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Easy Sudoku for 10/March/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning everyone.
10/Mar/12 12:00 AM

Good Maen one and all.

TGIF (tough guys/gals instigate fights)
10/Mar/12 12:00 AM
G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
Conference room:
np. A place where everyone talks, no one listens, and later everyone disagrees about what was said.
10/Mar/12 12:00 AM
10/Mar/12 12:00 AM
Last day in Key West.
10/Mar/12 12:01 AM
1:35. Good night all.
10/Mar/12 12:02 AM
Morning all
10/Mar/12 12:03 AM
WILL need today!
A dusting of snow.
Has anyone seen any Northern (or Southern) Lights?
10/Mar/12 12:04 AM
Good Maen all!
Off to the "cat house" today to fill in for someone who can't make their shift. I'm bringing home an old gal (April) to foster. She's 15 and I'm going to see if my boys will be gentle with her. She's a doll, super friendly and a cancer survivor.
10/Mar/12 12:14 AM
Shiela - I have always wanted to see them in person...just in pictures and videos, so far. I slept through the display that occurred when we visited Alaska.
10/Mar/12 12:15 AM
Howdy all
10/Mar/12 12:19 AM
Last night was supposed to be perfect for probable sightings (due to the sun flares) for Northern Lights, but the full moon was too bright.
10/Mar/12 12:44 AM
Beautiful bloom!
Howdy Gail! How is Cockatoo's Bird Whisperer this fine morning? (you are up mighty late, girlfriend!)
10/Mar/12 12:53 AM
OH-OH - crown me! I just stole Queen Anne's spot!
10/Mar/12 12:54 AM
Vici, the Bird Whisperer is fine, thanks for asking. The kookaburras are a-laughing, and the parrots are glorious ♥
Yes, I am up late, after watching several channels of cr*p on TV, here I sit doing bits and pieces on various sites, then off to bed, perchance to dream of fully completed kitchen More...
10/Mar/12 1:09 AM
I have never heard of a Waratah before. It's GORGEOUS! I'll have to google it.
10/Mar/12 1:45 AM
It was too overcast last night for aurora sightings, but I have seen the Northern Lights from here in Kentucky several times in the past. They're amazing.
10/Mar/12 1:48 AM
The Waratah flower looks huge! Is it?
10/Mar/12 2:13 AM

This is about the Waratah.
10/Mar/12 2:21 AM
Shiela.... The flower heads are from 2.75 to 4 inches across.
10/Mar/12 2:23 AM
I'll generously leave #22 for someone else.
10/Mar/12 2:24 AM
Good morning people of the world.
10/Mar/12 2:28 AM
Thanks Heidi, I needed a thrill.
10/Mar/12 2:29 AM

I've never seen the Northern Lights, would love to, though. Alaska is on my bucket list, so maybe someday.....
10/Mar/12 2:29 AM
Panic Day
Get Over It Day
10/Mar/12 2:30 AM
Interesting combination, Karen.
10/Mar/12 2:33 AM
How does one get over it, when the weather is messing with my computer time?

Today will start the beginning of Spring break and we are freezing. Well, it would not be too bad if we were not being blown away, then the rain doesn't help the chill factor.
I was beginning to panic when I could not get connected.
10/Mar/12 2:33 AM
Thing I, has a half day at school today and Man gets, or supposed to, get off early today, then it a whole 9 days of family togetherness. Oh, joy.
10/Mar/12 2:41 AM
Karen.... I'm curious as to what is wrong with the house you're in now that makes Man want to move?
10/Mar/12 2:46 AM
Almost forgot it's my poozle day!
Try this......

Can you explain why it is that each of these objects are similar?

1. Hole in 3 strokes on a par 5
2. Saint Frodo's enemy
3. Sir Reginald Ross's little boy Albert

Answers to the "This should fry your brain!" inbox, please.
10/Mar/12 2:46 AM
It fried my brain just reading it, Kathy.
10/Mar/12 2:53 AM
I have seen the Northern lights many times. I used to go to Northern Quebec in the summer and I'd lay on my lounge chair and watch them for hours. Better than any TV show. All sorts of colours, and interesting movements.
10/Mar/12 2:59 AM
Heidi, this house was a wonderful house to fix up, when it was just the two of us. The first part was built in 1810, added onto in 1890, moved to this location in 2005 and added onto in 2006. The plan was to update and bring the farm house into the 20th century, you know indoor plumbing, More...
10/Mar/12 3:24 AM
Oh, wow my fingers got chatty.
And I got Jerry's number, too.
10/Mar/12 3:26 AM
I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights, and even made a special trip to Whitehorse in Feb. several years ago at New Moon, just for the chance. Stayed 6 days. Pictures in my album starting as listed in my next post:
10/Mar/12 3:39 AM
http://www.sudoku.com.au/PhotosBig.aspx?PID=8388&UID=4039&Go=R8-5-1991 Saw a faint gray light one night at 2AM which our host said was the Northern Lights ... didn't move, no colors. He told us we were there in one of the low years of a 12 year cycle, so I still feel like I've never seen them.
10/Mar/12 3:43 AM
Is Karen lurking today?
10/Mar/12 4:23 AM
10/Mar/12 4:24 AM
Just a couple more...
10/Mar/12 4:24 AM
10/Mar/12 4:24 AM
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