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Easy Sudoku for 10/May/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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10/May/09 12:00 AM
Good Morning Worldly People.
10/May/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen
10/May/09 12:00 AM
I hope you all have an amazing day/night wherever you are in this most wonderful world of ours.

Keep everyone.
10/May/09 12:02 AM

to the Moms celebrating today!
10/May/09 12:03 AM
hun, thank you for a fantastic night.
10/May/09 12:03 AM
Slow today, 2:34. Good night all.
10/May/09 12:03 AM
from sunny & warm Oklahoma
10/May/09 12:14 AM
Farmers market is today, have to see what fresh vegetables they have.
10/May/09 12:17 AM

For all our wonderful Mums

For all the times you gently picked me up,
When I fell down,
For all the times you tied my More...
10/May/09 12:18 AM
I am fighting greenfly ad black spot!
10/May/09 12:38 AM
Good Morning all. I have to go out to my garden today. The 30years old artichoke is bearing fruit and I should at least look at the zucchini Celeste put in. ( I hate zucchini.)
10/May/09 1:08 AM
my friend has a pound cake that needs zucchini in it - it is wonderful, of course, it is double choc chip pound cake -- I really doubt that you even taste the zucchini LOL
10/May/09 1:18 AM
I'm hiding out at the library this morning.
Happy Mother's Day to the other side of the world - I'm working on Mother's Day this year. Take Care, Mary
10/May/09 1:19 AM
Hi Chris, Karen, John, Angie. Kathy, Sue, GannieMo, Dorthea, and Mary!


It's !!!
10/May/09 1:40 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Emily!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

10/May/09 1:41 AM
The Michelin guy is back!
10/May/09 1:45 AM
I love your Muguet des bois shosho.
10/May/09 1:46 AM
I have more tires around my middle now than the Michelin Man
10/May/09 1:47 AM
It is something to do with the air in France I was never this big in UK
10/May/09 1:48 AM
Maybe cos it was 20 years ago
10/May/09 1:48 AM
Can I?
10/May/09 1:48 AM
Hehehe back to the green fly anihalation
10/May/09 1:49 AM
10/May/09 1:50 AM
My spell checker says all are correct....surely thatcannot be so?
10/May/09 1:51 AM
Ooooh, step away to read my e-mail, and GannieMo, sneaks into cp to the 22!
Whoa, you snooze, you lose here!
10/May/09 1:53 AM
Yes, you don't get these blossoms around here very often. I usually buy the bulbs, they blossom but that's it, no next yeat. Hmmm, I suppose I could stick them into the freezer for the winter. Does anyone know how long I should?
10/May/09 1:56 AM
They grow like weeds here. They like shade and don't like to dry out. I planted 25 this year and they will almost double each year.
10/May/09 2:02 AM
Hello All
To All celebrating today....Happy Mothers Day!
May great fun be had and many happy memories made....For those who are still too close to fully let go, try to focus on the good times and blessings of longevity, rather than on the current state of loss...
All of our loved ones are More...
10/May/09 2:11 AM
Happy Saturday!
In honor of Mother's Day, I added a YouTube to my page (thanks to Gath's great instructions!): Paul Simon and the Muppets sing "Loves Me Like A Rock"

10/May/09 2:33 AM
Is there a connection between the Michelin Man and Mother's Day?

I only use Michelin tires on my truck. Great tires.
10/May/09 2:40 AM
Nice day to all of you.

to Emily .
10/May/09 3:06 AM
It was great chatting with Angie and Andre! I miss you ladies.
10/May/09 3:12 AM
Mothers day here is sometime in june
10/May/09 3:17 AM
Good mAen Sudokuland! Exciting, busy day here. D2 (the 5 year old) makes her dance debut this afternoon. Her hair and makeup are done. The only thing left is to don the tap shoes. Have a wonderful day!
10/May/09 3:38 AM
Slept right through
the coveted twenty two.
10/May/09 3:46 AM
Hi everyone, we have moved house again, was not a very nice neighborhood we were in. Now we live in a quieter nicer place. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL MUMS
10/May/09 4:09 AM
Good mAen to everyone.

Is this the marshmellow man?

Happy Mother's Day to all that is celebrating.

We saw the Cherryholmes Family perform last night and they were great. (Bluegrass)
10/May/09 4:20 AM
Happy to those Moms celebrating today
10/May/09 5:33 AM
Farmers market had some nice red leaf & romain lettuce also some baby spinich. Too early in the season for many vegetables, another couple of weeks there will be a lot more.
Have a chocolate cake cooling, my favorite.
Gathered some iris & peonys from the yard, the house smells so good.
Off to watch a movie since it decided to start raining.
10/May/09 5:39 AM
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