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Easy Sudoku for 10/February/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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A Thought For The Day:

A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing right.
10/Feb/14 12:00 AM
Wow, miracles do happen.
10/Feb/14 12:00 AM
I got 1st 2nd & 3rd position.
10/Feb/14 12:01 AM
Right you are.
10/Feb/14 12:01 AM
Hope it wasn't too taxing for you.
10/Feb/14 12:01 AM
Those winter Olympics must be too fascinating.
10/Feb/14 12:02 AM
The Winter Olympics leave me cold.
10/Feb/14 12:04 AM
I need the 'Rocky' theme music playing in the background to celebrate my triumph.
10/Feb/14 12:04 AM
We need to call a halt to this.
10/Feb/14 12:05 AM
Hey Neil, is Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards competing this year at the Winter Olympics?
10/Feb/14 12:07 AM
Good morning to all! You are in fine spirits this morning Neil.
10/Feb/14 12:09 AM
Answers to the ‘Winter Olympics’ puzzle:

1. logon and logo
2. more and ORE
3. Batman and atman
4. firm and (Douglas) fir
5. Planet and plane
6. brush and Rush
7. there and here
8. Dancer and (ballet) dance
9. hash and Ash
10. crock and rock
11. swill and More...
10/Feb/14 12:09 AM
Doug, I don't know, and I won't be rushin' to find out.
10/Feb/14 12:11 AM
For your Sunday/Monday puzzling pleasure:

1. Aesop, Hermes and Philo were this –> When something smells unpleasant or stinks
2. A club and ball sport played world-wide a unit used to measure the strength of a pollution source
3. A motor vehicle designed to carry cargo - a rugby More...
10/Feb/14 12:12 AM
Looks like a Morman temple to me.
10/Feb/14 1:11 AM
Nice imagery.
10/Feb/14 1:17 AM
Dave, I think your correct. It might be the Albuquerque New Mexico Mormon Temple which we've seen on the site previously.
10/Feb/14 1:55 AM
10/Feb/14 2:23 AM
& HalT appears, right on cue.
10/Feb/14 2:28 AM
So close.
10/Feb/14 2:29 AM
One more.
10/Feb/14 2:29 AM
10/Feb/14 2:29 AM
Mornin' Keith.
10/Feb/14 2:29 AM
I almost didn't wait long enough. Whew!
10/Feb/14 2:30 AM
10/Feb/14 2:32 AM
Interesting lighting. Purple sky with white, silver and gold. I love the sky.
10/Feb/14 2:48 AM
Somebody just announced on FB that it's National Pizza Day. Karen's been falling down on the job for a while. I thought this one was important enough to pass on.
10/Feb/14 3:22 AM
Greg, my computer is always on so I never have to log on.
10/Feb/14 3:30 AM
All, For your information...

10/Feb/14 3:37 AM
Morning all,the clouds make the building stand out.
10/Feb/14 3:46 AM
ziggy from Inverell nsw, Lee from Cleveland Qld Aust, Heidi from Magnolia, KY Hope you all enjoy your special day.
10/Feb/14 3:48 AM
I spent all day at the local hospital when they rang to say that Mum had been admitted , they then decided at 8:45 pm to transfer her to the Newcastle hospital. I came home had dinner and a shower ready to go down there, rang the Hospital to see if she had arrived they took my number and would ring More...
10/Feb/14 3:57 AM
10/Feb/14 4:49 AM

My internet connection has been down since last night.
They finally got it working a few minutes ago.
Very traumatic.
10/Feb/14 4:58 AM
10/Feb/14 5:18 AM
My knee is acting up again but this time it's the first time I can't straighten out my leg.
10/Feb/14 5:19 AM
I guess I should email my doctor to see whether or not I should come in. Darn. I'm just hoping that he'll say to do what I can at home.
10/Feb/14 5:21 AM
so close . . .
10/Feb/14 5:21 AM
getting there . . .
10/Feb/14 5:21 AM
10/Feb/14 5:21 AM
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