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Easy Sudoku for 1/July/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen Sudokuland
01/Jul/10 12:00 AM
01/Jul/10 12:00 AM
not even 1st LOL
01/Jul/10 12:00 AM
Hello everyone
I have done a bit of lurking from time to time to keep track of you all.
It is HOT here and we have had a stream of visitors inspecting our 'almost' finished house.
We have indoor doors and surrounds to paint and external shutters, but thought we would have a few months More...
01/Jul/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen OLD but not slow
01/Jul/10 12:00 AM
Old Hickory.... You're gettin' good at this.
01/Jul/10 12:01 AM
I'd been wondering about you, GannieMo. Thanks for the update.
01/Jul/10 12:02 AM
Good Maen, good people! It got cold last night, but not as cold as CP in Canberra, which I was surprised to read about in yesterday's post. I didn't know Australia could get below freezing, except, perhaps, in Tasmania.
01/Jul/10 12:02 AM
Pretty Flowers!

Good Morning to everyone.

GannieMo - Good News! I bet you will be glad when all the "house work" is behind you! It sounds like you will have a wonderful birthday this year!
01/Jul/10 12:16 AM
It was very chilly here last night also. We closed most of our windows. That is unusual for the end of June! Hubby picked blackberries yesterday and we made 8 pints of jam last night.
01/Jul/10 12:19 AM
Good morning to everyone. Nice to see you again, GannieMo. Good news about both the house and your birthday plans. I'm so happy for you that you'll see your granddaughters. Grandchildren are so wonderful.
01/Jul/10 12:35 AM
Happy Canada Day to expatriate Canadians on the other side of the dateline and for tomorrow for those of you on this side of the dateline. It's still yesterday (June 30) in Canada and I'm only going to have a few milliseconds of July 1 as the plane crosses the dateline. On the other hand, I'll have about 48 hours of July 15th.
01/Jul/10 12:41 AM
How wonderful, GannieMo!!
01/Jul/10 12:44 AM
2:18 to you all from sunny Portland, Oregon, with plenty of delicious salmon and great beer.
01/Jul/10 12:53 AM
all from beautiful So. Oregon - where we are now experiencing refreshing temps in the high 70's.

Looks to be a slow day. Only 14 comments in the first hour.
01/Jul/10 1:07 AM
Good Maen, world!
How did I get here with so few posts?
GannieMo, enjoy the anticipation of seeing the kids and grands and then enjoy every moment with them. That is a great birthday present.
Cloudy here today and cooler so far. Supposedly the effects of Alex, but I don't think we are More...
01/Jul/10 1:08 AM

A little late getting here today. We are prepping the back deck in order to stain it. It takes longer to prep than to stain!

From our baking Bubble girl....

HI all! I'm late, I'm late, for a very important More...
01/Jul/10 1:10 AM
Beautiful flowers again! and under 3 minutes again for me. I am getting a bit faster---but just a bit.
01/Jul/10 1:14 AM
Mo, how exciting!! It will be a happy birthday, indeed!

We are finally having cooler weather here, too. Beautiful day today! So why am I spending it cleaning a deck????
Must get back to it......bye for now.
01/Jul/10 1:20 AM
With deference to the time differences,

H A P P Y C A N A D A D A Y ! ! !

to my neighbors way to the north.

Enjoy your holiday on your July 1st.
01/Jul/10 1:55 AM
Wow, the system messed that up.

I put in extra spaces between the words with the caps in the greeting, and it took them all out.

Happy Canada Day, eh?
01/Jul/10 1:56 AM

01/Jul/10 1:57 AM
Now I am off to mow the lawn before the rain from the hurricane gets this far inland.
01/Jul/10 1:58 AM
I'll jump on the bandwagon, too!
(to those celebrating today)

01/Jul/10 2:08 AM
I will certainly echo all the thoughts for my neighbors far to the north!!!
01/Jul/10 2:52 AM
Having grown up just a few miles from Canada, let me, too, add my greetings for a Happy Canada Day! Doncha know?
01/Jul/10 2:59 AM


D A Y !!!
01/Jul/10 3:11 AM
GannieMo - Good to hear from you. Sounds like you're going to have a super birthday this year!!
01/Jul/10 3:12 AM
Thanks for the happy Canada wishes, Sudoku friends! It's a perfect day here, sunny with cooling breezes and three cats sleeping on my office rug while I work ...
01/Jul/10 3:27 AM
01/Jul/10 3:47 AM
Good afternoon to all! Flowers with springs in them! What next?

In truth, a very colorful photo.
01/Jul/10 4:23 AM
Well, it's not quite Canada here yet, but thanks for the wishes.
01/Jul/10 4:25 AM
Mount up, Greg!
01/Jul/10 4:26 AM

The original name for Canada, dreamed up by a parliamentary committee in London, was "Cold North Dominion," but that waas too long, so they abbreviated it C.N.D. The King's Royal Governor presented the new name to the inhabitants, and More...
01/Jul/10 4:28 AM
01/Jul/10 4:32 AM
Greg, You ARE wicked!
01/Jul/10 4:35 AM
Just for you Judy...
01/Jul/10 4:35 AM
to you,
to you,
dear CP!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
01/Jul/10 4:36 AM
to you,
to you,
dear JennieT!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
01/Jul/10 4:39 AM
What a wonderful birthday present, GannieMo!!! You lucky girl you!
01/Jul/10 4:40 AM
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