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Easy Sudoku for 1/February/2018


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Watching the Lunar Eclipse as the moon sets and the sun rises here in Dallas.
01/Feb/18 12:00 AM
Good Maen, goodbye people.
01/Feb/18 12:02 AM
Ha!! What did autocorrect do to me this morning?
01/Feb/18 12:03 AM
I'm watching the progression of the Super Blood Blue Full Moon here, too. The moon rapidly eclipsed to about 90% ... and now, before sunrise, it has become almost entire red. Wow.

We will never see something like this again in OUR lifetimes, Wolf ...
01/Feb/18 12:04 AM
I really hope you don't all go away and leave me here all alone!
01/Feb/18 12:04 AM
I'm trying to wait around until the next ... Moon.
01/Feb/18 12:05 AM
One little step at a time, Wolf ...

Hi, Plum!
01/Feb/18 12:08 AM
I think I will try to google a video of that, Judy and Wolf. Too cloudy and too long since dawn here.
01/Feb/18 12:11 AM
Anne from Albany and other WA members probably have gotten a good view of the eclipse. I wonder if she's watching?
01/Feb/18 12:25 AM
I have been at badminton tonight but kept going outside to check the sky but it was very black and cloudy. Now I'm home, I just went and checked and guess what? A wonderful view of the blood moon. I took my binoculars out and had a great view of it. Albany is supposed to be the best part of West Oz to view it.
01/Feb/18 1:00 AM
Yea, Anne!
01/Feb/18 1:40 AM
Rats! I missed it, beautiful clear sky, perfect for viewing and it just looked like a half moon.
01/Feb/18 1:42 AM
2:16 A bit slow tonight.
01/Feb/18 1:42 AM
Just got 13 without realising it.
01/Feb/18 1:43 AM
Just checked outside again and it's the eclipse with about half the moon. A bit late for me to be outside at this time of night and it's damn cold out there as I've just had a nice warm
01/Feb/18 1:47 AM
brrrr, it's cold. Just checked again and most of the cloud has gone (that's Albany for you) and there's a nice clear view of half a moon.
01/Feb/18 1:50 AM
I just checked again and it's almost a full moon of the ordinary kind. I am so cross with myself, I fell asleep watching tv and missed it.
Goodnight zzzzzz
01/Feb/18 2:31 AM
01/Feb/18 2:35 AM
01/Feb/18 2:49 AM
1:36 Felt much slower. Saw the moon very early this AM almost total eclipse before it went behind the ridge
01/Feb/18 3:23 AM
Glad you enjoyed the pot roast, Hal. I'm always happy to find a new recipe that hubby and I both like.
I just saw Peter's ECCO puzzle, so, I'll get started on that....
01/Feb/18 3:36 AM
I dedicate this post to Keith!!!
01/Feb/18 3:54 AM
Umm, Judy, you see another super blood moon on January 21, 2019. It'll be visible in the US! It just won't be a blue moon.
01/Feb/18 3:58 AM
I just love the names scientists give that are paradoxical! A super blue blood moon. Hmmm, really? Blue blood. Then there's the cinnamon teal. A blue bird that's brown. And the blue point Siamese cat, really it's gray!
01/Feb/18 4:01 AM
Morning. Busy group. Thx shosho.
01/Feb/18 4:02 AM
Is it just me, or is Trump's head bigger than the super moon? Jus' sayin'.
01/Feb/18 4:21 AM
The last of the three stalks of my Amaryllis is beginning to bloom. Eighteen blooms altogether. Wow! What a plant!
It's beautiful to see something so bright and cheerful around here in winter.
01/Feb/18 5:17 AM
Interesting wall , Kate.
01/Feb/18 5:30 AM
Some of us might make it to the next Super Blood Blue Full Moon, on December 31, 2028 ... but probably not until the one following, on January 31, 2037 ... and we probably won't care by then anyway! It was a very cool event, though!
01/Feb/18 5:49 AM
Morning all, we had thick cloud cover so no moon watching for us.☹️
01/Feb/18 6:26 AM
01/Feb/18 6:27 AM
I wonder which plaque is missing?
01/Feb/18 7:22 AM
01/Feb/18 7:23 AM
Sailors know whether there's a blue moon or not.....because they've been to sea!
01/Feb/18 7:51 AM
ECCO attempters this week were, Plum, Judy, Wombat, Halt (He knows his women), Arachnid, Joyce, Sarah, Snowbird and of course, last but not least, Kathy (Probably stuffing herself on some fancy stew).

Well done folks.
01/Feb/18 8:01 AM
1:33. Good morning everyone. The lunar eclipse was pretty spectacular here last night, when it was visible. Unfortunately for a large portion of the night it was obscured by heavy cloud.
01/Feb/18 8:11 AM
Our moon was hidden behind snow squalls, but no part of the eclipse was to be evident here this time. Thanks for all the reports from those of you who were in the path of the eclipse - it must have been spectacular!
01/Feb/18 9:41 AM
Should've recorded it Joyce and watched it later!
01/Feb/18 10:29 AM
Joyce and I live too far out of the eclipse zone to have seen anything. We had a lovely clear sky, but not much too see except a gorgeous moon.
01/Feb/18 11:13 AM
I believe I need to do this: BOTP
01/Feb/18 11:43 AM
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