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Easy Sudoku for 11/March/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
11/Mar/20 12:01 AM
2:15. Lady Bird? Good Morning, Wolf and everyone.
11/Mar/20 12:08 AM
2:11 Looks more like a bee to me.
Good morning Wolf and Tom and Good night to all who follow.
11/Mar/20 12:12 AM
Wolf, tom & all who follow!! Good night Anne.
11/Mar/20 12:36 AM
Right, Anne. It's a honey bee.
11/Mar/20 1:18 AM
Good morning all! Here's today's 'contemplative' quote:

'Sometimes, when I look at my children, I say to myself ~~'Lillian, you should have remained a virgin.'
-- Lillian Carter (mother of Jimmy Carter)
11/Mar/20 2:42 AM

I think we've all felt that way at one time or another, Joyce.

I haven't been to the stores for over a week. I will be interested to see what's not on the shelves today.
11/Mar/20 3:48 AM
It must run in the family....

''My esteem in this country has gone up substantially. It is very nice now that when people wave at me, they use all their fingers.''
-Jimmy Carter
11/Mar/20 3:59 AM
11/Mar/20 4:13 AM
That's one pollen laden bee!
11/Mar/20 4:13 AM
Should I be concerned? My Polynesian dance instructor is currently in Venice, Italy. Wonder if she'll be able to go home despite the lock down in Italy? And then after she gets home, will she have to go in a 2-week quarantine? March 31st we're suppose to start learning the dances we'll be performing on stage in June. Oh boy!
11/Mar/20 4:16 AM
Morning. Lots of pollen on those legs.
11/Mar/20 4:19 AM
Hehe ... beat me to it, shosho.
11/Mar/20 4:20 AM
Not sunny today.
It's a good thing I stocked up on sunshine while in Florida for 5 weeks!
Good to be back on the Sudoku site!
11/Mar/20 4:20 AM
I would be concerned about your dance teacher timely return, Shosho! They just locked down the whole country.
11/Mar/20 4:23 AM
Make that 'dance instructor's' timely return.
11/Mar/20 4:25 AM
Definitely not a lady bird! Bee is better!
11/Mar/20 5:21 AM
It's some kind of insect but not lady bird looks like honey bee or aphid insect Nice photo pretty with yellow flower
11/Mar/20 5:55 AM
Morning all,I wonder if we will get a pic of a lady bird with the caption saying its a bee.😂
11/Mar/20 6:03 AM
Vao88 & Amelia have gotten me closer, thx.
11/Mar/20 6:09 AM
11/Mar/20 6:09 AM
11/Mar/20 6:09 AM
11/Mar/20 6:22 AM
We had a green Lady Bird, a few days ago.
11/Mar/20 6:41 AM
On Monday's Easy.
11/Mar/20 6:42 AM
11/Mar/20 6:52 AM
A sunny but chilly good maEn, good people. Shosho - perhaps your dance group can meet in a space with a large screen so your quarantined dance teacher can teach via the internet. It could be like a livestream, interactive exercise video.
11/Mar/20 9:15 AM
Sho Sho Italy is locked down so at this stage you can get in but not out, Guaranteed 14 day isolation on return and would you want it any other way?

I will assume they will be locked in or at least 14 days if not longer so doubt she will be back before the 31st.
11/Mar/20 10:18 AM
Australia has just stopped travel to Italy. don't know what we are doing about returning visitors
11/Mar/20 11:32 AM
Very zippy follow-up on the Carter family, Kathy - good one too!
11/Mar/20 1:37 PM

Tuesday 10th March.
Arachnid – His trip to Canada is not looking good. He blames Covid-19 but in reality, the Canadians have found out about him. He has some tips on keeping your computer virus free and he’s away for the weekend. I really don’t know More...
11/Mar/20 2:22 PM
I'm late, I'm late,
For a very important date....... Was that the White Rabbit?
Well it certainly is me so I'll just go ahead and post this weeks puzzle.

Here is an out and in puzzle. Your aim is to make a word each time by adding
a letter until the longest More...
11/Mar/20 2:53 PM
I'll bet all of the tipplers are lining up for a free beer or some other libation. Go for it folks the shout is mine.
11/Mar/20 2:55 PM
Well, thanks, mate. Thought I was done but I'll not refuse you.
11/Mar/20 4:16 PM
1:45. Good evening everyone.
11/Mar/20 7:22 PM
11/Mar/20 11:59 PM
11/Mar/20 11:59 PM
All sorts of activities are being cancelled today, for the month to come - concerts, classes, lectures, conferences. Colleges are telling students not to return after spring break. I got several messages today from grocery stores about their delivery and pickup options. It's not quite Italy, but organizations are responding to the 'don't congregate' advice.
12/Mar/20 1:32 PM
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