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Easy Sudoku for 10/September/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Hey, I posted a comment, but it disappeared. Perhaps this isn't working?
Never mind. The comment is saved with the game version you have open. I was working on Medium at the time, and got switched to Easy when I went to the Guestbook. And yes, the Load Game function still worked when switching between the different versions. WAY COOL! Thanks! :-)
Great presentation. Might be a bit easier if one could right click on a number and thus it becomes a possibility! Saves ticking on and off. But may make it difficult for Mac users I suppose......
What has happened to the Archives. I can not get
to them to do past puzzles.
Hi Elaine,

The old links have been removed. Just click on the 'Archive' link at the top of the screen. Or try:


Great site.I print the puzzles for myself and my mother and have both become addicted.
love this site - as a beginner, it makes it so much easier to learn.
Cool site. Great stress reliever.
Great way to relax ---Keep up the good work!
I print these out at work and we have contest to see who can finish first
FYI Guys.....either post a comment BEFORE you start or AFTER you finish, because you picks will go away when you click 'submit comment'
I agree I love this site. Nice job
It´s a piece of cake!!
Tank you for the challenge.
Here it is 3pm on Sunday and still shows Saturday's puzzle - don't you work on Sundays?
we had a Japanese exchange student staying and he loved the site! Unfortunately he left before the 'tough' ones started.
we had a Japanese exchange student staying and he loved the site! Unfortunately he left before the 'tough' ones started.
I did this one in 2.56 min slower than normal for easy!
2.27 Cool graphics!

PS: Rebecca, what part of South Carolina are you from?
7.38 Getting better :)
1:58... Can't believe I did it that fast.
3:01 cruising in the archives on May 2, 2006
2:57 - - 11th May 06
3.11 15th November 2006
lrcdp vwax qtajol fuvl ndlpte ahzw hjsmx
08/Jul/07 1:36 AM
vjkizqyul bnrtwfidv zwcark cjogt zftd hotxi nyxdjw http://www.adrox.xnuyfmgjd.com
08/Jul/07 1:37 AM
2.51 Check.
25/Feb/09 9:15 AM
10/Mar/11 7:47 AM
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