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Easy Sudoku for 11/February/2011


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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning people of the world.
11/Feb/11 12:00 AM
Good maeN to all
11/Feb/11 12:00 AM
It is Umbrella Day.
11/Feb/11 12:00 AM
Karen & Tricia et al
11/Feb/11 12:02 AM
Really don't think I'll need an umbrella today, Karen! It's only -3°F (-19°C) today!
11/Feb/11 12:06 AM
Hello, Eve and Tricia!
11/Feb/11 12:06 AM
Good Morning everyone! Karen, I fully recognize my glaring ignorance, but what is UMBRELLA DAY???

(Or is it simply raining in Texas?)

Sigh. I feel so uneducated and out of touch.
11/Feb/11 12:08 AM
How much snow have you accumulated?
11/Feb/11 12:13 AM
No ... the rain is in Spain ... mainly in the plain ...
11/Feb/11 12:15 AM
We've got about 6-8 inches of the nasty white stuff on the flat. Drifts higher, but where it's been shoveled into piles along the walks and drives... about two feet.
11/Feb/11 12:17 AM
Is it still winter in Texas, Karen?
11/Feb/11 12:18 AM
We have 'a shower or two' forcast so maybe an umbrella would be useful. Fortunately I have plenty of them. Good morning to those waking on the other side of the planet. Sleep well to the Aussie's.
11/Feb/11 12:19 AM
All. I've been slack (again) and haven't been to Sudokuland for a few days. Have I missed any momentous events?
11/Feb/11 12:20 AM
Photo seems to reflect our weather here! Linda, what a beautiful photograph!
11/Feb/11 12:26 AM
Of course, Bjay! Read the Phantom's phantastic reviews!
11/Feb/11 12:28 AM
every one. Nearly time for bed
11/Feb/11 12:31 AM
all you EEGs (no EEBs yet?).
The rain is here in Florida this morning - lots of it! After dealing with several freezes, now the poor strawberry farmers are worried about fungus ruining the current crop due to all the dampness in the fields.
11/Feb/11 12:41 AM
Here it is mild but wet.
My doctors and dentist conclude that the incessant flicker in my right eye is of unknown cause.
So there you are - it is a mystery.
11/Feb/11 12:48 AM
Isn't Google wonderful? From the "Holiday Directory" website:

Happy Umbrella Day everyone!

This holiday celebrates the Umbrella. On rainey days we are all glad the umbrella was invented. On this holiday you are encouraged to take a walk in the rain and enjoy your umbrella .
11/Feb/11 12:48 AM
Nice wild-life picture today
11/Feb/11 12:48 AM
Good Maen friends!
So it looks like it is National Umbrella Day for Florida and parts Down-Under. Can you use a parasol? Then all sunny places could participate!
11/Feb/11 12:50 AM
Welcome back BJay...know how that goes!
11/Feb/11 12:50 AM
Thanks for the tip, Shiela, but I got tired just reading the last two days of Phanty's posts - I can see I'll have to keep up the daily reading, even if I don't have time to post myself ... that doesn't sound right ... I'd definitely be an over-weight package.
11/Feb/11 12:50 AM
11/Feb/11 12:50 AM
RR - sorry about the flicker - sounds very annoying.
11/Feb/11 12:52 AM
Rayray, while you are here, I can inform you that the Phantom's true identity has leaked out a few times in the past. He is definitely a male!
11/Feb/11 12:53 AM
Linda - what an awesome shot! I'm so glad your Antartica photos are starting to come through.
11/Feb/11 12:54 AM
Phantom is a sailor boy! Just love the uniform...
11/Feb/11 12:55 AM
What RayRay, they didn't say it was stress?
And what kind of Egg are you from?
Lots of owl and eagle eggs being watched on webcams.

Rain just beginning up here Kathy, and I was hoping for some of those yummy strawberries in a few weeks.
11/Feb/11 12:57 AM
I'm hoping we'll be seeing lots more of Linda's photos in the weeks to come. They are certainly getting me pumped up for our trip to Antarctica in Dec.!!! Can't wait.
11/Feb/11 1:00 AM
Jeanine, there will still be plenty of strawberries, I'm sure, but they may be more expensive to make up for the all the ones that have been damaged. I just read in this morning's paper that 90% of commercial strawberry farms in FL are within 20 miles of Plant City, very close to where I live. The annual Strawberry Festival starts in just a few weeks.
11/Feb/11 1:05 AM
Mmmmmmmmm strawberries and cream. Yum.
11/Feb/11 1:06 AM
11/Feb/11 1:06 AM
Rayray, my hubby had flickering in his eyes and the optometrist said he had 'eye migraines' brought on by bad positioning of the neck or sitting in one position too long. Checking your posture, I'd guess, would be worth a try.
11/Feb/11 1:12 AM
Well, we put Leah on a plane yesterday afternoon and she should be arriving in Sydney in six or seven hours! Hopefully the University will send transportation as promised! Here at home the mood is a little sad that she will be gone for so long, but we are also excited for the adventure she faces!
11/Feb/11 1:13 AM
Why The ladies Should Avoid A Girls Night Out After They Are Married.....

The other night I was invited out for a night with the 'girls.' I told my husband that I would be home by midnight, 'I promise!' Well, the hours passed and the margaritas went down way too easily. Around 3 a.m.., a More...
11/Feb/11 1:14 AM
Good Maen, all..
BRB, I've gotta go dig my umbrellas out from the closet and take them for a sleigh ride to help celebrate.
11/Feb/11 1:15 AM
You're turning Leah over to the Aussies, Glenn? Are you mad? God help her!
Just kidding, of course! She'll have a terrific year in an exciting land with delightful people!
11/Feb/11 1:17 AM
I'd love to see that, Captain J!
Too much snow'll make one do things like that!
11/Feb/11 1:19 AM
11/Feb/11 1:20 AM
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