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Easy Sudoku for 10/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning.

Happy Birthday to André!
10/Oct/09 12:00 AM
Thought for the Day

Happy Birthday and many more!
10/Oct/09 12:00 AM
Gooooood Morning, Sudokuland.
10/Oct/09 12:01 AM
Good Morning.

Happy Birthday André, dear. I hope your day is fantastic.
10/Oct/09 12:01 AM
Get Up, Get Up, Put The Body In Motion. It’s Time To Start The Commotion…
10/Oct/09 12:02 AM
Mornin Jerry.... did you watch the news this morning? What did you think?
10/Oct/09 12:02 AM
Happy Birthday (today) Andre!...and Happy Birthday (yesterday) Steve (Vdv)!
Good Maen Sudokuland!
Mo - loved your pictures.
June - thank you for putting the "meet" together for my arrival in Sydney - you are very generous!
10/Oct/09 12:04 AM
And now for an appropriate musical selection from the oldies file…

Goin' Up The Country by Canned Heat
10/Oct/09 12:04 AM
Bird on a wire...watch out below!
10/Oct/09 12:07 AM

And just ‘cause I like it – I Heard It Through The Grapevine by Creedence.
10/Oct/09 12:08 AM
to you,
to you,
dear André
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

10/Oct/09 12:11 AM
No news... Travel Trailer "in the sticks". No radio or tv. Fox.com here I come.

Meanwhile ........

Lets Work Together - Canned Heat
10/Oct/09 12:12 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Yumio (my son! but a day late!)
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of More...
10/Oct/09 12:13 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Couponalbum!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of More...
10/Oct/09 12:13 AM
Thought for the day:-

"It's André's birthday again."

10/Oct/09 12:14 AM
happy birthday Andre. have a cold one for me will you
10/Oct/09 12:15 AM
I had fun yesterday singing "Happy Birthday" to my son at work on my cell phone. I got a chagrinned "Ahh Mom" But he appreciated it. We're getting together this weekend, I hope.
10/Oct/09 12:16 AM
Hi Rayray! Bye now I have to go to work!
10/Oct/09 12:16 AM


10/Oct/09 12:17 AM
Anne, I am so jealous. My son and his family are flying to Perth tonight to spend 9 days in Margaret River.
10/Oct/09 12:18 AM
He's doing everything possable to destroy the U.S., as we knew it. (Past tense intentional)

10/Oct/09 12:22 AM
I'm done........
10/Oct/09 12:23 AM
2:27 good evening all. I hope you have a lovely weekend.
Hello Mo - I hope they have nice weather as I believe it's been nice in Bunbury this week as Amanda has been there with her boys.
I wish you were down here too.
10/Oct/09 12:26 AM
Is canned heat well-insulated, or has it a short shelf life?
10/Oct/09 12:27 AM
I have never heard of this type of parakeet before, nice colours.

Good luck to him.
In the words of Forrest Gump, "That's all I got to say about that."

10/Oct/09 12:29 AM
Good Morning to everyone! Nice picture today!

ShoSho - Happy Belated Birthday to Yumio! I hope he had a great day!
10/Oct/09 12:30 AM

First time the Nobel Prize has ever been given for wishful thinking.

10/Oct/09 12:31 AM
My brother travels to "oz" yesterday / today. For the weekend.

To participate in the St.George Melbourne Marathon.

And all y'all thought I was nuts...
10/Oct/09 12:36 AM
Rayray, If ya keep the lid on tight....

OR, in my case, a long long shelf life. I do partake, occasionally.

At I can understand the words.
10/Oct/09 12:39 AM
“Lay Down Sally” – Eric Clapton
10/Oct/09 12:41 AM

Oh No, 30................
10/Oct/09 12:41 AM
Rayray - was so happy to hear your family was safe...I know you must have been very worried until you heard the good news.
Shosho - Happy Birthday to Yumio - I'm sure he enjoyed your song (can you sing?)
10/Oct/09 12:49 AM
shosho has lots of practice with "Happy Birthday".
At least once, nearly every day.
10/Oct/09 12:54 AM
Ian, we agree, at least on that point.
10/Oct/09 12:58 AM
10/Oct/09 12:58 AM
That is a live parrot
10/Oct/09 1:37 AM
Whoever took that picture, used a very fast shutter speed, as there is no evidence that the parrot is 'quaking'.
10/Oct/09 1:38 AM
Unless of course the parrot conforms to the non-conformist religious quaker group.
10/Oct/09 1:40 AM
Perhaps that parrot reacts to earthquakes - like rooks in the north of England.
10/Oct/09 1:41 AM
Did he have Quaker Parrot Oats for breakfast?
10/Oct/09 1:43 AM
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