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Easy Sudoku for 1/June/2007


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Good morning all.
01/Jun/07 12:00 AM
2:07 Good evening everyone.
01/Jun/07 12:03 AM
2:06 - there must have been some of that white stuff in the mountains around Canberra today.
01/Jun/07 12:03 AM
01/Jun/07 12:03 AM
Uh oh - where is xx today?

to everybody from & me
01/Jun/07 12:04 AM
Good morning all! Look like winter! Beautiful here, sunny and warm! Hope you have a great day!
01/Jun/07 12:07 AM
everyone, it's the start of summer up here Have a good one, mary
01/Jun/07 12:07 AM
2:27, Maen, wrong time of year here for that picture. I think the rain is stopped for today, we've had rain for almost a week and it's forecasted the next few days. I don't know about global warming but the weather is definitely screwed up for some reason right now.
01/Jun/07 12:07 AM
2:01 Maen! Can't think about snow when it was 91F (32C or so) yesterday! :)
01/Jun/07 12:08 AM
Good Maen All! Cloudy & hopefully it will rain later here.
01/Jun/07 12:09 AM
Today is Hugh's last day of work before retirement. Way to go Hugh. Wishing you many, many healthy and happy years ahead doing all the things that you haven't had time for. But, if you think you're going to spend your last working day drinking without us, think again. Should we do the cocktail party or beer and snags?
01/Jun/07 12:10 AM
Good wishes and prayers on your Retirement Day, HUGH!
May your days be long and joyful ... your nights peaceful ... your move to Tassie painless ... your yearnings for employment nonexistent ... your time with your grandchildren endless ... your dawns enervating and your sunsets spectacular ... More...
01/Jun/07 12:17 AM
not drinking Judy?
01/Jun/07 12:18 AM
For all those that have been dropping in and asking how my father is, he is home for a week and then has to go back in for a gall stone/gall bladder to be removed. Originally we were told it could be cancer but luckily it turned out to be only a gall stone. Not great but better than the alternative.
01/Jun/07 12:21 AM
All the best Hugh - may you enjoy many more lazy lunches at Rodney's.
01/Jun/07 12:22 AM
Hmm..nothing worse than drinking alone, but I think I'll start with a Navy Seal - Tequila and Jagermeister on the rocks. I might pull up a chair and see who else is here to celebrate Hugh's retirement.
01/Jun/07 12:23 AM
and another...then another....need some stottish scrawberries...hic
01/Jun/07 12:25 AM
Good Thursday Maen, all!

Hugh: Happy Retirement Day!!!

It will be a little longer before I can join you (gotta see a kid thru high school and college still)

Susan: I vote for cocktail party!
01/Jun/07 12:26 AM
good Maen Picture cools one off when its 80 + and no air conditioning
01/Jun/07 12:27 AM
2:02 and raining here.
The Very Best Wishes to Hugh! Enjoy your retirement to the fullest and drink a toast to all the new adventures you'll have.
01/Jun/07 12:28 AM
Hugh , my best wishes on your Retirement Day ,may your days be full of happiness and you stay in good health .
01/Jun/07 12:29 AM
It's only 7:31am over here, but I'll take a Strawberry Margarita (since it's still night time in Oz!)
01/Jun/07 12:32 AM
Congratulations Hugh, I'm about 10 years behind you. If I wasn't at work I would raise a glass in your honor, I guess my Diet Dr Pepper will do for now. This weekend I plan to try a Naked Girl Scout, Godiva Liqueur and Peppermint Schnapps.
01/Jun/07 12:32 AM
Don't worry, Wendy.

I had the old fashioned gb removal in '89
where they open you up.
Now they do the 'button hole' kind, which is
sooooo much easier.
01/Jun/07 12:36 AM
I've got to find a way to get here in the evening. Just read yesterday's comments and wished I had joined in. I have extended basic cable and get almost 90 channels. If you leave out the home shopping networks, religious networks, and such; I'm left with 30 or 40 channels. I watch History channel, MASH and Friends reruns, and South Park. Ian, I love Terrance and Phillip shows on South Park. rotfl
01/Jun/07 12:37 AM
2:24 Congrats on the retirement, Hugh...ENJOY!!!

BRRRR that picture looks VERY COLD...too bad it's warm and humid here today...the rain is going all around our area but none of the necessary wet stuff in falling here...fixin' to do a little rain dance if precip doesn't fallin' here SOON!
01/Jun/07 12:39 AM
To Hugh & his devoted firstmate:
Fair winds & following seas.........
We wish you many more years of happiness as you continue together on your journey through life. Cheers!!

Kathy & Rob
01/Jun/07 12:41 AM
drat, posted on yesterday's page by mistake - JEB, I agree with you that the chatroom always seems to be empty these days...shame! And ANNE, nice to see you - any news of my hat?!!
01/Jun/07 12:42 AM
who won the tennis today Kathy?
01/Jun/07 12:42 AM
Aileen, we drink at any hour of the day or night. Drink's ready, get it into you. (mighn't go too well with brekky toast though, so toss that)
01/Jun/07 12:45 AM
Question for the world travellers--anyone been to Pompeii? Or Positano? If you had to choose between the two, which would you go for? (I'm trying to book our shore excursions for our anniversary trip and want to go to both places ...)
01/Jun/07 12:49 AM
Susan her are some strawberries to go with your drink and I'll have a bicardi and coke to toast Hugh on his retirement.HAPPY RETIREMENT HUGH XXXX.
01/Jun/07 12:54 AM
Susan pour me one too please, just finished work and need a drink!
01/Jun/07 12:56 AM
JUDY: Glad to see you made it safely to the mountains!
01/Jun/07 12:57 AM
A little early for me, SUSAN ... might make me lose my oatmeal! Yes, we will hoist one tonight at dinner and think of our good buddy, Hugh!
01/Jun/07 12:59 AM
Thanks val, but they need lots of marinating first!
That shtuff was bit shtrong....need horizontal surface fast....
Have a great day Hugh, bet we don't see you on site though! zzzzzzzzzzz
01/Jun/07 12:59 AM
Hugh, May this day reflect the joy and relaxation that you THINK you will have in retirement! Once you have rested up, you will start finding more and more to keep you busier than when you were working...The good part is that when you tire, you MAY be able to change easier. Best of luck, and joy to More...
01/Jun/07 1:00 AM
here you go fiona, can you do the scrawberries? I leave you to keep filling everyone's glasses while I sleep.
01/Jun/07 1:02 AM
Best wishes on your retirement Hugh! May it be everything you've hoped for!
01/Jun/07 1:02 AM
I forgot to add that I wish the best for Mrs Hugh....now she either has to find him or try and get him out from under her feet!!!! Oh the adjustments we wives must make. Husbands ever seem to appreciate all of our long suffering changes........
01/Jun/07 1:06 AM
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