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Easy Sudoku for 11/April/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, everyone!
11/Apr/17 12:00 AM
everyone! Hello, Wolf!
...a lovely start to the week.
11/Apr/17 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people. Shiela, what a different a hundred miles makes, huh? We are enjoying spring thunderstorms this morning. Skye and I love a good thunderstorm. (That's even why we named our black lab puppy Raena.) Mmmm. Love the ozone + wet warm earth smell!
11/Apr/17 12:31 AM
11/Apr/17 12:32 AM
Before someone asks, the smell I refer to is the breeze coming in the window, NOT the dog. The dog doesn't smell that good.
11/Apr/17 12:33 AM
11/Apr/17 12:50 AM
Plum, you would have loved it here last week. Thunder actually shook our house! Several of my paintings ended up crooked on the walls!
11/Apr/17 12:54 AM
Awesome! (And, yes, I think that word is appropriate here. )
11/Apr/17 12:59 AM
11/Apr/17 1:24 AM
It looks like I live two hours away by storm from Plum! It just passed over us!
11/Apr/17 2:25 AM
11/Apr/17 2:36 AM
Yeah, we got one of those Camelot rains the other day. Rain after midnight and stopped before I went for a run! Everywhere was wet and not a drop in the air!
11/Apr/17 2:38 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
11/Apr/17 2:39 AM
Good morning.
11/Apr/17 2:44 AM
So far I've had just a very short sleep - about an hour, but I'll go back to bed shortly and try to get some more.
11/Apr/17 2:48 AM
It was a cold day yesterday, but we survived by rugging up.
11/Apr/17 2:49 AM
Mr P and I went to a show last night, that was a group of singers/dancers who performed numbers from all the famous musicals (WELL, MANY OF THEM). Really enjoyed the show, couldn't resist humming/singing along with some of the songs.
11/Apr/17 2:55 AM
Think I'll have to get out some of my CDs to listen to some of the songs again today.
11/Apr/17 2:57 AM
Another beautiful building in Indonesia.
11/Apr/17 3:57 AM
CP, you up for a race?
11/Apr/17 3:58 AM
... or anybody.
11/Apr/17 3:58 AM
11/Apr/17 3:58 AM
Morning all, I think I'll have to put a blanket on the bed today it was a cold last night.
11/Apr/17 6:17 AM
I'm in for a treat today, granddaughter Ashley is taking me to lunch then to see Beauty and the Beast. Both our husbands didn't want to see it.
11/Apr/17 6:21 AM
I went back to bed, Keith,
11/Apr/17 7:15 AM
11/Apr/17 8:20 AM
Good morning poozle people
11/Apr/17 9:22 AM
2:07 Good morning one and all!
11/Apr/17 9:43 AM
Most poozlers would have notice that I talked about a bumber number of people doing the poozle. It of course was meant to be bumper. Since spellcheck hasn't changes bumper this time it must be a case of FFS.
11/Apr/17 10:30 AM
Grand kids are visiting today as it is the school holidays. They are currently making a banana cake under close supervision. Mrs Wombat makes great banana cakes, and is also a champion fruit cake make.
11/Apr/17 10:34 AM
Youngest child Zander who is 7, has been chosen to play in a junior rugby league match in front of the crowd at the Anzac Day match. This is a traditional Australia vs New Zealand match, and a crowd of 50,000 is expected. He is pleased but taking it all in his stride.
11/Apr/17 10:38 AM
I've just got home from a visit to where I work as I made a banana cake for one of the ladies who works there, for her birthday. She is the one who usually makes a cake for everyone on their birthday. Thank goodness it turned out okay.
11/Apr/17 1:22 PM
1:45. Good evening everyone.
11/Apr/17 7:45 PM
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