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Easy Sudoku for 1/April/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
bargain — Something that makes you think you’re saving money when you’re spending it.

...and here's today's factoid:
Paul McCartney's Birth Certificate was auctioned in March 1997, for US $84,146. It is believed to be the world's most expensive Birth Certificate.
01/Apr/13 12:00 AM
Well here are the answers to the current crop.

1. Chock, hock

2. Obi, bi

3. Macrophobia, acrophobia

4. Madder, adder

5. Olent, Lent

6. Delf, elf

7. Olid, lid

8. Rand, and

9. Epilate, Pilate


HalT. More...
01/Apr/13 12:00 AM

And for tonight we will do it again. This time it is 7 clues plus the anchor word.

The down clue is // Gee Gee // US muscle car //

Answers to my ''3418'' inbox please

X. 1. Pertaining to mice and rats More...
01/Apr/13 12:02 AM

Well Well lookee who is on the birthday list today.


01/Apr/13 12:05 AM
Mr. Cee, Did my answers not make it today? They were actually early today. Yes I count 2 + hours before changeover as early.
01/Apr/13 12:15 AM
That's a pretty, purple flower. Happy Easter!
01/Apr/13 12:22 AM

Don't know what happened there Serena And Sarah Beth. Oh well.

Alls good.


Sarah Beth Knows her German grog it seems. No surprise there really.You are on a roll latley though aren't More...
01/Apr/13 12:22 AM

Happy Easter topsiders,
01/Apr/13 12:27 AM
Happy Easter all!
01/Apr/13 12:32 AM
Such vibrant colors! ...and great Easter egg colors, too!
01/Apr/13 12:39 AM
1:23. Hi everyone.
01/Apr/13 1:04 AM
... feels kind of ''Eastery,'' more in hue than anything else. Actually, with the tiara, she's ready for a Sudoku gathering. Happy Easter to all for whom it is still Sunday. Belated to all for whom it was yesterday.

to Kayo & Dorthea.
01/Apr/13 1:16 AM
Yes, Vici, beautiful flower. My guess, another pro shot.
01/Apr/13 1:17 AM

01/Apr/13 1:32 AM
Oh, good. It's not just me missing poozle answers!
I guess we both have to check and double-check to make sure our poozlers are credited, Mr. Cee.

Lots going on here today, so I have printed out today's beheader. Hopefully, I can work on it on and off.

Enjoy your day, everyone!
01/Apr/13 1:42 AM
01/Apr/13 2:10 AM
Good morning people of the world.
01/Apr/13 2:23 AM
Karen has arrived ... and gotten me close enough ... with Hal's help.
01/Apr/13 2:24 AM
On my way.
01/Apr/13 2:25 AM
Anybody coming along?
01/Apr/13 2:25 AM
Seems not.
01/Apr/13 2:25 AM
01/Apr/13 2:25 AM
Easter Day
National 'She's Funny That Way' Day
01/Apr/13 2:26 AM
Are there times, you feel abandon, Keith?
01/Apr/13 2:27 AM
Happy Advancing in Age, Dorthea and Kayo.

Kayo, are you in the advancing years?
01/Apr/13 2:30 AM
The skies are about to open up here. Looks like we may have to have an indoor Easter egg hunt.
01/Apr/13 2:32 AM
May your day be blessed.
01/Apr/13 3:33 AM
Karen, I vote NO, with Hal and Jamie on the packing moving thing.
01/Apr/13 3:34 AM
Does anyone get a notifiaction for receiving a message to their inbox?? I thought we use to but..
01/Apr/13 3:36 AM
I found my basket of eggs this morning,
01/Apr/13 3:37 AM
One more and I be gone,
01/Apr/13 3:38 AM
Sue, Sue, Sue, darling you have it all wrong, by the time you get here, all the packing will have been done, or should be, hopefully.
Anyway, I suggest a slumber party, and one of the games would be seek and find, like which box did I put the toilet paper in. And I did promise not to do any food preparation.
I don't understand...
01/Apr/13 3:54 AM
Karen - NO. I am not in the advancing years.
Here's my theme song:

01/Apr/13 3:56 AM
At one time, I recieved notice that there was a message in my inbox, now, sometimes I just get a message saying there is a message on my page.
01/Apr/13 3:57 AM
Lovely Easter flower today. All the right colours too.
Happy Easter birthday to Kayo and Dorthea.
01/Apr/13 4:24 AM
Karen Dear, Have you forgot I moved last year. I have done all the packing, unpacking, box guessing and moving anything I care to do for a long time.
01/Apr/13 5:02 AM
Time for a little relaxation befor I start dinner.
01/Apr/13 5:04 AM
We are kind of at a lull in our day. It was go, go, go this morning.
01/Apr/13 5:18 AM
Baby girl is sleeping, Little boy is playing XBOX, big boy is watching, and hubby is making a pie.
01/Apr/13 5:19 AM
I am attempting to turn the page before doing other things.
01/Apr/13 5:19 AM
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