - Where is Jim from Jupiter? How are you doing? Well I hope.
3:59 Good afternoon :)
hi 'easy' chatters

i'm just off to bed now having done all the puzzles rather than my internet banking! Hope your day is sunshine (and chocolate) filled.

Fingers crossed please - my daughter has a big exam in the morning and streaming hay fever that nothing is helping. Hopefully she'll pick up.
It's a cat, right?
Is it a Cat Pillow or a Koala Neckwarmer?
6 am to 7am is too early for the upstairs neighbor to use a treadmill
I wish I was curled up sleeping like that kitty!
2:46 Good morning, SUDOKU!
02:46 pure luck
Good luck to Fraz.
2:30 Dean, I had a neighbor that I could hear his alarm go off every morning. I used to live in a townhouse. When I approached him about it, he got irate and then would let his alarm ring for over an hour. Just be careful how you approach this, if you do.

Jim, where are you?
2:56 first time under 3
4:54, blustery day, must truly be fall. Off for coffee, good day all!
3:22 Went from 9 down again.Andre,Jim,and others i haven't seen for a while,are you having problems posting.I did yesterday,i'll sacrifice to the suduko gods for you all,and even a whiskey libation.If that doesn't work i don't know what will.Hi sudukoists
3:40 - Good for me. Good luck to your daughter, Fraz.
2:22 - I feel good, na-na-NAH-na-na-na-NAH!
How can you tell that's a cat?
hello everyone, just loved all the nappy rash comments yesterday - if only we'd known, that paw paw stuff could have come in handy for the wedding!
first time to post a time. 3:30
i've been practising a lot.
love this site--great pictures
3:42, just like MLC from PBC! What that kitten needs is a dog to show up and give it some exercise!
Aah Pete, a man with unquestionable taste! People rave about the Queensland Barramundi but you and I know that Coral Trout beats it hands down - and such a pretty fish too - pink with blue spots. I think we need to spread the word. Let's make this a round the world trip and visit everyone. I'd like More...
Hi Brian,Jim, Andre, Fiona and others. i have been doing the puzzles but haven't bothered to post lately. Portugal where are you, Billy? are some of you not bothering to post with the high #'s.
Hi R and susan - could we keep northern europe for next summer as with winter setting in it's not a good idea at the moment - pouring rain here for example! let's do oz, nz, and all those lovely tropical places first - we need a bit of sunshine in our lives
fiona I do live on the eastern coast. Why do you think that if I can drive both north and south that I mustn't live on the coast? And (was it Kate) Christmas barbecues in Australia is not the norm - I've never met anyone who does this. For my family, it's a big get together, with dozens of dishes More...
I think I imagined you in alice springs, susan - drive in any direction and you're still a long way from water! Where exactly are you susan?
Hi fiona going from a northern winter to our temperatures is NOT a good idea - you'll think you're on the barbecue - unless we hit Tasmania, see Ted,col etc in Melbourne?
I think we need to ignore people who are highly critical, rude etc on this site. They are only after attention, and now it More...
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