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Easy Sudoku for 11/June/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates,here's today's medical daffynition:
Recovery room: np. Place to do upholstery.

My cousin the doctor will be returning to his practice in a few days, so we will be saying goodbye to his medical daffynitions soon. Do not dispair though, as I hope to replace More...
11/Jun/12 12:00 AM
11/Jun/12 12:00 AM
Thanks Kayo for you daffynitions, they always cause a chuckle with the people I work with, yes even at this late hour!!
11/Jun/12 12:09 AM
Good morning people of the world.
11/Jun/12 12:10 AM
Ice Tea Day
Children's Day
11/Jun/12 12:10 AM
Safe travels back home, Dr. Kayo's Cousin, really enjoyed your help with the daffynitions.
11/Jun/12 12:12 AM
Where are my manners?!?!?! Karen reminded me its the people who comment on this page that keep me coming back..Thanks everyone and enjoy your day whatever it might bring.
11/Jun/12 12:16 AM
Maen, all Y'all...
11/Jun/12 12:20 AM
Good Maen all!
Kayo - looking forward to whatever you have in store for us next!
11/Jun/12 12:22 AM
Nice picture, Kate, but I just have to know. How did you know there were exactly 5,436 ibis in that mob. As they flew over did you count the feet (and divide by two)?
11/Jun/12 12:24 AM
Up in the air, Junior Birdmen!
11/Jun/12 12:25 AM
Sue - In answer to your question yesterday: We didn't see as many butterflies as I had hoped. I am a novice at the butterfly thingy. I only remember one name, the Pearl Crescent. I got just 6 pictures but need to upload them to the computer to see what they are. (My camera is not the best for photographing small butterflies. )
11/Jun/12 12:59 AM
11/Jun/12 1:05 AM
Are you at work, lizzyg?
11/Jun/12 1:06 AM
That's where I am.
11/Jun/12 1:06 AM
Not too bad a workload tonight.
11/Jun/12 1:06 AM
Have to go and check my work emails.
11/Jun/12 1:07 AM
A birdwatcher's dream.
11/Jun/12 1:35 AM
In honor (u) of CP ...
11/Jun/12 1:36 AM
I'll work my way
11/Jun/12 1:36 AM
to 22.
11/Jun/12 1:36 AM
11/Jun/12 1:37 AM
Happy Sunday!
Looking forward to my college sorority's alumni luncheon today and meeting some of the founding members (started in 1959!)
11/Jun/12 1:45 AM
11/Jun/12 1:51 AM
Whew! Attended two birthday parties in two different cities. One in a beach house at Playa Del Rey and the other in a restaurant 30 minutes away!
11/Jun/12 1:52 AM
Very cautious, didn't drink anything until the second party. Was afraid of getting any moving violation speeding down the freeway!
11/Jun/12 1:54 AM
Now ready to input report card grades (my last sets) today.
11/Jun/12 1:54 AM
CP!!! Bye!
11/Jun/12 1:55 AM
Happy retirement, shosho. You'll love it.
11/Jun/12 2:03 AM
Sharon has retired. You will soon wonder how you ever had the time to work.
11/Jun/12 2:28 AM
Hal, I put my butterflys in my gallery. I will miss this yard but not the work keeping it nice.
11/Jun/12 2:29 AM
Time to go, visiting cousins today.
11/Jun/12 2:30 AM
I'm impressed Sue. Nice pictures.
11/Jun/12 2:53 AM
Sorry Jerry, I didn't notice what number we were on.
11/Jun/12 2:54 AM
Good afternoon to all! Gee, there must be a helluva bunch of ibis using their cloaking devices up there!
11/Jun/12 3:11 AM
I have been off and on watching part of the men's tennis final of the French Open. It's a good match, but it is going on forever. Both players deserve to win.
11/Jun/12 3:13 AM
11/Jun/12 3:14 AM
Thanks you all for your encouragement.
the comments on my picture on my page are all about my situation and not about the picture, which I find expressive in a naive sort of way.
Maybe it would make a good avatar?
11/Jun/12 3:19 AM
Rayray, it's hard to comment on the picture 'cause just mentioning the name would put us in the naughty corner.
But, it is a rather compelling picture. I feel dejected just looking at it.
11/Jun/12 3:29 AM
Hmmm. Bottom of the page.
11/Jun/12 3:29 AM
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