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Easy Sudoku for 10/February/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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10/Feb/18 12:00 AM
2:09 Good night Rage and all! Have a great weekend everyone.
10/Feb/18 12:12 AM
You too, Anne.
10/Feb/18 12:46 AM
For a florist, seed pods are just as useful as the flowers!

Hello all - have some errands to run before all that snow Mymare & Plum are talking about - CU later!
10/Feb/18 2:10 AM
10/Feb/18 2:49 AM
10/Feb/18 3:01 AM
Everybody!! Hmmm, kinda quiet here today.
10/Feb/18 3:21 AM
1:57 a made scramble attacking the numbers in no particular order
10/Feb/18 3:22 AM
Snow Day!
Nope! The sun is not shining, but there's always something special about a 'Snow Day' - no matter how old you are!
10/Feb/18 3:25 AM
Heidi. Wish she'd visit more often.
10/Feb/18 3:31 AM
Happy Friday day off!
10/Feb/18 3:37 AM
Hello all - from Texas. I am testing all day, so I just sit here and get bored watching the kids!
10/Feb/18 3:39 AM
Happy Birthday, Heidi!

I agree, Keith.
10/Feb/18 3:40 AM
No snow, but we do have the fog which makes the distance all white as well!
10/Feb/18 3:49 AM
Morning all, I wish I could get anywhere your time, Pikers.
10/Feb/18 5:49 AM
Heidi, have a great two day celebration.
10/Feb/18 5:51 AM
Ziggy and Lee, enjoy your day.
10/Feb/18 5:53 AM
There is a glow in the sky, yay we have made it to a new day !
10/Feb/18 5:56 AM
A CP for CP.
10/Feb/18 5:56 AM
Good mAen, good people. We need a yardstick to measure the snow now. A 12' ruler isn't long enough anymore. And they tell us it's falling at the rate of an inch an hour.
10/Feb/18 6:13 AM
10/Feb/18 6:20 AM
10/Feb/18 6:21 AM
I started going to a new church a few months back and discovered that neighbors I had never met are members of that congegation. Well to my surprise and delight this morning Mr Neighbor drove up my driveway with a huge tractor and blade and he proceeded to plow our driveway!
10/Feb/18 6:22 AM
Ha. Keith. You have my cold fingers to thank for that 22. I decided to make a cup of coffee to warm my hands before continuing.
10/Feb/18 6:25 AM
Thx chilly digits.
10/Feb/18 6:28 AM
10/Feb/18 6:29 AM
Another good thing today was talking to an internet service provider who can offer me free installation and a phone line and internet that costs as much as my current service but will raise my streaming mbps speeds from the 1 down/ 0.35 up I currently have (the best this rural location has had to More...
10/Feb/18 6:37 AM
My slightly warmer hands say , Keith.
10/Feb/18 6:40 AM
Wombat - nice to see you posting.
10/Feb/18 6:41 AM
Would love to see the tree, Kate.
10/Feb/18 6:51 AM
Sending lots of to Heidi who has been recovering from pneumonia and nursing two critically ill dogs in addition to trying to keep up with her farm chores with calving season underway.

Heidi - You're a caring and compassionate woman, always doing your utmost for the people and More...
10/Feb/18 7:00 AM
Jacalmi - Kate's photo of the freewheel blossom posted about a two and a half weeks ago on Easy.

10/Feb/18 7:13 AM
For 33 Il take a
10/Feb/18 7:14 AM
Hmm. Don't know whether that was a tablet glitch or chilly fingers. Sorry. I'll take a Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout and thank my husband's nephew who bartends at Founders in Grand Rapids.

(Or should I say 'tends bar' instead of 'bartends'?)
10/Feb/18 7:26 AM
Most of my comments are just echoes of what others have said:

Birthday greetings, Heidi... surely do miss you; come join us some day soon when you are all healed & feel happy inside & out!
10/Feb/18 8:59 AM
Delighted to see a post from Wombat - howdy sir!
10/Feb/18 8:59 AM
Fun to have Jamie take a 'kids-break' or is it a (boredom-break?) to pop in for a hello!
10/Feb/18 9:02 AM
No sun here today either, Shiela... and now the snow is showing who's boss: fast & furious but very miniscule crystals which will take far longer & many more for there to be measurable amounts.

BUT - the shovel-fulls will be VERY heavy!
10/Feb/18 9:07 AM
All ready with a CP, now just need someone to pounce for the page turn -->
10/Feb/18 9:09 AM
I'll try.
10/Feb/18 9:21 AM
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