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Easy Sudoku for 10/July/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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10/Jul/14 12:00 AM
Good Maen
10/Jul/14 12:00 AM
Evening everyone.

Photo on my page of my Grandson Felix with his Oma.
10/Jul/14 12:02 AM
10/Jul/14 12:02 AM
/ It's had a hard time deciding what it wants to do today!
But no rain.
10/Jul/14 12:05 AM
Predicting we will be 90+ today. A good day to stay home, too bad I will be in and out most of the day.
10/Jul/14 12:14 AM
! And thanks for all the warm welcomes, too.

At work now, though I'd rather be at home since I've got two major projects going which are going well. So far, that is.
10/Jul/14 12:19 AM
90+ here, too.
10/Jul/14 12:30 AM
What a cool avatar, Silvergal!

The answers to yesterday's ''chunks'' poozle:
pro + nou + nce = pronounce
bea + uti + ful = beautiful
dim + ens + ion = dimension
liv + est + ock = livestock
ope + rat More...
10/Jul/14 12:34 AM
I wonder what culture that wedding represents.
10/Jul/14 12:36 AM
Kathy, I tried your chunks. It just wasn't happening.
10/Jul/14 12:36 AM
And for today.......

Below are ten words, from each word, remove a single letter and rearrange the remaining letters to find ten new words which are related to each other.


Answers to my ''Why do I have no energy?'' hint, hint, inbox, please.
10/Jul/14 12:40 AM
Some chunks are better than others, Serena.
10/Jul/14 12:42 AM
We are getting estimates for a kitchen re-do. I just may be the only person in the world that doesn't much care for stainless steel or granite. Plus, I don't want to spend a huge amount of money that we would never get back if we sold the house. Hubby made the point that he doesn't want to spend more on the kitchen than we originally paid for the house.
10/Jul/14 12:48 AM
Kathy, we're not into stainless or granite either, so there's at least 4 of us!
We'll probably be redoing our kitchen in the next year, and I'd like Corian or another solid surface. For appliances, I wouldn't want trendy colors (remember the 70s' avocado and goldenrod?!), but I don't want the hospital lab look either.
10/Jul/14 1:29 AM
Kathy, I am right there with your hubbie, I am hoping that we will be able to do a remodel next year and my only big thing is to remove one non-load bearing wall to open things up and put in a breakfast bar kind of look, I love to cook and entertain, my kitchen is probably about the size of someone's walk in closet, but some good parties have started there...
10/Jul/14 1:33 AM

Hope Gath will come & explain the problem with Flickr photo sharing. If he can't restore the connection to Flickr, then maybe he could enable us to share photos on Sudoku without first shrinking them!
10/Jul/14 1:55 AM
I don't like stainless, but I LOVE a natural stone look including granite. Rob says stainless steel reminds him of Navy ships' kitchens. I also don't like the 'institutional' look, so we chose cherry cabinets & black appliances. I like feeling that I'm in a library rather than in a kitchen!
10/Jul/14 2:07 AM
If I was into the aesthetics of kitchens, by now I would be demented.
I do need a new kitchen but that is simply because the present one is falling to pieces.
However I still manage - somehow.
10/Jul/14 2:45 AM
After three operations in succession, my garden has become a shambles, so I am tidying it up - gradually - rationing the work to 2 hours per day - about all I have the energy for.
10/Jul/14 2:47 AM
Lookie here.
10/Jul/14 2:51 AM
10/Jul/14 2:51 AM
We did a kitchen remodel several years ago,and went with a dark green but speckled Corian like countertop, dark wood grain cabinets, black appliances, and a light tan wall color. The vinyl floor is multi-colored, mostly shades of green and gray, but with some subtle splashes of pink. We went with vinyl rather than real tile because real tile is so cold on bare feet in the Winter.
10/Jul/14 3:02 AM
I don't have an opinion of granite, I don't think I've ever seen it in use. I agree with not liking stainless though.
10/Jul/14 3:02 AM
I wrote to Gath about the Flickr photo problem. My hope is that he will be able to figure out how to make our site be able to post Flickr photos again, just like before. He's working on it.
10/Jul/14 3:04 AM
Re-doing my kitchen is also in the near future. We have been putting it off because hubby & I don't agree with what we like. My fridge is 26 years old and probably has numbered days. I like stainless, but magnants won't stay on it... (I have a huge art magnant collection - 89 of them - from all More...
10/Jul/14 3:28 AM
magnant = magnet
(I knew something didn't look right! Should have checked before posting!)
10/Jul/14 3:30 AM
Unless the technology surrounding granite counters has changed, they stain easily, plus they need some kind of oiling or coating reapplied. About all I want to do is wipe my counters, but no more. 'Course... wine stains could serve as a conversation starter: 'Oh, Parkers Estate Syrah!'
10/Jul/14 3:30 AM
Good afternoon to all! This looks like a very happy couple!
10/Jul/14 3:39 AM
Kathy, I started on your puzzle yesterday but got side-tracked and never finished, C'est la vie!
10/Jul/14 3:40 AM
Why am I having one of those nights when I cannot get to sleep? Maybe it's the cup of coffee and glass of diet coke I had this afternoon and evening?
10/Jul/14 4:09 AM
We did our kitchen about 15 years ago. Got rid of the yellow 70's bench top. Our kitchen is green and cream with a cork floor.
10/Jul/14 4:12 AM
Good afternoon people of the world.
10/Jul/14 4:28 AM
Having another one of those days. Plan one thing and doing another. Plan was to have a mini spa day, and doing those never ending domestic duty things. I really need the mini spa treatment.
10/Jul/14 4:30 AM
The vocabulary of this site, today, is just horrible. Shame on you for using such words.
10/Jul/14 4:31 AM
Well, my two cents, about that room. When we moved in, the previous owners, updated, a little, refaced the cabinets, new microwave and tiled the floor. They did not do it cheaply, but updated, that did not loose money when they sold house.
10/Jul/14 4:34 AM
Man and I have discussed, remodeling, but...shocker...we are not in agreement. He wants construction work, but I have had enough of his construction work to last a life time. So, for the past 13 months, that room has stayed the same, with exception, of construction work I did.
10/Jul/14 4:36 AM
Yep, you read that right, folks. Construction work, I did...well, I got it started. I started taking the cabinet doors off, above the microwave and fridge, using a manual tool. I got one screw out, before I was caught, and Man became a hero, and got out his power tools and zipped those screws, More...
10/Jul/14 4:39 AM
With a little bit of dark furniture polish, I now have two nice areas for food preparation books. Books, which are still on a diet. I think I just have 3 more boxes, of food preparation books to go through.
10/Jul/14 4:41 AM
10/Jul/14 4:42 AM
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