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Easy Sudoku for 10/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Greetings, all.
10/May/15 12:08 AM
Hello, Wolf!
10/May/15 12:14 AM
Wolf and Lonewoof.....and fellow puzzlers who follow. Hope all is well in your world....
10/May/15 12:16 AM
Off to get my hair cut in a few minutes, but wanted to check in to see what the ''Serena situation'' was this morning. I don't suppose there are too many pregnant women that have such world-wide attention.....not counting Kate, of course.
10/May/15 12:38 AM
to our Australian Moms!
10/May/15 12:40 AM
I hope she's not here ... I hope she's not here ... I hope she's not here ...
10/May/15 12:40 AM
Don't say anything ... keep your mouth shut ... you just get into trouble ...
10/May/15 1:19 AM
, y'all! Went for a 3-mile run this morning, albeit slow after taking a migraine pill. It's mild, low humidity, good for running, though the sun took it out of me today (it'd be worse if it were warmer).
10/May/15 1:26 AM
I'm guessing that CNG are the baby's initials but who knows.
10/May/15 1:31 AM
One down side of this sweetie taking his/her sweet time making an appearance is that we made some decisions based on the assumption that we'd have a baby before or on the due date. Most of them based on the idea that hubby would be off and could do some child watching and taxiing. Elijah had a More...
10/May/15 1:37 AM
Happy Mother's Day to those celebrating today.
10/May/15 1:39 AM
How about a weekend rebus? Solve the 10 below! Answers to my Sunny Day Rebus inbox, answers Monday!

s →


e   e
m  m
i    i
t    t

t          r
p          i

10/May/15 1:43 AM
#5 is tricky....
10/May/15 1:44 AM
10/May/15 2:00 AM
Taking a breather before I take first and second graders through the marsh preserve! Oh boy! I'm already hyperventilating thinking about all the things the kids can do out in the wild!
10/May/15 2:02 AM
Then this evening my kids are taking me and hubby to a fancy shmancy restaurant in a Beverly Hills hotel. That'll be a very interesting experience. Suppose to have avant garde food. Wonder if I'll find something I'd recognize?
10/May/15 2:04 AM
Shosho, the marsh preserve field trip sounds like my kind of outing, even with 1st & 2nd graders.
10/May/15 2:47 AM
I Hate It When That Happens department.

I woke up to luke warm 'hot water'. Seems the wind, yesterday, must have blown out the pilot light. Well, at least, it wasn't cold water.
10/May/15 2:51 AM
A few days ago, in the late afternoon, I called the PUD. (Public Utilities District) They are the local electric power provider. I was considering felling a few trees to open up access for the tractor to mow along the fence line. The fence, of course, is under the power lines. I thought that it More...
10/May/15 3:03 AM
Close enough.
10/May/15 3:12 AM
Looking around.
10/May/15 3:12 AM
10/May/15 3:13 AM
Adorable baby today. Appropriate for Mother's Day.
10/May/15 3:14 AM
Well, DoA, looks like you got more than a nod! In the long run it's good for them to keep the trees low to prevent power line damage during storms.
10/May/15 3:30 AM

Happy Mother's Day to all who qualify!
10/May/15 5:02 AM
Using your hint, Serena, I have been scouring the Good Book for male Old Testament prophets and female New Testament exotic dancers!
10/May/15 5:35 AM
all. Commencement is over. All the screaming and yelling and clapping... and that was just the parents. I swear it's my last one. Of course, I said that after Nick graduated from High School... and when I retired from teaching (20 commencements).
10/May/15 5:47 AM
10/May/15 6:15 AM
The thunderstorm is starting....right when the weather guessers predicted. We are supposed to be in for a doozy! Ruby slippers at the standby. Charging all devices.
10/May/15 6:16 AM

Happy Mother's Day to those that are celebrating today and/or tomorrow.
10/May/15 6:21 AM
Morning all, that baby looks bewildered by the initials .
DOA,wish our electric company were as quick.
10/May/15 6:41 AM
Stay safe, Sarah Beth!
10/May/15 8:29 AM
1:33. Good morning everyone.
10/May/15 8:45 AM
Good evening to all! Busy day for me, so I just stopped in to say hello.
10/May/15 10:01 AM

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mums out there.

We wouldn't be here without you.
10/May/15 11:40 AM
LOL, Serena! I thought you were talking about YOUR baby's initials! I figured you were giving us a generous hint! I was gone all day and just now did the puzzles! So funny!
10/May/15 12:10 PM
I'd like to go for another TOPP...
10/May/15 12:21 PM
But it's been a long day...
10/May/15 12:22 PM
And I'm getting sleepy...
10/May/15 12:23 PM
So I'll just say...
10/May/15 12:25 PM
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