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Easy Sudoku for 9/June/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Welcome all to a brand new day!
09/Jun/16 12:00 AM
09/Jun/16 12:00 AM
09/Jun/16 12:01 AM
Hmmm- I was still over posting & enjoying yesterday
09/Jun/16 12:03 AM
....time to say Hello, Wolf, Denny, Hal & all who follow along later!
09/Jun/16 12:04 AM
guys, Joyce and everyone!
And pleasant temps, too!
09/Jun/16 12:09 AM
Looks like a very beautiful place to drift past.
09/Jun/16 12:19 AM
(For Shosho!)
09/Jun/16 12:19 AM
Sorry I didn't get back with a poozle yesterday. I had stitches out in the morning and the rest of the afternoon just got away from me.
Here you go....

Below, 10 nine letter words have been broken into chunks of three More...
09/Jun/16 1:11 AM
As far as the stitches go, it seems there were two layers. They removed the top layer and (supposedly)the bottom layer dissolve by themselves. If they don't fully dissolve, it could cause something called a ''spitting stitch'' where the undissolved stitch works it's way to the surface of the skin More...
09/Jun/16 1:25 AM
OK...I'm really confused - thought you were talking about your finger, but didn't remember you'd had any stitches...! What's with stitches in your head? Obviously I've missed an entire chapter - help!!
09/Jun/16 1:34 AM
Happy Wednesday day off!
09/Jun/16 2:01 AM
Nice picture - barely a 'ripple'.
09/Jun/16 3:04 AM
The torn tendon in my finger is a whole different malady, Joyce. I had Moh's surgery to remove a basal cell carcinoma from my head. It's the most extensive type of surgery, but, it has the best result. I only needed one biopsy during the procedure because it was clear. Left a rather wide wound, though. Hence, all the stitches.
09/Jun/16 3:12 AM
Yes, yes, thanks - I do remember that , as well as commenting upon it! Don't recall knowing the location; nice to know it is all behind/above you!
09/Jun/16 3:16 AM
Lovely spot. That's a pretty big creek. Flood maybe?
09/Jun/16 3:42 AM
09/Jun/16 3:48 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!
09/Jun/16 3:49 AM
Golly Kathy, take care of yourself and when you go out slap a hat on you!
09/Jun/16 3:50 AM
Wonder if Keith's even awake yet???
09/Jun/16 3:51 AM
Guess not . . .
09/Jun/16 3:51 AM
I dedicate this post to Keith.
(Sorry I don't have a wombat smilie!)
09/Jun/16 3:52 AM
I don't ''do'' sun, Shosho. At the end of the summer I am my usual pale self.
This wasn't true when I was a kid. I don't remember ever wearing sun screen, and we played out all day. I wasn't too careful as a teen, either. Evidently, it can come back to haunt you many years later.
09/Jun/16 4:26 AM
Thx shosho. I'm the same about the sun, Kathy, not any more, but lots of sun damage when I was young. I now endure semi-annual visits to the dermatologist to get 'precancerous' spots blasted with liquid nitrogen.
09/Jun/16 4:35 AM
A beautiful, cool day here, just right for getting out in the garden and hacking away at things that have gotten too big for their britches. Of course, once you start ...
09/Jun/16 4:40 AM
Things are pretty hectic at the moment so I havent been able to get online as much as I would like...hope life is treating you all well and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
09/Jun/16 5:13 AM
Good morning all. After 2 dry days, its raining again! We keep a rainfall record and calculated yesterday that we've 13 1/2' in the last 6 weeks. Very soggy here.
09/Jun/16 6:26 AM
Enjoy your day folks.
09/Jun/16 6:26 AM
Morning all,lovely photo today.
Sacky, that is a lot of rain hope you get some more dry days soon.
09/Jun/16 8:06 AM
Did you know that you can get a sun burn on a cloudy day? And there is the little something called cloud enhancement of radiation as much as 25%. So any day you go out, slap on a hat or put on some sunscreen!
09/Jun/16 8:16 AM
We were hoping to move on today but not in wind gusts and heavy rain. I might spend the morning in the laundry with the washer and dryer.😢
09/Jun/16 8:17 AM
I've gone out sailboat racing and that can last from early morning trying to sail out to the start line, buzz about, race, then sailing back home and put away the gear by evening. I have come home red on a cloudy day. So I learned to put on zinc oxide and wore a hat or a visor with sunglasses (your eyes can get damaged, too, by sun glare). I've worn windbreakers all day even in summer.
09/Jun/16 8:19 AM
For riding in the car in the summer with the sun beating down on bare arms, we have cut the sleeves off of old shirts, and put them on to keep from getting sunburned.
09/Jun/16 9:53 AM
My father did that shirtsleeve thing until cars got air conditioning and his arm was no longer resting on the open window.
09/Jun/16 11:52 AM
G'day all.
09/Jun/16 12:20 PM
About that time again.
09/Jun/16 12:25 PM
We need to change the page.
09/Jun/16 12:27 PM
I'll go real slow. In case someone else wants to try to turn the page.
09/Jun/16 12:29 PM
Not that turning the page is all that important. But it's something to do when you're really bored.
09/Jun/16 12:33 PM
09/Jun/16 12:33 PM
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