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Easy Sudoku for 9/March/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Hoping to be first again - now it's time to do the puzzle.

Good Maen all.
...and 2:41 to go with it.
2:27 good morning. any ideas on where the church is?
1:49 are those flowers?
3:25 Must be clos to first
The chatroom is out of order. repairs are being done due to BoRnEsS
Thank you all for the congrats. Pulled up pretty well after a hectic weekend and I even feel that I can walk without crutches today. Kathy, the competitors were from Albany, Perth, Geraldton and Esperance and I’ll leave it to you to find them on a map. There was a competitor from Switzerland, Japan and Taiwan but they are in Perth on visas.
Yes table tennis is also called ping pong but not at any level above playing in the garage at home. Looking foreward to playing ping pong on the cruise. I’ll bring my balls. Has it been decided which ship we are sailing on. I would like to go on “Superstar Virgo” and go cruising through SE Asia.
2:02 Good Maen to all! Liam & I just returned from a fantastic trip to Florida - am deeply jealous of all you natives who get to enjoy the wonderful weather every day. Now I have to bundle the poor lad up again!
gMaen (but i'm going to bed... it's morning, but really it's good night!) 3:20 and I started out thinking I was on the tough level (obviously misclicked) until the 1s all fell into place...
2.08 never gotten under 2-
Maen to all. Nice santuary.
4:47 Good mAen to all!
3.25 am I the slowest person at this game?? Good MAEN to all
Very nice picture but not as good as a doggy pic.
Hello all
G'Maen Sudokuland
2:51. Wow! a sub 3min.
Beautiful church and flowers.
hav a great day

n stay beautiful!!!
For all the noobies/guests/visitors:
M-morning, A-afternoon, E-evening, N-night

Capitalized for time in your part of the world.

Enjoy the puzzles and comments!
Nurn from Galway I saw my first and only game of Hurley at Athenry. What a game. I loved it.
I would say there will be plenty of green drinks on the Lady Sudoku on the 17th as well as green hocolate, green shoes, green undies, green makeup etc. The only green that won't be there will be the green from those that miss out on the party.
2:58 Maen
Good Mean to one and all as well as all and one
Beehive-I posted yesterday cheering for your win but you couldn't possible remember each one since there were so many.Feels nice to say Congratulations on your win once again.
Good Maen to you.
Maen all from sunny cold limestone city
G'Maen all!
Bill K - what a nice concise explanation of maen! Now all we need to do the rest of the day is say to queries - see Bill K, page 1.
beehive - I'll pull out my map of Australia to check out those cities. Thanks for another geography lesson.
Nurn from Galway - I need a sports lesson, too. What is Hurley???
2:38 Good Maen all!
BonJs ! Yes, it would be good to have some sort of caption to the picture, especially if they come from the Sudoku community...
Good mAen everyone:-) It's still lunchtime on Wednesday 8th here in Nottingham! Still grey and raining, but I'm smiling all the same.
Off ice-skating this evening...wish me luck (I think I might need it)
PDPete - maybe you could explain Hurley, too?
2:22, I think that is my best.
beautiful little chapel, someone must love it very much with the beautiful flowers and candle everywhere.
have a fabulous Maen all.
Off to my morning tennis. Be back later.
Best of luck soosie q
Thanks for the Mean explanation. Today's puzzle was one of the easist I've done.
3:02 Good Maen on a rainy day here.
2:39 my best time in a while
Easy today!
I'll try Kathy. I only saw one game live so, may my Irish ancestors forgive me, but here goes. It's a game played on a rectangular field with goal posts at each end like in rugby but the part under the cross bar has a net behind it like in scoccer (football eg; world cup). The players have a bat More...
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