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Easy Sudoku for 1/December/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all
01/Dec/19 12:00 AM
It's ok Spidey, I'll wait for you.
01/Dec/19 12:01 AM
Looking forward to your puzzles, Arachnid!

GO BLUE! I'll be cheering for my college football team today over its arch nemesis! Although, Hal, Michigan has about the same chance of defeating Ohio State as Texas A&M has against LSU! What do you say ... Let's knock #1 and #2 off their pedestals!
01/Dec/19 1:21 AM
I'll join your cheering section, Judy. On one of our trips several years ago we toured Michigan's stadium. We got to see the clubhouse, owner's suite, etc. I even walked onto the field. It made me realize just how far those players have to kick the ball. When watching on TV,it isn't at all obvious.
01/Dec/19 1:56 AM
Wolf, who knows?, and Judy and all who follow!! More rain coming today. Needed, just hope not too much to cause flash floods in burned out fire areas.
01/Dec/19 1:57 AM
Now for a try at the Wombat Team's poozle!
01/Dec/19 1:57 AM
1:56 Not long home from our annual Badminton Christmas Dinner. A good time was had as usual.
Good night all.
01/Dec/19 2:04 AM
Oh, by the way, my granddogs have left the building! After 3 months, I finally got the Incredible Pooping Corgi to ''do his business'' outside and not chew on furniture. The little toad actually seemed rather proud of this accomplishment. More...
01/Dec/19 2:15 AM
Hubby is in the back yard filling in the craters, of which there are many. We figured there wasn't much we could do about the ''Big Lug'' digging. It's what dogs do. It's an easy fix.
01/Dec/19 2:20 AM
Sounds good to me, Judy.
01/Dec/19 2:34 AM
2:01. Wow! You snooze a bit and everyone's been and gone! 'Morning Wolf, From, Judy, Kathy, Denny, Kathy again, Anne, etc., ditto, HalT and everyone! And beautiful bejewelled flower photo!
01/Dec/19 2:55 AM
01/Dec/19 3:29 AM
Overcast today.
Hope your day has some sun!
01/Dec/19 3:51 AM
A&M sets a new college record today. Not one that I'm too proud of. They'll be the first team that will have had to play three #1 teams in the regular season: Clemson, Alabama, and now LSU.
01/Dec/19 3:52 AM
Kathy - You deserve a medal as a grand-dog caregiver!
Two medals for two gran-dogs, of course!
But then, there should be a whole slew of medals for the Corgi!!!
01/Dec/19 3:55 AM
We just heard the 'fly-over' for the start of the U of M - Ohio St game. We live about 5 miles away from the U of M Stadium. Too bad we aren't fans! (Well, maybe we are - for Ohio State!!!)
01/Dec/19 4:01 AM
Almost done with cleaning up and storing! Went for a run. So things are back to normal!
01/Dec/19 4:18 AM
Morning all,beautiful photo,thanks Kate.
Hmm,must go find Wombat and team poozle.
01/Dec/19 5:34 AM
1:38. Good morning everyone.
01/Dec/19 6:01 AM
Kate for the beautiful flower.
01/Dec/19 6:18 AM
Pretty flower catching rain drops
Nice photo
01/Dec/19 6:30 AM
Hello, Keith!
01/Dec/19 6:51 AM
Better luck than we had, Halt!

Now that the Big Game will soon be over, I can start cheering for the Buckeyes to win the National Championship!
01/Dec/19 7:31 AM
everyone. The saga with problems continues here in our Florida home. When we arrived, we had no phone, TV or internet for a few days. The next week we had no electricity for a day and a half. This week, the dishwasher decided to quit - just in time for American Thanksgiving! Think I'll do Wombat's puzzle and relax!
01/Dec/19 8:31 AM
Hi Shiela. Just back from our Thanksgiving family visit. It was great fun and excellent food. All's right with the world.
01/Dec/19 8:52 AM
While at our daughter's in Lexington for Thanksgiving, she gave me my Christmas gift. She explained that she had to give it to me early because I had to start using it tomorrow (Dec. 1).
The new picture on my page should answer your questions.
01/Dec/19 11:57 AM
Hal, 'tis a thoughtful daughter you have. Good on her. Lucky You!
01/Dec/19 12:40 PM
Home after three days & 2 nights away. No running water. Pipe froze. It's supposed to warm in a few days hope there is no burst pipe...
01/Dec/19 12:43 PM
Thats a fantastic present Hal. I would keep her for showing such parental care and concern
01/Dec/19 12:57 PM
I keep meaning to ask Keith how things are going with him plus progress made
01/Dec/19 12:58 PM
From. I was tucked up in bed at that time completely exhausted from my get fit exercises plus the many bedtime stories for my over-nighting granddaughter.
01/Dec/19 12:59 PM
With only the naiavity of the young. Last night we were going through the list of family members and their relationship to her. Eventually she grasped that her mother had 3 brothers. She then followed that we had 4 children. That's a lot of times to be pregnant Nan she said 'How did that happen?' Moving on to the next bit ..............
01/Dec/19 1:02 PM
Its 10 am here but also site drink time. What goes well with recently consumed pancakes? I think I'll toast our Kiwi brothers with as Storm Beer. come join me
01/Dec/19 1:04 PM
Sent Sarah a pm to see if we can keep the site puzzles going. Wombat set such a high standard I'm a bit afraid
01/Dec/19 1:05 PM
'Fraid not, Judy.
01/Dec/19 1:21 PM
Sorry, Hal. Not looking good.
01/Dec/19 1:35 PM
Thanks for asking Arachnid. I'm doing fairly well, and as I said, just enjoyed a very pleasant visit with family. Help me know what progress you're asking about ... senior moment mind here.
01/Dec/19 4:03 PM
Beautiful day here in the high 60's. All of the outside Christmas decorations are done. How to decide how much inside decorating I want to do.
01/Dec/19 4:43 PM
The cold I coming, the wind is getting stronger. I am hoping for no rain, or an other precipitation from the sky. Wednesday we had a little snow, but warm enough nothing was sticking.
01/Dec/19 4:47 PM
Hope everyone in the U.S. had a great holiday. Will enjoy next week, it should be less hectic.
01/Dec/19 4:54 PM
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