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Easy Sudoku for 10/November/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
v. What doctors do when treatment fails.
10/Nov/11 12:00 AM
all from So. Oregon.
10/Nov/11 12:00 AM
Won't need today - an inch of rain expected.
We have 58 leaf bags in our garage, now!
Fun day? When we take them to the township for recycle.
Recycle is only once a month.
Anyone have a truck we can borrow?
We have chosen not to burn them, but sometimes I wonder.
10/Nov/11 12:00 AM
from gorgeous Florida!
10/Nov/11 12:00 AM
Hello, Kayo & Eve!
10/Nov/11 12:02 AM
And Glenn!
10/Nov/11 12:02 AM
G'day Shiela, Eve and Glenn. What do they recycle leaves into - trees?
10/Nov/11 12:04 AM
I wish! It'll be mulch for gardens.
10/Nov/11 12:12 AM
10/Nov/11 12:14 AM
Shosho - I usually miss you! You're here early today!
10/Nov/11 12:21 AM
2:02 Good evening and Good night one and all!
10/Nov/11 12:36 AM
to everyone. Shiela, I was going to say you could use them for mulch. Perhaps, you don't have a garden? Oak leaves don't work well for mulch. Our leaves have not fallen off the trees. Right now our leaves are beautiful even on a cloudy gray rainy morning.
10/Nov/11 12:43 AM
Our visit to Kings Canyon was brief. Would love to go back there.
Glenn, are you back home from your travels? I talked to your daughter and she told me you were away.
10/Nov/11 12:52 AM
Howdy Sudokugang!
10/Nov/11 12:55 AM
GmaJackie- We have 20 maple trees on an acre lot. Since we live on a penninsula-shaped lot with a road on three sides of us (think 'three front yards')- it's hard to find a good mulching area.
10/Nov/11 12:56 AM
I'd love to have a helicopter ride over King's Canyon...heck, I'd love to have a helicopter ride anywhere!
10/Nov/11 12:59 AM
My back is worse today. I am going for my third session with the kinéstherapiste (physio to some) in an hour and hope it will be better afterwards. I am told it gets worse before it gets better so we shall see.
10/Nov/11 1:00 AM
I think the back could be bad as I started a 4 session course of silk screen painting yesterday and did a lot of standing around etc., Loved the results though. We get to 'play' with the Gutta next week.
Now I must go take some hemp and linen out of their dye pots and get them dry as I have to make decorated address book covers for a friend.
10/Nov/11 1:04 AM
HI all! Sorry about the back Mo, but I think you're right - with a kiné, it's usually worse before getting better! To the poozle - lots of people put their specs on correctly yesterday, including CG, Peter, CP, Pam, Meg, Mr Cee, lone, Kathy, Neil, HalT and Plum.
10/Nov/11 1:04 AM
To today's one...answers to the Bonnie and Clyde inbox please!

What common phrase is represented by this rebus?


10/Nov/11 1:07 AM
Puzzle done off to torture chamber
10/Nov/11 1:16 AM
10/Nov/11 1:16 AM
Fiona - I have missed your puzzles!
10/Nov/11 1:18 AM
June - We are home for now. We went off for three weeks in the RV and returned home so I could have another surgery. A week after that we drove to Baton Rouge to visit Leah and my wife's family for ten days. We got home nine days ago.

I'm sorry I have not been in touch since you lost your More...
10/Nov/11 1:21 AM
Good morning. We took a helicopter to a glacier when we were in New Zealand. It is an exciting way to see the scenery!

Shiela, we only have 5 maples, and I think they are so beautiful in the autumn. I can imagine how gorgeous your 20 are - and how many leaves drop to the ground when the show is over!
10/Nov/11 1:52 AM
Leaf mulch is the very best thing for soil.
With all those maples, you could make a silo - and sell the stuff.
10/Nov/11 1:55 AM
Yesterday I complained about people 'hereabouts'.
'Hereabouts' was not Sudokuland.
It was the physically local 'hereabouts' I was complaining about.
I hope things improve today.
10/Nov/11 1:58 AM
But Fiona! You missed me on your list!
10/Nov/11 1:59 AM
I do have a new poem for you all today.
I rush off, then find and post it.
10/Nov/11 1:59 AM
Raymond Wray Groves; November 2011

I am trying to force a poem from my mouse.
It’s a lazy rodent at the best of times.
It fails in routine work about the house,
and cannot properly write a script that rhymes.

It would be easier just to write the poem More...
10/Nov/11 2:01 AM
Sell the stuff??? Hmmmm!
Maybe we'll add that to the list of 'When Hubby Retires'!!!
10/Nov/11 2:02 AM
10/Nov/11 2:03 AM
Rayray, my mouse seems to refuse to cooperate...
10/Nov/11 2:05 AM
Fun poem, by the way!
10/Nov/11 2:06 AM
Leaf mould is really good because generally it contains no weed seeds etc.
It makes for nice fibrous peaty soil-therapy.
10/Nov/11 2:19 AM
I wonder if Gannie-Mo's back trouble has anything to do with her teeth being disturbed.
IN my own case anyway, I think that my teeth and my back are closely related.
10/Nov/11 2:20 AM
May be, Rayray. Research is discovering that teeth problems increases the risk of many health problems, especially heart problems. Pays to take care of your teeth, I'd say!
10/Nov/11 2:29 AM
Good Maen, good people. I think I'll just go back to normal mode for a while before I think about the holidays. My home needs a thorough 2-week going through. Then it will be my 28th anniversary, Thanksgiving, Faun's 22nd birthday and then December. Last I remember it was July and Starr and Quill were announcing their engagement. It's been a rather single-focused blur since then!
10/Nov/11 2:39 AM
You're right, Shiela, I did miss you - and to make matters worse, you won the cigar yesterday!! I do apologise and will send you the empty box and wrapping too to make up for that!
10/Nov/11 2:40 AM
I'm not even going to TRY to catch up on Sudoku posts, but I'm glowing with happiness to see everyone who's here, keeping the home fires burning, so to speak. So, I'll just squeeze in and warm up my toes a bit on the hearth before I have to start tossing 4 months of accumulation here by my desk.
10/Nov/11 2:43 AM
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