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Easy Sudoku for 10/May/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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LPotD? And...

10/May/19 12:00 AM
1:44. Congrats, HalT - FPotD! Good Morning, all.
10/May/19 12:05 AM
10/May/19 12:05 AM
I'm too busy marking finals to do Sudokus, but I need a rest.
10/May/19 12:05 AM
Morning Hal & Tom ... who pushed me to 3rd place.
10/May/19 12:06 AM
& Wolf snuck in too.
10/May/19 12:06 AM
Climb the mountain skipping my beloved 2, and catch it at the end, to be greeted by a pair of biracial frogs.
10/May/19 12:15 AM
Morning all
10/May/19 12:17 AM
10/May/19 12:45 AM
10/May/19 1:10 AM
10/May/19 1:33 AM
10/May/19 1:52 AM
Let's put Keith within 'striking distance'...
10/May/19 1:53 AM
Guess I was a little early
10/May/19 1:53 AM
But we'll move it along.
10/May/19 1:54 AM
Just for you Keith.
10/May/19 1:54 AM
I'm here.
10/May/19 2:10 AM
With all this encouragement,
10/May/19 2:10 AM
I'd better go for it.
10/May/19 2:11 AM
I wouldn't put it past D of DoA
10/May/19 2:11 AM
to jump in at the last moment ... Gallump.
10/May/19 2:12 AM
10/May/19 2:12 AM
Whew & a CP thrown in for good measure.
10/May/19 2:13 AM
Wow- what a bunch of greetings & chit-chat - have a good day all!
10/May/19 3:51 AM
easy solve - 2->9, then 1
10/May/19 3:51 AM
1.52 Have they croaked?
10/May/19 4:20 AM
Are these frogs the same species? One is brown and the other is green.
10/May/19 4:45 AM
10/May/19 5:11 AM
Morning all, these frogs are like the frogs that live in our hanging plant pots.
10/May/19 6:26 AM
Emily,hope you find a warm spot to celebrate your special day.
10/May/19 6:35 AM

Very interesting photo frogs of two different shades
10/May/19 7:40 AM
12 hours to LPotD.
10/May/19 12:01 PM
You can get it digging a hole
You can get it watching the rain
A hard earned thirst needs a ice cold beer
Victoria Bitter Ahhh

Did I make it?
10/May/19 12:06 PM
Very good, Rage.
10/May/19 12:07 PM
Oh yeah
Happy little vegemite
10/May/19 12:08 PM
Thanks HT
10/May/19 12:10 PM
Doing some web surfing this evening and found something rather interesting. Translating 'peter' from French to English is funny. Peter might not agree.
10/May/19 12:15 PM
Tee hee, Hal! Might be appropriate ...
10/May/19 12:19 PM
Might be? No, Judy, it is very appropriate.
10/May/19 12:22 PM
10/May/19 12:23 PM
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