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Easy Sudoku for 10/July/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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10/Jul/17 12:04 AM
Where is everyone?
10/Jul/17 12:05 AM
Morning Hal.
10/Jul/17 12:08 AM
Good morning, all! Our trip to Italy with our daughter and granddaughter was wonderful! The country is beautiful, and so are the people. Like Shiela, though, we spent the first four days of the trip with NO luggage, and one bag (not me!) did not make it home for another two days. I'm assuming More...
10/Jul/17 12:20 AM
10/Jul/17 1:47 AM
Good to hear that you and your daughter plus granddaughter had a great time! Haven't lost my luggage yet but I can imagine the chagrin of a limited wardrobe!
10/Jul/17 1:49 AM
so close . . .
10/Jul/17 1:50 AM
10/Jul/17 1:50 AM
And a CP, too!!!
10/Jul/17 1:50 AM
Like Hal says, 'Where is everyone?!'
10/Jul/17 1:53 AM
Welcome home Judy.
10/Jul/17 1:54 AM
G'morning folks!
10/Jul/17 2:10 AM
🍿🍩Good Maen ⛪️🌞🌻😴
10/Jul/17 2:28 AM
A quick 1, 3->9.. leaving 2 for the end!
10/Jul/17 2:45 AM
Welcome back, Judy - oooh can't imagine NEVER finding one piece of luggage until the trip was over!
10/Jul/17 2:47 AM
ohhh, and Happy Mountaining, too!
10/Jul/17 2:48 AM
Lovely colourful dress on this dancer.
10/Jul/17 2:58 AM
Whoa! I wonder if Judy flew Air France? If not, that means there are TWO incompetent airlines out there!!!
(I bet Judy and I could run them better!)
10/Jul/17 3:24 AM
Still, I can say I had a wonderful time in France. For every frustration traveling with no luggage, I met some very nice, helpful people. One French exchange student who also lost his luggage helped translate at luggage claims. The staff at the hotel and aboard ship were fantastic - and truthful More...
10/Jul/17 3:40 AM
American Airlines, Shiela. This computer is still smoking from the letter we composed and sent to them earlier today! They tried very hard but could not ruin our vacation.
10/Jul/17 5:06 AM
10/Jul/17 6:12 AM
10/Jul/17 6:12 AM
Judy, do you have a copy of your letter? Maybe I could just change the name!!! Save me a lot of time!
10/Jul/17 7:20 AM
Besides the cancelled flight resulting in half our time in Paris gone, the rest of our time was spent shopping to replace what was in our lost luggage. (Good thing, since it was lost for 7 days!)
On the way home I did not get the meal I wanted and I just about lost it, I'm ashamed to say! It was More...
10/Jul/17 7:34 AM
Morning all, pretty dancer.
We even had trouble with luggage on a domestic flight, they managed to wreck the pull along handle .
10/Jul/17 7:58 AM
lizabye4, Grass-Hopper and Carmel.
10/Jul/17 8:00 AM
So, Judy spent her time in Italy sans clothes!

Oh dear, that once seen, cannot be unseen.
10/Jul/17 8:29 AM
Burned your eyeballs out, Peter, did it?
10/Jul/17 9:41 AM
10/Jul/17 10:28 AM
Happy Sunday!
Judy: happy to hear you had a good trip with daughter and granddaughter despite the airline's misplacing/misdirecting your luggage! Enjoy the cool calmness of the mountains whilst we melt here in SoCal! (lotsa iced tea and Diet Dr Pepper in the fridge!)
10/Jul/17 11:07 AM
Night all.
10/Jul/17 12:28 PM
1:22. Good afternoon all.
10/Jul/17 12:46 PM
10/Jul/17 12:55 PM
If you haven't seen the Angel City Chorale perform 'Africa', you owe it to yourself...

10/Jul/17 1:08 PM
10/Jul/17 5:47 PM
Maybe I should just bad #s 36, 37 and/or 38. Seems that where I appear most nights.

fellow puzzlers, us here in Oz do have some manners.....
10/Jul/17 9:37 PM
Hi all I am so glad I decided to stop travelling since I now spend more time with grand children.. number 5 will be coming before end of July...Florence will her name... I am spending money bying Lego bricks end the best part is doing it with them. it started by years ago I was reading More...
10/Jul/17 9:49 PM
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