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Easy Sudoku for 10/June/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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10/Jun/16 12:00 AM
Wow - really???
10/Jun/16 12:00 AM
...shoulda known!
10/Jun/16 12:01 AM
Good day, Hall & any who happen by later!
10/Jun/16 12:02 AM
Another beautiful day here in Texas.
Wishing the same for all of Sudokuland.
10/Jun/16 12:02 AM
I'd help those ladies with the leis!
10/Jun/16 12:07 AM
Hi Lizzy! I see you're online.
10/Jun/16 12:10 AM
Oops! Now you're offline!
10/Jun/16 12:11 AM

Im back Wolf, was morning tea time!
10/Jun/16 12:13 AM
Going to Canberra for 5 days on Monday, could Canberra residents make it a bit warmer please
10/Jun/16 12:21 AM

No harm in asking Margo
10/Jun/16 12:31 AM
Beautiful day here in OK
10/Jun/16 12:49 AM
We have had such beautiful weather this spring, even a lot of wonderful rain. The weather predictors are saying we will go over 90F today. It will be our first real hot day this year.
10/Jun/16 12:53 AM
The answers to yesterday's ''word chunk'' poozle: newsagent, crocodile, collision, classroom, encourage, hairbrush, otherwise, closeness, lightening, margarine

A special guest More...
10/Jun/16 12:56 AM
My morning walk was still cool but a little humid, evening walk will be warmer and just as humid.
10/Jun/16 12:56 AM
Been a busy last few weeks. My foot is healed finally after 6 months. No more boot or funky shoe.
10/Jun/16 1:00 AM
Because I missed one of my regular poozle days this week, here's a make-up....

Below, 10 countries have been broken into chunks of letters.
These chunks have been mixed up, no chunk is used twice and all chunks are used.
Can you determine what the 10 countries are?

EZU ITZ More...
10/Jun/16 1:04 AM
I'm happy to hear your foot is healed, Sue. Walk on!
10/Jun/16 1:06 AM
Speaking of walking...or, should I say gallumping.....
10/Jun/16 1:07 AM
10/Jun/16 1:10 AM
Tuesday my OK great niece and nephew came up, niece went swimming and nephew spent the day fishing in our little lake. There is a six year age difference, so 17 year old brother really does not like watching his almost 11 year old sister. He works but can only work late in the afternoon when a parent gets home or at night.
10/Jun/16 1:10 AM
Sorry Keith,
10/Jun/16 1:15 AM
Must be old picture day, this was taken in 2006 I had just found this site while we were in Hawaii. Jigsaw puzzles medium is Brussels in 2007.
10/Jun/16 1:18 AM
I really need to finish the plans for this summers trip. Not getting to do what I really wanted but a US trip will be fun also.
10/Jun/16 1:20 AM
Lovely orchid leis!
Rats! I'm too late to put in my answers for Kathy's 'Chunks' poozle (I got hung up on NEWSAGENT cuz I thought it was ENC instead of ENT, then never got back to it) Oh, well, today is another day~
10/Jun/16 1:58 AM
10/Jun/16 3:00 AM
Those orchids have to be the longest holding blossoms ever. No wonder they use them to make leis. I have right next to me one of those orchids that has been sitting on my desk for two days and it still looks fresh! I got it last Tuesday when hubby and I went to King's Hawaiian restaurant for dinner. It was sitting on my plate with a ti leaf.
10/Jun/16 3:03 AM
Grand, wonderful, delightful, & maybe even awesome news, Sue!
10/Jun/16 3:15 AM
Hawaii is on my ''I might put on my todo'' list.
10/Jun/16 3:23 AM
Kathy is giving me a day off. Yay!
10/Jun/16 3:23 AM
It's been busy around here lately. Fortunately we have nothing scheduled for tomorrow. All the classes and activities are either over or about over. Unfortunately, the weekend is going to be hectic.
10/Jun/16 3:26 AM
Glad to hear about the foot, Sue! Will we see pictures of you doing the jitterbug?

Beautiful day here--so far, I've seen one swallowtail, two chipmunks and a cardinal in our yard--not bad for a city garden.
10/Jun/16 3:30 AM
My gallery now has a rare picture of Elijah and my latest attempt at getting all my kids in one picture in it.
10/Jun/16 3:39 AM
Lovely girls making leis for the tourists.
10/Jun/16 5:14 AM
Glad to give you a break, Serena!

Has anyone had any smilies approved recently? I have been waiting for approval for several for what seems like months now.
10/Jun/16 5:33 AM
Where does the time go? Elijah has become a young man! You have great looking happy kids, Serena.
10/Jun/16 5:35 AM
Good morning all.
10/Jun/16 6:10 AM
Floods in Tassie are beginning to recede and the clean up is beginning.
10/Jun/16 6:11 AM
One of the biggest problems is the destruction of roads and rail for transporting goods to port. We export a lot of produce to mainland OZ, but getting it there is going to be a logistical nightmare for some time to come.
10/Jun/16 6:14 AM
I know 1 of the people washed away in the flood, but it likes only 3 lives have been lost.
10/Jun/16 6:16 AM
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