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Easy Sudoku for 1/April/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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01/Apr/18 12:01 AM
01/Apr/18 12:19 AM
TftD: One good turn gets most of the blankets.
01/Apr/18 12:20 AM
1:45 Good night all!
01/Apr/18 12:23 AM

Goodnight, Anne!
01/Apr/18 12:55 AM
I'm confused. My clock says 6:55. Turnover was supposed to start at 7:00 starting today.
01/Apr/18 12:56 AM
to those celebrating today.
I may not get here tomorrow, so, my Easter wishes are for all in Sudokuland.
Have an Easter bonnet....
01/Apr/18 12:59 AM
Kinda blah... definitely not sunny.
Hope you can say more about your day!
01/Apr/18 1:10 AM
What was I thinking???
(I put 'blah' on Shosho's lucky number!!!)
Sorry, Shosho.
01/Apr/18 1:12 AM
01/Apr/18 1:34 AM
Happy, blessed Easter to all of you already celebrating.
01/Apr/18 1:43 AM
Good Maen, good people. I love the traditional Easter greeting and response. Christ is Risen. He is Risen, indeed. Alleluia!

A blessed Easter to all, and a blessed Passover celebration too.
01/Apr/18 2:07 AM
Another MIA posted today's picture. Miss you, Vici.
01/Apr/18 2:15 AM
01/Apr/18 2:22 AM
01/Apr/18 2:04 AM
No worries, Shiela, I'll send fling your way!!!
01/Apr/18 2:36 AM
We're having a blah day here! Fog has strolled in and sun is barely able to peek through!
01/Apr/18 2:38 AM
Happy Easter, everyone!!!
01/Apr/18 2:53 AM
[Happy Easter.JPG] everyone Hope this works!
01/Apr/18 3:06 AM
Guess it doesn't!
01/Apr/18 3:07 AM
01/Apr/18 3:11 AM
01/Apr/18 3:11 AM
Dorthea ... another MIA. She and Vici were both at the SF Sudoku meet ... how many years ago was that now?
01/Apr/18 3:19 AM
Hello everyone - gorgeous Hibiscus, Vici - miss seeing you around here!
01/Apr/18 3:23 AM
Beautiful Hibiscus close up. Vici and I miss you too.
01/Apr/18 3:33 AM
I just looked it up. The SF gathering was in '08. There are about 25 pictures from that gathering way at the bottom of my gallery if anybody is interested.
01/Apr/18 4:18 AM
01/Apr/18 4:35 AM
I'm back from the dead just in time to see and hear all the Happy Easter greetings. Didn't think I would make it.
01/Apr/18 5:35 AM
Vici occasionally posts on FB. Has anyone heard anything from Dorthea? It seems like a very long time since she's been here.
jacalmi, you have to be a Supporting Member in order to use personal smilies. Not that they are being reviewed anymore.
01/Apr/18 5:51 AM
DotCom! How are you?
01/Apr/18 5:52 AM
Hi Kathy. Thanks for the welcome back. I'm still a long way from 100% but much better than I was.
01/Apr/18 5:58 AM
1:19. Good morning everyone.
01/Apr/18 6:36 AM
Morning all,beautiful hibiscus, Vici.
to all the topsiders.
01/Apr/18 6:53 AM
Dorthea and Kayo. Miss seeing both of you on site.
01/Apr/18 6:55 AM
Good News DocCom - nice to have you here & thanks for announcing your arrival - hope whatever had you thinking you'd not 'make it' has changed your views to a more positive leaning - we need every soul continuing to enjoy life to its fullest - Rock ON!
01/Apr/18 7:28 AM
For those who might have missed it I posted a 1&4 poozle yesterday.
Seven people have posted an answer and all of them are 100% correct.
Easter greeting to all.
01/Apr/18 10:06 AM
DotCom. Glad to know you're still on the green side
01/Apr/18 11:43 AM
Happy Easter Eve!
After an inauspicious start (had to call AAA to put on my spare due to a leaking tire), we went to the cemetery in LA where most of my Dad's side of the family is buried (Chinese tradition that occurs annually around western Easter time) so got to visit with that side of the family and catch up over dim sum lunch in Chinatown afterwards.
01/Apr/18 12:22 PM
Night all.
01/Apr/18 12:34 PM
Hal must have bee really really tired to allow an unspoken for #40 to pass by: let's see one must first claim it as BOTP!
01/Apr/18 1:02 PM
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