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Easy Sudoku for 9/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi all
you beat me Robyn
Was the Sung Dynasty an opera based on a television series ?
2:00, today I started with the 1's.
good morning all, the sun is shining right now but they are saying snow is on the way, but 3 or 4 inches or about 10 cm isnt alot of snow. Just hope its not windy, I love to walk in the snow to clear my brain,always a short walk not much brain to clear, have a great day all and stay safe
3:17 at 1315UTC 08Dec2005 Little White Dog
4:44. Good mornining everyone. Nice Westie there.
Very slow today complete time 7:09 - The family dog want attention - Head on lap - wimpering - etc. Just got 3 inches of show - temp is 7 degrees - I hate Artic freezes! What is it like in the Southern Hemisphere? Summer's comming soom for you all.
1:57 Awaiting Snow.....send me back to Hawaii
Whazup! Duck
Today I do not have to go to work oh joy !
5:12 - a little distracted - we're waiting for snow, too - as usual, predictions haven't been right
First game ever?
To KB, It's gone midnight and I'm still in a tshirt. Getting up to 34C in a couple of days. BEAUTIFUL. I love summer.
Hello every1 its so cold and snowy im so bored theres absolutly nothing to do im so tired i cant even concentrarte it took me 10 MINUTS 47 SECONDS TO FINALLY complete the whole thing
not a cattle dog?just kidding
nice cows tho
4:45. Is there a llama in the background, upper left?
Right at 2:00. I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotomy!!
2:51 with only one mistake. Cute dog. Thank goodness, Friday tomorrow. A whole w/end to be lazy. Must be getting old!!!
ya i think i do see a llama
well i completed all 4 puzzels now my fun of the day is over I must go now to class ugg...I'll be back to marrow for another fun puzzel

PS oh yeah i just realized this,
This webby is a day ahead of maine to day is the 8th thursday isnt that weird
bye bye
2:16 cute dog. I'm sitting here under a FOOT of snow. I'd rather be in Jamaica.
What is it with all these dogs?
Catherine, je suis désolé, j'ai enlevé à mon épouse pour un repas ce soir. Je suis retourné un trop tard.
3:21 with one mistake, didn't get the picture though :(
Doff - j'enlève un chapeau de la tête. Il est poli. Don - est remplacer le chapeau sur la tête.
En outre pour s'habiller. He donned his clothes = He put his clothes on.
I'm new to the game, but I do know that's no llama in the upper left corner. It's the side of one cow and the butt of another.
My heart was breaking this afternoon for my 12 year old son's best mate. His mum, who is separated from his dad, has decided to leave the district - wants to live in a city where there's night life. 4 children aged 10 - 15 (10 yr old girl is good friend of my daughter) have to decide who to live More...
Je pense Do plus Off = Doff.
et do + on est don.
Now that was easy - about to start school holidays - joy oh joy - BUT at least I get to turn off the alarm clock - got to find some pleasure amongst the annoyances
Désolé HIER soir le repas.
Thanks Lora, I couldn't tell. I do know that sometimes llamas are used to guard herds, but clearly if there's a westie around there wouldn't be a need...
Lovely little dog, who does it belong to. I'd love to hear the story.

So, those horses with horns are cows.
(I come from Sarf Lundun remember)
3:40, good for me!

why has it just gone from thursday to friday?

which timezone is this game set in?!
The kids have a life time ahead of them. It's time the mom get's a break. If she needs to live in the city, cool. Wait, are you saying the mom is leaving the kids?
No Bob, she's going with or without the kids. 2 teenage girls staying here, 2 younger ones have yet to decide - both are torn. Try explaining 'Mum needs a life' to a 10 and 12 yo
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