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Easy Sudoku for 1/November/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Peter, one more to add to your collection: if I'm not in bed by midnight, then I might as well go home.

3:01, my slowest easy ever. Good Morning, all.
01/Nov/19 12:34 AM
Tut, tut, Tom ... you old rascal!
01/Nov/19 12:37 AM
2:11 Good night Tom and Judy and all.
01/Nov/19 12:43 AM
01/Nov/19 1:09 AM
Oh, and Happy Birthday, Wolf!
01/Nov/19 1:19 AM
and Wolf.
01/Nov/19 1:27 AM
01/Nov/19 2:20 AM
For shosho.

One last costume for the actual day ... me trying to imitate Merlin.
01/Nov/19 2:24 AM
01/Nov/19 3:06 AM
Thank you, Keith!! Here's flying your way!!!
01/Nov/19 3:07 AM
Thought I'd change into a costume, too!!
01/Nov/19 3:08 AM
01/Nov/19 3:21 AM
Happy Halloween!

Our trick or treaters are going to have a soggy time of it tonigh. It's raining now and is supposed to continue through the evening.
Gee. Whatever will I do if there is left over candy?
01/Nov/19 3:37 AM
''tonight'' WHY is there no 'edit' button???? Or, perhaps I should proofread? Now there's an idea.
01/Nov/19 3:39 AM
It's a pretty exciting time around here today. Our Washington Nationals won the World Series Championship last night. Even hubby, who is a ''absolutely in bed by 10:00'' kind of guy, stayed up to watch. Until MIDNIGHT!
I kept glancing More...
01/Nov/19 3:50 AM
We are excited here, too, Kathy, since our local guy is MVP of the World Series!

We never buy Halloween candy that we like ourselves. Otherwise, there would be little remaining for the Trick or Treaters!
01/Nov/19 4:02 AM
, Wolf! It is your time to howl all day!
01/Nov/19 4:04 AM
I love to watch him pitch, Judy. Well deserved recognition!
01/Nov/19 4:18 AM
01/Nov/19 4:19 AM
Rainy with possible snow for Halloween... bummer!
Hope you have a ghoulishly happy day!
01/Nov/19 5:08 AM
Morning all,nice photo ,thanks Kate.
Today is grandparents day at Ella and Cailin's school. This year their grandmother Marlene is taking the day off work and going with me instead of Bill. No need to guess where he will be!
01/Nov/19 5:09 AM
Pretty grevillea flower Nice photo
01/Nov/19 5:55 AM
1:48. Good morning everyone.

Time to head out for my last easy run before Sunday's Carcoar marathon.
01/Nov/19 6:28 AM
Kate for the photo of the lovely Grevillea flowers
01/Nov/19 6:30 AM
Baseball is the second-most boring sport.
01/Nov/19 7:28 AM
It is just over 10 years since Kate posted that photo, but it is still worth a second look today. Wolf
01/Nov/19 7:29 AM
Hal, That prompts me to ask, What is the MOST boring?
01/Nov/19 7:34 AM
That would be chess, Wombat.
01/Nov/19 7:55 AM
Way back in the dark ages when I was an athlete, baseball was my game. There's a lot of player chatter between pitches, the main reason for it being to keep the players awake.
01/Nov/19 8:13 AM
Not really, Wombat ... the most boring sport would be Hal's favorite ... NASCAR! After football, it is the most-watched sporting event in the U.S.
01/Nov/19 9:10 AM
Not since Jeff Gordon retired, Judy. I haven't watched a race in 3 years.
01/Nov/19 11:30 AM

Thursday 31st October.
Joyce – Gets to go Walking on Sunshine.
Peter – PARAPROSDOKIANS Peter, Paraprosdokians!
Arachnid – Holds Peter in great admiration, it seems. Knows a bit about catamarans too.

All Hallows Eve tonight. Scary times. More...
01/Nov/19 11:32 AM
Baseball might sometimes be boring, but not last night!
01/Nov/19 12:40 PM
A couple more paraprosdokians....

Silence is golden, duct tape is silver.
Some people hear voices, some see invisible people and some have no imagination at all.
No matter how much you push the envelope, it is still stationery.
I use to think I was indecisive, now I'm not sure.
How Long is a Chinese name.
01/Nov/19 12:58 PM
Phantom I read your article. My mind immediately went back many years (too many!) so I looked it up. What a disappointment - still this isn't one of those sites
01/Nov/19 1:24 PM


This is straight from Scotland. Students in an advanced Biology class were taking their mid-term exam. The last question was, 'Name seven advantages of Mother's Milk'.

The question was worth 70 points or none at all. One More...
01/Nov/19 5:56 PM
01/Nov/19 11:59 PM
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